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Teacher CPD Activity Records from 1 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2017

Name: Rachel Irene Harlen

Registration 887851

CPD Hours
Year 2017
Teaching Full Time
CPD 52:00

Record for 2017

Area Date Description / Topic of CPD Activity Activity Type Activity Provider Verified Evidence Held Hours
School supported 16/01/2017 Behaviour management Seminar Private company Reflection notes 6:00 1,3,4,6

Reflection Notes 123 Magic PD.

School supported 17/01/2017 Behaviour management Seminar Industry representative Reflection notes 6:00 4,5,6,7

Reflection Notes Difficult Conversations PD.

Week long course; study and
Teacher identified 25/05/2017 Further/tertiary study unit Brisbane Catholic Education Certificate 28:00 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Reflection Notes REAP Course - Pilot Program for TCS. Can be credited towards Masters.
Employer directed and
28/07/2017 Religious Education - Bishop's In-service Day Conference Employer representative Email confirmation 4:00 2,4,6,7
Reflection Notes Bishop's In-service Day 2017
Who are we teaching?
Catholic Identity in Schools
The great Meta-narrative
Teacher identified 01/08/2017 Curriculum and/or content knowledge Mentoring/support Employer representative Email confirmation 1:00 2,3,6

Reflection Notes REAP Consolidation and Assignment Breakdown

Tony Worner - Year 6 Classrooms SSPS
School supported 07/08/2017 Behaviour management Discussion group or forum School leader Minutes 7:00 1,3,4,6

Reflection Notes Discussion and Review of "Talk Less Listen More", 1-2-3 Magic! Behaviour Management system adopted by SSPS. Each staff meeting a chapter is reviewed
and discussed. Staff required to read chapters before meetings. Hrs = approx. 20-30min per chapter plus discussion time in meetings.
Date: 10 Sep 2017 Time:11:49:57AM 1 of 1