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Step by step Guide

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General Ledger
Setup & Maintenance
Calendars & Currencies
Mohammed Raouf
o Calendar Types
o Calendars
o Validating Calendars
o Special Calendars for Average Balance

o Enable the currencies you intend to use
o Multi-Currency [ Later]


The most
Calendar Types
Period Types relate to how many
periods are associated with each
year. Only one period type can be
associated with each Ledger.

YEAR TYPE determines how the period name will default when used
Add the PERIODS PER to set up a calendar, though this default can be overridden. If FISCAL
YEAR for this Type, including is selected, then the last two digits of the period name will default to
any adjusting periods you the fiscal year. If CALENDAR is selected, then the last two digits will
want included in the default to the From date that period pertains to
calendar. Adjusting periods
are used by the General
Ledger only and not any of
the subledgers. They can be
used to post Adjusting or
Audit journal entries, for
revaluation journals for
foreign currencies, and for
year-end closing journals.
Though not required. Setup | Financials | Calendars | Types


Relates to the quarter of the fiscal year this month is in, and NUM
refers to the period number for this month. You must set up the
Calendar with the same number of defined periods as identified on

Select ENABLE Defines that

SECURITY if you period as an
want to secure adjusting period,
access to this which is the only
calendar setup type of period
using Access Sets. that can have
(Later) overlapping dates
with other

Setup | Financials | Calendars | Accounting

Validating Calendars
When you navigate away from the calendar form, a message will prompt you if you want to validate the Current calendar or All calendars.
Select Current if that is the only calendar you made changes to, and All if you made changes to more than one. EBS will run a report called
Other Calendar Validation Report, which will valdiate that no periods or dates were missed (a common mistake is to skip February 29).
as once a period is used, it cannot easily be changed or deleted. Prior to the status on the period being OPEN or FUTURE, it can still be
deleted or changed. Setting up calendars is always a balancing actyou need to set them up far enough in the future to utilize all of the
standard functionality.

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Special Calendars for Average Balance Calculations
Transaction Calendars are used in conjunction with Average Balances in EBS, they define the days of the week that are
business days, so the average balances can be calculated.

Average balance
processing is enabled
by selecting the
Enable Average
Balances option on
Once average balance
processing is enabled,
General Ledger
automatically stores
the aggregate
balances which are
used to calculate
average and end-of-
day balances,
via on-line inquiry
and reports.

Will be explained
in detail over the Setup | Financials | Calendars | Transactions Calendar
next Steps .

Transaction calendars and accounting calendars are completely independent of each other. For example, you might
have one accounting calendar, shared by your parent company and all its subsidiaries. However, each subsidiary
might use a separate transaction calendar to accommodate their different Holiday schedules.


EBS has two main features for foreign currencies: the ability to record transactions in currencies other than the Ledger
currency, and the ability to perform a re-measurement of the balances into foreign currencies. Both may require either
adding or enabling the additional currencies, as well as conversion rates. [ Later ]
Here we discuss just the enable feature and how to Define a new Currency .

Some Oracle Applications use The number of digits to the

First of all you Used in calculations for
currency symbols when displaying right of the decimal point
query or find your this currency.
amounts. Others, like General used in regular currency
currency you want 100.12345 = 100.12
Ledger, do not. transactions. 100.00
to use, or simply
define a new one 1
by entering the
Code and the
Name .
You cannot
change a currency
code after you
enable the
currency, even if
you later disable
that currency

The smallest denomination

used in this currency

Used in Europe Countries Enable your currency.

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