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To the student: Please complete and attach this form to the printed copy of your work before submitting a hard copy. You must
complete the grey boxes with your assignment details and tick agreeing academic conduct, and that you have submitted an
electronic version on StudyNet.
Assignment Title Individual Reflection Date: 25 November 2016
Module Title Marketing for the Small Enterprise Module Code MKT3205
Module Leader
Dr. Janaka Low Programme Code BBDUH
** tick box () agreeing to the Academic
Student Registration number:
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I (we) have submitted one printed copy of my(our) assignment bound together AND One electronic version via StudyNet ()
I (we) have read through my (our) work and to check for errors in spelling and grammar ()

Academic Conduct statement

**I(we) certify that this piece of in-course assignment is my(our) own work, that it has not been copied from elsewhere, and that any extracts from
books, papers or other sources have been properly acknowledged as references or quotations. In addition, I(we) agree that the electronic version
of this assignment may be subject to electronic analysis for the detection of collusion, plagiarism and other forms of unfair advantage.

For academic use only

Overall Comments (to support annotated comments on assessment),

If this form is completed electronically by staff and students, via StudyNet, it may reduce the need to photocopy your
comments for the external examiner sample.

Points for improvement/feed-forward for future work (top tips for next time)

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Penalty applied
Provisional until confirmed by the Board of Examiners

A proportion of student assessment will always be internally moderated and sent to the external examiner. The box below is
for this purpose.
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