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Anchoring Script

Hello, Good Morning, Namaste.

I Am (name), your host for the day.

I would like to hearty welcome you all as we are now heading to celebrate and enjoy the party organized
exclusively for all of you newbies which is rightly termed as The Freshers Day. It is an absolutely
exceptional evening today as we are going to mark the starting line to the new journey that you are
about to begin or have begun couple months back.

Life is a long journey with many zigzag paths in it. But, I guarantee you all that after completing your
graduation from here you are surely going to remember the value of the institute as a memorable
milestone. Also, you will cherish all the memories spent with your friends, faculties, group assignments,
presentations, bunks and events, like today.

If we consider our life as a game, like the ones we have in our phones. Games that have different levels,
similar to different stages of our life. Each level has its own difficulties. But crossing them is what makes
us an expert. Going by this I would like to congratulate all you new faces who have successfully cleared
their previous levels and stepped into this new world.

Before we further proceed into the day I would like to request all of you to please stand up for the
prayer. (mahaganapathi manasa smarami)

According to Indian culture, every auspicious work begins with lighting the lamp. So now I request our
chairman to escort the guests to the dais for the light lamping ceremony and symbolically inaugurate
this program.

I request everyone to maintain silence and be seated on your place. No answering the phone even if
your girlfriend calls.

I now request my friend (name)to formally welcome the newbies and the guests followed by a welcome
dance by (name)and (name).

Thank you guys.

Next I request (name) to deliver the honoring speech.

Thank you so much (name).

I now request our honorable mayor (name) to share some motivational experiences.

Thank you so much mam.

Ralph Emerson believed that The reward of a thing well done is having done it. However, we would be
falling short of our duty if we do not recognize a thing well done and encourage it.

I now request our chief guest (name) to share his views on the (name of course) and few words of
encouragement in taking up this wonderful course.

Thank you so much sir for your precious words.

I now welcome our guest of honor (name) to say a few words to encourage our juniors.

Thank you sir.

Opportunity is missed by most of the people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work said
Thomas A Edison.

Now I would like to call upon our beloved chairman (name) to address the gathering.

Thank you so much sir, certainly your address goes a long way in inspiring us to strive hard and achieve

It has come to my ears that this new batch has plenty of talented students. Let's see if it's really true.
But before that I request our chairman to escort the guests to the VIP seats.

It is time for our newbies to exhibit their talent and also entertain us and make this day more delightful.
I wish I had a co-host with me to make this more entertaining.

(name): Your wish is granted my boy; whatever you wished is coming to you.

(name): ohh!! God I was better alone

(name): Sorry but the wish cannot be taken back

(name): Ok. Anyways without wasting any time lets start the program.

(name): Yea but these people dont seem to be interested.

(name): Audience are you not interested??

(name): We cant hear you come on make some noise

(name): forget who you are....forget what's bothering you...

Feel the music... n move your feet

Dont think....just dance and sing


(name): What are we waiting for then... Calling on stage our first performer.
(name): Here comes (name)to fascinate us with her thumkas. Give her a big round of applause.

(After the performance)

(name): Thank you (name)that was indeed very fascinating.

(name): To make this day more entertaining am going to add up some tasks for the audience, so heres
your first task.

Task 1:

The fastest finger first:

Am going to give you a contact no. to which youll have to send a message, the first one to send it will
be the winner. (Design is thinking made visual)

(After the task)

(name): So now whats next?

(name): Next I call upon stage (name)and his team with a melodious song enaagali mundhe saaguni.
Give them a huge round of applause.

(After the performance)

(name): That was a lovely performance. How captivating!!! A blend of cosmic tune and divine music.

(name): Indeed. I still feel like lost in those melody dipped music notes.

(name): Well come back now. Its time for our next performance.

(name): Hey (name) have you ever copied in your exams.

(name): Yea several times, with chits, asking my friends and all that. So much fun.

(name): Ok then, lets cherish all those memories because (name)and team is coming up with a skit on
examination hall. Please welcome them with big hands.

(After the performance)

(name): Wow that was marvelous. Give them a huge round of applause. Indeed we have got plenty of
talented juniors here.

(name): Yeh toh bas suruaat hai. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya.

(name): Toh intezar kis baat ki hai, bulaao humaare agle kalakaar ko.

