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Global Executive Master

in International Sports Law
Governing Bodies 2


Mr. Jorge Pinto Sala

Director of the Senior Management Team

Mr. Juan Jose Sanchez Puig

Executive Director

Mr. Manuel Garayo de Orbe

Secretary of the Senior Management Team.
Public prosecutor
Mr. Jorge Pinto Sala
Mr. Rafael Abadia Jordana President
Member of the Senior Management Team.

Mr. Vicente Sierra Rocafort

Member of the Senior Management Team.

Mr. Juan Jose Sanchez Puig

Executive Director

Online Master
Governing Bodies 3


Mr Pablo Paisn Ruiz Ms Marta Iglesias

Lawyer at Cuatrecasas Gonalves Pereira Doctor of Law. Professor of International Law,
Complutense University of Madrid
Professor Alegra Borrs, PhD
Professor of Private International Law Mr Emilio Ramrez
Lawyer. Director and owner of Ramrez y Asociados.
Mr David Jimnez Mouriz
Tax Consultant/Lawyer Mr Jos Luis Prez Bentez
Partner-Consultant, Prez & Partners Consultants
Mr Javier Hervs
Partner at KPMG Sports Advisory Mr Ramn Terol
Professor of Administrative Law. Secretary of the
Mr David Jimnez Mouriz Electoral Guarantees Board, the Higher Sports
Partner. Dutilh Tax Department Council. Member of the Sports Lawyers Association.

Mr David Prez Garca Ms Diane Stephenson

Director of Tax and Estate Planning at Popular Banca Solicitor in England and Wales. Lawyer.
Privada, Grupo Banco Popular
Mr. Javier Rodrguez Ten
Ms Patricia Vidal Martnez Phd. in Law. Member of the Board of Directors of
Counsel, Ura Menndez, Madrid office the Spanish Sports Law Association.

Mr Plcido Molina Ms. Anabel Campo Blanco

Barrister. Director of Collection, Cuatrecasas Master in Human Resources. Secretarial Manager of
Gonalves Pereira Cuatrecasas, Gonalves Pereira.

Online Master
Letter from the Director of ISDE 4
Mr. Juan Jos Snchez Puig

The ver y etymology of the word Master embodies the philosophy underpinning ISDEs educational objective,
where the student is the focal point and the absolute protagonist. All of our resources and effor ts are focused
on achieving this objective, which is to ensure that the student has mastered the subject matter by the end of
the programme.

Par tnerships with the leading figures in the world of law and business, a proven training method, the personal
attention of the teaching and coordination team, and all of our technical and human resources are placed at
the disposal of our students in our quest to ensure that the programmes achieve their utmost educational
goals and make the time and effor t devoted to them wor th the while.

Throughout the years, we have striven and succeeded in ensuring that our students not only acquire the most
up-to-date knowledge, but that they also accomplish their personal and professional development goals through
the acquisition of skills and competencies that lay the foundation for a new stage in their careers.

The sum of the effor ts of the ISDE and its students without whose commitment the most qualified staff or
technical resources would ser ve no purpose- has made us proud to see how those who trusted us with their
training needs have gone on to enjoy highly successful careers and to occupy the senior positions they so
brilliantly and so efficiently prepared themselves for.

Loyalty to the spirit and methods that have earned us the trust of thousands of students, and continuous
upgrading and improvement of our training methods, have placed us at the forefront of our field, as evidenced
by our performance in independent rankings.

The accomplishment of these objectives in recent years has driven us to never lose sight of the fact that our
goal is the success of our students.

Mr. Juan Jos Snchez Puig

Executive Director

Online Master

The Global Executive Master in International Spor ts Law will be aimed and focused on the sector of already
experienced lawyer s, or other per sons already holding a B.A. degree who have proved experience and
knowledge in the field of Spor t Law or Spor t Management, and will be interested in studying and receiving a
Masters Degree in International Spor ts Law.

As it is ISDEs Philosophy we do not only mean our students to reach the most up to date knowledge about
Spor ts Law, but to acquire the skills that will help them to reach their professional goals.

To do so we count on an academic staff composed by the most impor tant lecturers related to the Spor ts Law
wor ld. Their commitment in making of this Programme the best Executive Master in Spor ts Law is the
guarantee of its unequalled quality. In addition to that you will have the personalized care ISDE always provides
to its students, to make of this Master your way of becoming one of the top professionals in Spor ts Law

Online Master
Goals & Purposes 6

The main impor tance of the Programme is focused on teaching topics on major elements of International Spor ts
Law, which the professional daily life of an international spor t lawyer or manager are not too much elaborated on.

