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MCOM 201: News Reporting (Spring 2014)

Instructor: Amber Mubeen

Lecture Timings: MWF 8:00-8:50am

Classroom: E-333

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 9:00-10:30am

Room: 25 Sinclair Hall

Blog address: ambermubeen@wordpress.com

Email address: ambermubeen@fccollege.edu.pk

Course Objectives

The module intends to familiarize students with the structure of news, reporting
beats and the methods of news gathering and report writing. At the end of the
course, students will be able to know about reporting beats and writing news
reports for any beat.

Outcome of course

Students will be familiar to reporting beats and its requisites.

Students will know about writing patterns of reports.

Students will be able to make electronic and print reports independently.

Course outline

Weeks Topics

1 Introduction to course and work plan.

Introduction to news and report writing

Elements of news. News values

2 Situational analysis of Pakistani news channels and print media

Mechanics of news gathering

Structure of news stories

Writing news stories (Practice)

3 Guest speaker from Dawn News

What is reporting? What is news report? Qualifications and

functions of a reporter

4 Writing news reports, Writing format of news reports.

Impact, Attribution, quotation

5 Background and Elaboration

Reporting beats requisites of coverage

6 Covering Speeches, News Conferences and Meetings

Profiles and Interviewing techniques

7 Mid term

8 Reporting for print & Electronic mediadifferences and


Stages of producing TV news report

9 Political reporting
Interview techniques

10 Guest speaker from Geo TV

11 Topics will be assigned for assignments. Discussion on format

12 Guest speaker from The News

13 Crime reporting

14 Showbiz reporting

Sports reporting

15 Coverage of accidents/disasters

Ethical values for reporter

16 Final term

Suggested readings

Writing and Reporting News by Carole Rich

Sharma, S. (2005) Journalism Reporting. Delhi: Anmol.

Naqash, G.M. (.......) Mass Communications: Theory and Practice

Class participation/ Attendance 10

Assignments (2 print reports+1 TV report) 35

Midterm 25

Final term 30

Note: Instructor can change the evaluation criteria and all the students will be
timely informed.