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1) Read the text:

Do you like chocolate? Do you like it very much? Does a piece of chocolate
satisfy you or isnt it just enough? Do you need a bar of chocolate when you feel
depressed? Just one? Be careful you may be addicted!
Chocolate contains small amounts of three drugs. When you get too much of
any of the three, your body becomes chemically dependent addicted on the
One of the drugs is caffeine, which is also in coffee and tea. Caffeine is a
stimulant, and can also interfere with the way you absorb vitamins. Another drug
in chocolate is also a mild stimulant. The third drug causes your brain to
produce a type of hormone that makes you feel happy. Thats why you like it so
In Britain, the average person eats nine kilos of chocolate a year. Thats too
much! And too much of any drug is harmful. So next time you unwrap the third
or fourth chocolate bar of the day, watch out!

2) Now, answer about the text:

a. Whats the main idea of the text? How is chocolate presented? ___________
b. What does chocolate contain? Give examples: ________________________
c. How much chocolate do British people eat a year? _____________________
d. Do you consider yourself a chocoholic? Why? ________________________

3) There are many verbs in the Present Simple in the text. Write four of them.

4) Chocoholic is formed by choc(olate) + (alc)oholic and means a person who

is addicted to chocolate. This word has the base alcoholic, which is a person
addicted to ______________________________________________________
And what do you think is a workaholic ?______________________________

5) Consider the sentence Chocolate contains three drugs.

a. Change it into Negative form: _____________________________________

b. Change it into Interrogative form: ___________________________________

6) The drug causes addiction. In the plural form this sentence is:

7) Complete with personal ( I, you, he, she, it, we, they) , object (me,you, him,
her, it, us, them) or possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, its, our, their):

a. Chocolate is wonderful! ______ is ______favorite sweet. Do you like______?

b. Lisa cant eat chocolate because ______ has allergy.
c. What do ______ like with chocolate?
d. Hey! Dont be so selfish! Give ______ a piece of your cake too.
e. ______ chocolate bar is made with strawberry and ______ is delicious!

8) Vocabulary : Things made of chocolate

Write the names :

a. b.

_______________ _________________

c. ________________ d. ___________________

e. f. g. h. ______________

i. j. k.
hot chocolate bar
Easter egg cake
___________ ice cream muffin
______________ ___________
bon bon milkshake
cookie lollipop


ice cream