Due to the fact that this Programme will be offered to already practicing and experienced lawyer s or Spor t
Managers with ongoing activities, the studies will be carried out by correspondence and on an 'on-line basis'
however within the term of the program, three encounters will take place in Madrid for a period not lasting more
than two days for each encounter.


Online learning can provide learning outcomes that are comparable or even superior to those of conventional educational
formats, as it is proved that on Executive Programes the students, which already have professional experience work better when
self-directed, as they are shaped by the accumulation of authentic personal experience. Moreover their desire to learn grows out
of a need to confront an ever-changing reality. Given their goal-oriented approach to learning and an ever more crowded
personal calendar, a self-paced asynchronous design has proven to be a most effective instructional approach for online course

This means that given the right tools and with the Instructors playing a key role, the online methodology supplemented by the
encounters taking place in Madrid will make the perfect combination to provide the Students with the knowledge and skills they
meant to reach when they joined the Master.

All these have been settled and due to the fact that this Program will be offered to already practicing and experienced lawyers
or Sport Managers with ongoing activities, it is therefore understood that our students will not be able to make themselves
available for a consecutive period of study in Madrid, and so the studies will be carried out on an on-line basis.

Each student will have a personal code with which he/she will access the classes on the website. The different classes are
scheduled to be posted on-line every two weeks with the specific directions given by the lecturer, specifying the deadline for the
students to send their cases, essays or exams.

Online Master
Methodology 7

During those two weeks, the student will read the documents
and shall prepare the practical case and any other requests
made by the professor.

The students shall prepare the classes as per the lecturers

instructions (read or prepare cases or literature, study
specific materials, etc.).

Within the terms of the Master three encounters will take

place in Madrid for a period not lasting more than two days
for each encounter.

(a) The first one at the beginning of the Program, to be

dedicated to a welcome ceremony as well as explaining and
giving administrative instructions and an initial presentation
on the first topic, which will be the topic of the first month.
Mr. Jeffrey A. Mishkin. Professor of ISDE
Former Executive Vice President and Chief
(b) The second meeting in the middle of the Program period,
Legal Officer of the NBA. Partner at Skaden,
to be dedicated to a one or two-day course on the topic
Arps. New York.
which will be studied in the relevant month.
'The ISDE Global Master in International Sports
(c) The third one will be at the end of the Program. Law provides an unmatched opportunity for
students and practitioners to develop and enhance
their understanding of the critical legal issues that
affect the business of sports around the world.'

Online Master
Academic Program 8

1. CHOICE OF LAW AND CONFLICT OF LAWS focusing on different views and attitudes regarding the
IN SPORT-RELATED DISPUTES AND str ucture of spor t activities, international transfer s,
PROCEEDINGS special regulations, as well as special characteristics in
International laws, regulations of spor t organizations, the laws of the game, etc.
law of the seat of the arbitral or judicial panel, choice
of law by the par ties, restrictions on the choice of law 7. SPORT AND EU LAW
due to public law principles, etc. The impact and influence of the EU Law on international
spor t-related issues.
With a special focus on International Arbitration 8. SPORT FINANCING
(Chapter 12 of the Swiss Civil Code). Different attitudes towards spor t activities financing,
private ownership as opposed to public ownership and
3. THE FIGHT AGAINST DOPING, WITH A the co-existence of both regulator y issues related to
Histor y, creation of WADA, purpose of the WADA 9. CAS/TAS
Code, doping procedures in different spor t History, functions, proceedings and new developments with a
organizations, the WADA Code in light of principles of special focus on matters of importance for practising lawyers
criminal and disciplinar y law and regulations, and as representing and appearing in CAS/TAS.
confronted with basic human rights and international
conventions or directives regarding human rights. 10. EMPLOYMENT/LABOUR LAW IN THE
4. CONFLICT OF JURISDICTION IN SPORT Basic principles of labour relations and their co-existence with
DISPUTES sport organizations regulations, sportsmen as employees;The
The relation between proceedings brought before specificity of sport and its impact on the basic principles of
international cour ts or internal spor t organization labour relations.
judicial bodies.
With special focus on the relations between spor t G.A.I.S.F. (General Association of International Spor ts
organizations which are mostly European entities Federations) The Olympic movement, with a special
subject to EU Law, however governing spor t activities focus on those organizations, who is entitled to
also in all par ts of the world, not just subject to the become a member and be recognized as 'Spor t' or
EU Law and principles. 'Olympic spor t'?, etc.


