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NAME : Ramizah bte Mohd Sultan

ID : IS092525
The figure illustrates the profitability measures on actual point only, for sleeping bag products
and from January 2009 December 2010. It also shows company logo, which is Forestry For
Wildlife Company was the most popular organizations in Malaysia.

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics have blasted onto the worldwide business scene as
two of the latest tools that furnish present day associations with the way to survive and to
develop in a competitive environment. Their fame has driven organizations over the planet to
look for coordination arrangements that can assist them with outflanking the opposition through
better, more intelligent & better decisions making.

With this finding, Cognos Business Intelligence gives capacities intended to advantage the
business by give:
1. The Enhanced Decision Making

Of the considerable number of favorable circumstances offered by IBM Cognos software, maybe
the single most prominent one is that of improved choice making. The choice making procedure
is the place an association's future development or disappointments are resolved, therefore it is
critical that the administration have entry to all the right instruments and data. IBM Cognos
software gives all that and the sky is the limit from there, permitting the association to settle on
more educated choices to upgrade their upper hand. The IBM Cognos software family joins the
most complete scope of items, permitting an association to upgrade execution in all cases, from
expanding incomes to enhancing the decision making process thus considerably more.

2. Better Understanding of the Situation

IBM Cognos software permits an association to devour and to process all the information,
measurements, proof, and examination available to its, with the goal that it can increase better
knowledge into its present circumstance and a more profound comprehension of the general
business environment. This understanding can prompt the creation and conveyance of reports
which can successfully bolster the choice making procedure inside of an association, in this way
assisting it with pushing ahead with its objectives and destinations.

3. Faster time to replies about business from exceptionally visual, intuitive dashboards
without long arrangement delays

4. Easier access to amusement changing bits of knowledge with intelligent

information representations that empower you to all the more effectively distinguish
execution issues and apply restorative activities & also smarter choices that drive a
superior result from depictions of business execution
5. Trusted information for more predictable choices without information float or
duplication and flexible cloud and on-reason sending alternatives that can develop as
our business develops and assist employees/ management with meeting differing
authoritative prerequisites

6. An Increase to Revenue Streams

The organizations can give a noteworthy support to their income streams. The purposes behind
this support are twofold:

i. Approaching income is expanded once an association decides to insert Cognos software,

through streamlined usefulness and productive asset portion.
ii. Utilizing IBM Cognos software, an association can chop down significantly on its
expenses for creating arrangements.

7. The Comprehensive Analysis

An association is frequently mindful of the distinctive, accessible situations, yet it may not
generally have the capacity to precisely gauge their effect. IBM Cognos software furnishes a
business with every one of the devices needed to totally see how every situation will influence
the association, and above all, the primary concern. The effect is assessed by anticipating so as
breaking down the certainties accessible and every conceivable implication.

8. The Facility to Explore Information

The appearance of big data has implied that business clients and administrators are frequently
ignorant regarding how to get to and process the data they require. Furthermore, even in
situations where they have admittance, they may not so much have the apparatuses to investigate
it in a gainful way. IBM Cognos software offers the ideal arrangement, encouraging the
treatment of data for business clients. It permits them to see precisely what they need, collect it
in like manner, and to customize it anyway they need.