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Target Motion Simulator

Path Combiner
EMA3100A Path Combiner

EMA3100A Target Motion Simulator, Path Combiner is the tool for

combining paths created previously or format converted external
path files.

We combine the paths added and modeled to form the final

trajectory, since we added and modeled two paths pressing
Combine Paths button on TMM Path Modeler opens Path Combiner
with two available paths although the final trajectory consisting of
combination of those paths can be infinitely long (we just combined
two paths but all combinations are possible and combination
number and consequently final trajectory length can go to very
high numbers allowed by platform and OS capability )
EMA3100A Path Combiner

Step 1 By clicking Path Combiner

menu item from Tools menu, Path
Loader screen comes up
EMA3100A Path Combiner

Step 2 Right clicking on the Paths for Combination on left panel brings
the Load Path menu item, which adds a Path once clicked as Path1 and
sequentially as Path2, Path3 etc. For this example we loaded two paths
Path1 and Path2 as given in next two slides
EMA3100A Path Combiner

Path1 with the attributes as indicated taken from loaded file

EMA3100A Path Combiner

Path2 with the attributes as indicated taken from loaded file

Note that sampling times for two paths and consequently number of
processed points are different although Time of Motion is same for both
EMA3100A Path Combiner

Step 3 By clicking on Combine Paths button, Path Combiner dialog shows


The sampling time is the

minimum sampling time of
all paths among the loaded
ones and can be resampled
by using Resolution
properties. Order of Paths
Combination is done by
using Arrow button by first
selecting the path from
Available Paths. In this
example we combined P1
and P2 as P1+P2, it can be
anything like P2+P1 or
P2+P1+P2 or
P1+P2+P2++P1 etc.
EMA3100A Path Combiner

Main function of Path

Combiner is generating
combined paths from
available paths defined by the
order of combination and
number of paths to be
combined. The paths can be
aligned automatically by
proper selection and a new
sampling time can be defined
for the final trajectory which is
the ordered combination of
available paths, in this
example it is P1+P2 obtained
upon pressing Generate
button as shown in next slide
EMA3100A Path Combiner