The structure of spor t organizations in the U.S.A. and Does it exist? Is there still a real debate on the question?
their relation to international spor t organizations,

Online Master

Top qualified Lawyers in specific issues, University Professors and Representatives of recognized International Sport-related
Institutions compose the list of teachers within the Programme. Among others:


Mr. Alasdair Bell

Director of Legal Affairs at UEFA

Alasdair Bell worked in Brussels in private practice for most of the 1990s focusing on competition, trade law and single market
legislation. He became a partner in Forrester Norall & Sutton in 1994, which subsequently merged with White & Case.
He moved to London in 1998 and continued to advise clients on EU law generally and EU competition law in particular.
He has been the principal outside Counsel to UEFA for 15 years on all matters of European Union Law before joining UEFA
in 2010 as General Counsel and Director of the Legal Affairs Division.

Mr. Ulrich Hass

University of Zurich

International Procedural Law and Arbitration, Sports Law, Corporate Insolvency Law.
Extensive consultative trial work as well as legal opinions in the areas of research. In the field of sports law assistance is given
in particular to numerous national and international sports institution (eg in the drafting and revising of their regulations),
including the Fdration Internationale de Foottball Association (FIFA, Switzerland), the World Ant-Doping Agency (Canada),
the Deutsche Olympische Sportbund (Germany), the National Anti-Doping Agency of Germany, SwissOlympic (Switzerland),
the German Athletic Federation, the German Golf Federation, the German Cycling Federation, the German Court of
Arbitration for Sport (Germany) or Football Clubs (eg Vfl Bochum, Germany).
Chairman or party-appointed arbitrator on more than 90 arbitral tribunals, either ad hoc or constituted by different arbitral
institutions, including the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris/Hongkong, Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in
Lausanne, Deutsche Institution fr Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit eV in Cologne and the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) in Geneva.
Languages in which the proceedings were conducted are German, English, French and Italian.
Off-Counsel (Konsulent) in the law firm Netzle Rechtsanwlte, Falkenstrasse 27, 8024 Zrich.The law firm is specialized in giving
comprehensive legal advice to sports organisations in support of their daily business (e.g. labour law and social security,
intellectual property, rental of office space, procurement, contracts and other organisational issues) and represents domestic
and foreign sports organisations, teams, event organisers and marketing agencies before state courts and arbitration tribunals.
In addition, the law firm provides advice on sponsorship concepts. Furthermore it assists federations, agencies, event organisers
and broadcasters in negotiating broadcast and redistribution agreements, takes care of the protection of trademarks, logos,
naming rights of sport events and organisations and of the image and naming rights of individual athletes.
Chairman in proceedings before internal tribunals of Sports Associations, in particular for the Appeals Tribunal of the
International Basketball Federation (FIBA) in Geneva and the FIAs International Court of Appeal (ICA) for Formula One
related disputes.
Arbitrator for the ad hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (Canada).

Online Master
Wouter Lambrecht
Geneva, Switzerland
Head of Legal at the European Club Association

Wouter Lambrecht is the Legal Manager of the European Club Association; an association grouping the most important
football clubs in Europe.
Graduated from Ghent University and having obtained an LL.M in Sports Law at ISDE, Madrid, he is mainly responsible for
assisting and advising clubs on sport law related issues at FIFA, UEFA and CAS level.
Besides, he is in charge of the ECA Mediation process and is involved in legal discussion with stakeholders. He has worked at
acknowledged sports law firms, is a regular speaker at seminars and has published numerous articles.

Mr. Jeffrey A. Mishkin

Lawyer, Partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP+

Mr. Mishkin joined the New York office of Skadden, Arps on January 1, 2000, after serving as executive vice president and chief
legal officer of the National Basketball Association for seven years. His practice centers on all aspects of sports law and includes
antitrust, intellectual property, labor and a wide range of trial and appellate business litigation. For many years, he has
represented the NBA as its chief outside counsel. He has participated in every major legal decision that has affected the NBA
in the past 30 years - first as an associate and then a partner in private practice with a large New York firm, and later as the
head of the NBAs in-house legal staff.

Mr. Howard Stupp

Director of Legal Affairs for the IOC.

Howard Stupp has been working at the IOC since December 1984. He did his law degrees at McGill University in Montreal,
where he also obtained an (Electrical) Engineering degree. His work at the IOC covers a wide range of legal-related activities,
including broadcasting and marketing agreements, intellectual property protection, the Host City Contract, doping, betting, social
media and the Olympic Charter. He is a past Olympian, having competed in the Montreal Olympic Games in the sport of
wrestling and won a gold medal at the Pan American Games.

