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Challenge Yourself!

Y5 Fulong Beach and Surfing

Trip Postponed until Friday
22nd September
Dear Parents and students,

Due to the prediction of a typhoon towards the end of the week, our Challenge Yourself activity day planned
at Fulong Beach is going to be postponed and will now take place on Friday 22nd September. The timings
and activities will remain the same and we will depart from school at 7.30am. Please ensure you arrive at
school at 7:15am. We will return at 3.45pm.

Dont forget to make arrangements for your child to be collected from school (at the Parents Cafe) at
3.45pm as we will be back too late for the regular school bus service.

Also, due to school lunches being cancelled on Friday 15th September, please bring packed lunch as they
cant be ordered in such short notice. Please bring packed punch on Friday 22nd September, the new date of
our trip.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to sharing this amazing experience with your children.

Kind Regards,

Year 5 Teachers

Mr Greg Robinson, Ms Jennifer Laird, Mr Mike Norris, Ms Jeni Wong