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Advertisements Consistent with Societal Marketing Concept

Advertisement # 1:
HDFC Life Insurance Sar Uttha ke jiyo Ad Campaign
Societal Issue Addressed by the Ad : Instilling Self Belief , Confidence and Sustenance in
Specially Abled Children
As a provider a parents ensures their familys financial independence during their lifetime and even
after. But the ad promotes a prominent fact that money is not only thing that makes them
irreplaceable in their childrens lives , its the emotional and physical confidence that they create in
their little ones lives thus instilling self belief . eventually helps them stand tall with pride and
dignity on their on their feet

Directed by renowned filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane, the film narrates a story of a

father who helps his young daughter who is Specially abled to realize her dream of
becoming a dancer.

Ad takes the audience through a passage of ups and downs in the childs life wherein the
father works on instilling self-belief and creating strong emotional and physical confidence
in his daughter. The film goes on to show how this girl literally stands on her own feet ( one
feet is prosthetic )even when the odds are stacked against her and she emerges victorious -
all thanks to her fathers actions that not only made her dream big but led her to achieve it

Article # 1:
Save the Girl child in Haryana

Societal issue addressed by the article : Prevent Female Infanticide and Promote Women

this article is about Save the Girl Child project was launched in 2012 to combat this trend
in the city of Hissar, Haryana, the state with the countrys lowest sex ratio, 834 in the 2011

with the strategic objectives of empowering the declining half and creating a conducive
social environment respecting an individuals right to birth, the article takes a mixed approach
including awareness-raising activities, advocacy activities, service provision and facilitation, and

It also provides the key information and promotional agendas of the Save the Girl Child project.

Primary beneficiaries ,
Governmental and Corporate support
Local government-run Reproductive Child Health Clinics and other health
Counselling Centres
Business practices that Contradict Societal Marketing Concept
Societal marketing concept promotes that while offering to satisfy customers need organisations
should keep the long term well being of the society.

Toxic Dumping
Pharmaceutical organisations manufacturing life saving drugs engage in unethical disposal of toxic
wastes into Nearby Water Bodies likes lakes and rivers and natural water streams. One such
incident alarmed the society around Hosur road when citizens witness a Frothing Bellandur Lake of
Chemical Waste.

Exploitation of daily wage Workers into working without safety gears

Many Real Estate Builders within Bangalore engaged in the construction of multi storeied buildings
upto 45 floors do not provide any safety gears for its workers especially daily wages put on
dangerous jobs of carrying heavy materials onto steep heights. Workers on a daily basis are forced to
gamble with their lives in order to earn everyday food

Promotion of Pan Masala

Not only the pan Masala is carcinogen, it can cause illnesses for generations to come causing severe
damage to genes . promotion of pan masala and other tobacco related products especially to the
population with low literacy level who do not understand the dangerous long term implications on
their health is Anti Societal Practice which is practiced by many companies in India.

Promotion of Fairness Creams

Promotion and Endorsement of Fairness creams in our country that celebrates a Vibrant hues of Skin
tones is clearly anti societal . Many fairness cream ads tag lines preach fair as lovely and not being
fair as not at all lovely. such ads indirectly promote color fixations and insecurity amongst
youngsters in India thus affecting the confidence of millions of our Society.

Question 2:

Tanishq Mothers Day Collection Ad

Ad agency: Lowe Lintas
Tanishq recently launched a TVC featuring the Mothers Day jewellery Collection thats celebrates
eternal relationship between a mother and daughter endorsed by brand ambassador Deepika

The ad narrates how the protagonist Deepika recalls her childhood days when her mother used to be
strict on leaving food in the plate , as during her teenage days of being angry on her coming home
late at night and presently making her perform her usual household chores regardless of her
Stardom status. Ad ends with a tag line with a message Thank you for being you.

Little do we recognize the importance of our parents whose care love and care are taken for granted
by us during our so called busy lives. The Ad made me buy something to my Mom which has much
lesser in value when compared to all those years of her Dedicated life whose made me what I am
Paper Boat Aam Panna

Agency : Karishma Lintas

The ad is in sync with its brand philosophy of Drinks and Memories. this ad has tiny sagas of
growing up, and aims to remind everyone of childlike joy, magic and wonder. Aam panna is reminds
us of our very own indigenous cool drink made at home. In todays increasing Urban angst we never
seem to find enough time to remember the memories and flavours are always cherished in

Ad senses and arouses this very desire within us, of traditional beverages .

Titan Raga Her Life her Choices Ad

Agency : Ogilvy and Mather

The new Titan Raga Celebrating Progressive Woman of India goes with tagline "Get married when
you find the one who deserves your time." As part of their campaign Her Life Her Choices, the
story is about a modern woman, who is passionate about her work, comfortable in her identity and
not willing to conform to societal norms.

Identifies with millions of young, Educated and independent women population in our Country.
Arouses the need of many such women to work, enjoy their freedom and make their own choices in

Question 5:

Green Marketing
Too often, green marketers have attempted to prod consumers to act by relying on guilt or by
encouraging people to save the Earth, neither of which has turned out to be particularly
aspirational or appealing.

