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Tokyos synergy of nature and urban development

We can never have enough of new things to discover in Japan. Since the visa
requirements for short-term visits to Japan have been relaxed in 2013, more and more
Filipino tourists have been coming to Japan for pleasure, and theyre finding more things
to do and enjoy while theyre there.

Even in the capital of Tokyo, which has become the most popular tourist destination for
Filipinos going to Japan, there are still many pleasures which a Filipino tourist must
experience, for Tokyo remains one of the best examples of a metropolis being able to
preserve the beauty of its environment despite having to cope with the demands of urban
and economic development.

In the latest tour sponsored by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) & Japan
Endless Discovery, this writer and a group of travelling companions started our tour of
Tokyo in Asakusa where the main attraction is Sensoji, a very popular Buddhist temple,
built in the 7th century. The temple is approached via the Nakamise, a shopping street
that has been providing temple visitors with a variety of traditional, local snacks and
tourist souvenirs for centuries. In that shopping street, tourists are able to shop and dine
wearing the traditional Kimono costume, which is very comfy amidst the cool climate
during the months of January and February.

Afterwards we enjoyed a Tokyo Cruise along the Sumida River. The luxurious cruise
ship has a glass ceiling so passengers can see the beauty of Tokyo from the water with a
180-degree view.

At the end of our cruise awaits the Odaiba Seaside Park. There are many leisure activities
which tourists can enjoy by the seaside. Even a walk along the park proves very
refreshing, as the cool sea breeze accompanies the relaxing view of the part of the city
across the water. We also particularly liked the Tokyo Skytree and the bridge which
resembles the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge as popular photo spots for tourists.

Towards the end of our tour, we dropped by the iconic Tokyo Tower for more sightseeing,
dining and shopping for souvenirs for loved ones back home. At the Tokyo Tower, which
is Tokyos equivalent of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, we were able to view the beauty of
Tokyo. And we also loved the illumination of the Tokyo Tower at night which really
lights up the New Year.