Mark Hovell
Head of Sport, Mills & Reeve. CAS Arbitrator

He represents players associations, individual sportspeople, clubs and (reputable!) agents on a wide range of sports law
matters including regulatory issues and contractual matters, image rights and marketability, as well as on personal matters. He
is an insolvency practitioner and has helped restructure many professional sports clubs, as well as helping individuals with
financial problems. He also specialises in international sports arbitration.
Over the last 20 years, He has helped thousands of sportspeople with their sporting contracts, image rights and endorsement
work. Whether its a Premier League contract, a book deal, setting up a charitable foundation, having your wedding covered
in Hello or even a contract for Dancing on Ice
Utilising his experience gained as an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, he has helped a number of clubs in
bringing foreign talent into the UK advising on peculiarities of training compensation or Article 17, breach of contract risks.
In difficult times, be it due to financial problems, doping or other regulatory offences, he offers advice and representation.
He also look to solve problems for parties through mediation or arbitration, being on the Chairpersons list at Sport Resolutions,
as well as a long standing CAS arbitrator.
Mark Hovell has particular strength in sports-related insolvencies, and has been involved in some 50 football club
insolvencies/restructurings." Legal 500, 2011
Mark Hovell is noted for his sports sector expertise, recently advising the Professional Footballers Association and its members."
Legal 500, 2012
As an arbitrator for CAS he has sat on over 70 international cases, including a number of Olympic selection cases in 2012
and was lucky enough to work in Delhi for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, as part of the CAS ad hoc committee. He
regularly lecture on sports law and finance in the UK, USA, Spain and at other international conferences and universities.

Online Master
David Casserly
UK and Switzerland

David Casserly is a barrister specialising in the areas of sports law and international arbitration. He is a member of the
Bars of Ireland, England & Wales and New York. Mr Casserly regularly represents a wide variety of clubs, individuals and
organisations before various international tribunals, in particular the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He has acted for
some of the world's largest sporting organisations in arbitration and litigation proceedings, including FIFA, UEFA and the
IRB. He previously acted as Legal Counsel and Head of Mediation for the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne,
during which time he was the CAS Legal Counsel at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.
He also previously practised in the international arbitration departments of Shearman & Sterling in Paris and Lvy
Kaufmann-Kohler in Geneva, as well as completing an internship at the ICDR/AAA in New York. Mr Casserly is an
accredited mediator and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. In addition to acting as counsel, he regularly
sits as an arbitrator or mediator, or as chairman of antidoping tribunals. He also lectures on sports law and arbitration
law in Ireland, Spain and Switzerland. Mr Casserly is an accomplished sportsman, with representative rugby honours.

Dirk-Reiner Martens
Managing Director of Martens Rechtsanwlte

Dr Dirk-Reiner Martens was a partner of a major international commercial law firm for over 35 years. He founded
Martens Rechtsanwlte in 2009.
His special interest is national and international arbitration: since 2000 he has acted in more than 150 proceedings
relating to commercial law or sports law, either as a party-appointed arbitrator or President of the tribunal.
In 2007 he established the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT), a means of speedy and cost-effective dispute resolution
between professional players and their clubs. Since the BAT foundation more than 830 cases have been brought before
it and administered by Martens Rechtsanwlte.
In autumn 2015 Dr Martens founded the Court of Innovative Arbitration (COIA) which is based on the BAT system
and provides a quick and inexpensive method for the resolution of commercial disputes.

Arbitrator in national and international commercial disputes as well as legal disputes in sport
Acting as counsel in cases before courts and arbitral tribunals
Providing comprehensive legal and strategic advice to the sports sector
Advising on and implementing new governance structures
Developing and implementing innovative dispute resolution systems

Online Master
Admissions Procedure 11

Enrolment Procedure

Applicants willing to participate in the Admissions Please bear in mind that places on this Programme are
Process of the Master shall complete a Registration limited and applications will be dealt with in strict order
Form, and send it, fully completed, along with the of inscription.
following documentation:

Curriculum vitae Financing

Motivation Letter
Copy of the Passport or other relevant identification Internal financing allows our students to make the
document payment in three installments or to build a personalized
paying plan.
These documents can be directly sent by email or by post
to the attention of the Admissions Department, to:
C/ Recoletos 6, 28001 Madrid, Spain
If private or public institutions provide partial Scholarships
masters@isdemasters.com to help the students with the tuition fee, they will be
granted by the means of Academic and Professional
At the same time, if necessary, applicants can be asked to Achievements and Economic needs. Students will be
submit further information or documentation to clarify asked to provide the documents that prove both
certain aspects or their academic and/or professional requirements.
background. The Admissions Committee is also entitled
to subject the acceptance of a certain applicant to a
personal interview.

Online Master
Contact Details

The Admissions Procedure will be directly

dealt with ISDEs Admissions Department.

C/ Recoletos, 6
28001 Madrid
Phone.: +34 911 265 180
Fax: +34 915 762 021
E-mail: masters@isdemasters.com

Online Master