And consumers have made it crystal clear: They don't want to change, at least in the name of
Mother Earth or the greater good. Of course, we change our buying and lifestyle choices all the time:
how we communicate (email, mobile phones, texting, Twitter), how we shop (what's a record
store?), what we eat and drink (functional foods, anyone?), and what we drive and wear and do.
But those choices benefit us personally, today -- not some far-off forest or future

1. RECOVER- Apparel made from 100% recycled materials

Recover is an apparel manufacturing company using 100% recycle materials in it products, water
bottles, discarded cotton and other up-cycled materials.

Effectiveness of Advertisements
Famous Recover ad campaign Protect Our Parks was highly effective in USA and Europe,
which also promoted its products as Truly sustainable and Eco-friendly and also Ultra soft
This Campaign in continuous, with its association conducting periodic meetings held in
various different part in and around USA.
The campaign also has several Nature Thrill activities like White water rafting, kayaking , fly
fishing which is hit among youngsters.
The ad campaign is hugely successful in promoting apparel among Nature & fun loving
youngsters also others who feel a sense of pride in wearing that is made from 100% recycled
Most importantly the brand does not hide from the fact that it offers limited range of
products (t-Shirts, Chinos, Pyjamas, Socks and gloves).
Reinforces the important point that when it comes to going green sustainability is more
important than variety.

2. WhollyCowMilk Online Ad Campaign

Wholly Cow is 100% organic Milk supplier operating in NCR New Delhi. They are the only Organic
Dairy Products Manufacturers in India.

Given the growing demand and the Monopoly over the Organic Diary Market
WhollyCowMilk ad reach Is considerably very limited . Even though WhollyCowMilk has a
very limited range of products(milk,cottage cheese and ghee) the demand is increasing on a
daily basis.
Online Advertisements are disheartening when an eager consumer calls to find out that the
products are available only in New Delhi. Such information is categorically missing in the
But the most positive fact of the Advertisements is that it promotes the free range dairy
farming, Cows are reared without giving any anti biotics or any other drug for enhancing
the milk production.
Within New Delhi Whollycowmilk is huge success with its promotion campaign of PUREST
UNADULTERATED Milk . One such successful campaign involved free distribution of
samples in the family parks and play grounds in order gain trust among the consumers and
also most importantly give them the taste of purest form of milk.

3. Sattvik Online Advertisements

Sattvik is very careful not place their ads in the common cosmetic related websites instead
only uses the organic and green product portals and forums like AllthingsOrganic.com,
organicshop.in, Naturetherapy.com, greengood.com.
Every product ad links to the website with information on ingredients , making process,
organic certification of the ingredients involved.
Online ads have true customer testimonials with concerns and issues and the companys
responses and efforts to resolve and satisfy the customers.
Ad uses the Approach Object of goal achievement in promoting consumers with all
benefits associated with the products.
In all of the their advertisements Sattvik Organics never speak of Eternal Beauty or
Flawless Beauty . the ad equates beauty to be Natural and possessed by every thing on
earth, which Catches the Consumers mind.

4. Organic Indias Organic Tulsi Tea

Organic India, is the leading manufacturer and exporter of organic herbal tea, formulations and
The objective of the campaign was to position Brand Organic India as the market leader, and inform
and educate people about flag ship product Herbal Tulsi Tea thus promoting the company Value
Healthy, Conscious Living with its other wide range of products such as quinoa, coconut oil, ghee,
honey, wheatgrass, chyawanprash, and different flavours of green tea, among others.

InEffectiveness of the ad
During the campaign the company boasted of using herbal green billboards but had to finally
resort Vanilla flex billboards for the power circuit issues
Mundane card board looking products rotated on the billboards which did not give any
credence to them promoting their famous tulsi infused tea and even confused viewers with
many moving items with poor visibility.
As opposed to their personalized and well informed marketing efforts earlier organic india
has now resorted to the OOH ad vessel campaign like all other retail brand losing on
itsUnique Organic identity
Companies' marketing efforts have been largely half-hearted, humorless and uninspired.
Green products themselves have been variously underwhelming, overpriced, inconvenient,
ineffective or unavailable.

5. Bio Gas-INDIA : An Initiative to bring renewable ,economical

energy in Indian Villages and households
Biogas is a renewable as well as clean source of energy generated through biodigestion .

Effectiveness of the initiative

1. It is non-polluting .
2. Reduces greenhouse emission
3. No combustion takes place in the process meaning zero emission
4. Using land fill as form of biogas production is a good way to reduce global warming.
5. Does not require energy for generation process
6. Raw materials are Manure,food scraps, Crop residue
7. Bio Gas Generation reduces Soil Erosion and Water Pollution
8. Byproduct is an Organic Fertilizer
9. Low Cost Technology
10. Healthy cooking alternative in Indian Villages

Ineffectiveness of the Initiative

1. Lack of Government funding to many Bio Gas projects has dampened the benefits
2. Still unpopular due to Lack of Promotional and advertisement activities which should spread
the long term economic benefits of using BioGas.
3. The initiative failed to be a success in densely populated metropolitan areas
4. Old Technology is low cost but a lengthy process, no process innovation has happen for a
long time
5. Minimum temperature required tobe maintained at 37 degree ,hence ineffective in hilly

Online Privacy issues

argue that Internet user's information privacy concerns focus on three

major dimensions: collection, control and awareness. Collection is defined
as the individual's level of concern about the amount of personal data
possessed by others, in comparison with the benefits received. In turn,
control reflects the ability of consumers to be heard on how personal data
is used and on its access, modification and deletion. Finally, awareness is
reflected in the individual's degree of information about the organization's
privacy practices.