(name): I now welcome (name)and team with a melodious song.

(name): Please give them a huge round of applause.

(After the performance)

(name): A soul touching performance by our girls! Let's give it up for them guys.

Ok now its time for your next task.

Task 2:

On the spot quiz,

Who is carrying maximum 5 rupee coins at the moment?

Who has got maximum hair pins?

(After the task)

(name): Buckle up your seat belt and lets get ready to rock n roll. Here comes (name)and team with a
rocking dance performance.

(name): Give them a big round of applause guys.

(After the performance)

(name): Wasnt this mind-blowing?

(name): Yes, I cant even stop my feet from tapping. You slayed it, guys.

(name): Ladko ka to jawaab hee nahi, ek k baad ek zabardast performances. Wah!!

(name): Ladkiya bhi kuch kam nahi hai. Here comes Veena and Divya for a duet dance performance. The
stage is all yours girls.

(name): Lets give it up for them guys.

(After the performance)

(name): Wonderfully performed girls. Kyu Roshal ab kya bolte ho.

(name): Ha yaar after seeing this performance Ill have to agree that ye ladkiya bhi kisee se kam nahi hai.

(name): Its not yet over, now I call upon (name)for a delightful solo song.

(name): Come on guys put your hands together for her.

(After the performance)

(name): WonderfulGive her a huge round of applause.

(name): These people are rocking the stage with wonderful performances.

(name): So audience are you all loving this?

(name): Come on guys make some noise.

(name): Now its time for our next piece of entertainment.

(name): Here comes (name)and team for a rocking dance performance. Lets give it up for them guys.

(After the performance)

(name): What a pulsating and sparkling act. Truly wonderful

(name): Audiences reaction says it all. Give them a huge round of applause.

(name): Heres your next task

Task 3:

The tongue twisters,

Kappu kumkuma kempu kumkuma.

Red book, blue book.

The one, who repeats twister maximum number of times without any wrong pronunciation or pause,

(After the task)

(name): Sun mere humsafar kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar k Teri saasein chalti jidhar rahunga bas wahi umr

(name): Wah!! Wah!! U are a singer huh!

(name): I dont know about me but this guy has an absolutely amazing voice. Here comes (name)with a
solo song.

(name): Lets give it up for him guys.

(After the performance)

(name): Isnt he a fabulous singer.

(name): Yes he surely is.

(name): Now I welcome (name)and (name) for a duet dance performance. The stage is all yours girls.

(name): Come on put your hands together for them.

(After the performance)

(name): WonderfulGive her a huge round of applause.

(name): Put your hands together for (name) and (name) here with another dance performance.

(After the performance)

(name): Seriously this batch is filled with outstanding dancers.

(name): Yea, really. So then whos next?

(name): Let me check. Oh my god. It seems like this guy is in full swing today. Give a huge round of
applause for (name) and team here with another melodious song.

(After the performance)

(name): Give them a big round of applause guys.

(name): One after the other soul touching performances.

(name): Hey Shakir, do you know which is the worst problem the world is facing now?

(name): Worst problem huh? We have many problems but which is the worst?

(name): Its water. We are not getting enough water to drink and the ones who gets it are wasting it.

(name): Yeah you are right. But why did you say that now?

(name): Because the next performance is a mime act which explains why water is important in our life. I
call upon (name) and team on the stage.

(After the performance)

(name): Give them a big round of applause guys. Such a wonderful act and it was very enlightening too.

(name): Now its time to end up this program with an entertaining dance performance

(name): Put your hands together for (name)and team.

(After the performance)

(name): Give them a big round of applause guys. That was so much fun.

(name): So Freshers did you all enjoy your day.

This was all about this event. I hope you all have enjoyed this mesmerizing occasion. I, on behalf of the
Indian institute of design thank all of you, for coming and remaining with us during this delighting event.
I thank all those who completely became the part of this event. And, I congratulate all the participants
for the catchy and captivating performance. We are all pleased with your performances. Thanks to you
all. Last but not the least I would like to thank all of those who helped in arranging this program and
making this successful.

Before you people leave, I request everyone to be seated for a few minutes more; we have got a special
winner among us.

Among all these chairs we have a lucky chair so find out if you have a chit under your seat.