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Name: Kimberly S. Spaol Strand: I.C.

My reflection to this lesson are all of this aspect is I have
like physical self. I have a face that not bad. My eye is good,
my nose is good but height is good but I want more
improvement to my height. Intellectual self I have
knowledge because I study and I have a lesson from have a
many emotions like happy, sad, angry, moody, etc Happy
because me and my friends are bonding together. Sad because
its depends to my situation changes to be hard to this life.
Angry because many people that I associate (he/she)s
behavior are not good. Sensual self Yes, I have this like hear,
taste, sight, touch, smile. Hear because I hear all of the kind
that has sounds like words, sentences, songs, etc., from to our
mouth. Taste because I eat foods, sight, yes I see all the things
in my surroundings. Touch, I touch all I want like things,
foods, etc. smile, I have this because I have a nose that make
me smile. Interactional to other like teaching them how to
learn a problem solving etc., and how to be happy to this life.
Nutritional self, sometimes I have this but when I see the food
my plan is broken but I try to eat a vegetable, fruits not junk-
foods that is feeling rich or stagy. Im simple. I can adjust to
my environment or surroundings. Self-Spiritual. Im a kind of
a person that believed in God. The word of God
Name: Kimberly S. Spaol Strand: I.C.T

My Reflection
From this lesson I know this from the start, because I feel
it like when my decision to my problems etc. I feel my brain
controlled my actions, because when the idea comes to my
mind. I act this but when the idea is bad, I feel disappointed
because sometimes I make the bad but I know it but I also do.
Every morning I feel my 2 wolves of me are fighting like I
need wake up earlier because my moves are so slow but I feel
my bad side.
I sleep five minutes more and my way or techniques to
strengthen my bad side I feed my good side to avoid my bad
side and every day Im not already avoid the bad because Im
not already avoid the bad because Im not the perfect person
but I try to do the good things to need my everyday life. When
When I do the bad thing I realize that is bad and its too
late to not do and I try my best to avoid it. And I try calming
myself to control my angry. My specific ways is do the good
thing to feed my positive wolf.
Name: Kimberly S. Spaol Strand: I.C.T

My reflection to this activity is I remember the time that
Im happy and I remember the moment I achieve in my life like
when I joined the S.B.K. team of Talobatib High School. I
learned more in disaster how to prepare every time. I realized
i/m the people who go and go and I convinced enjoy life. I feel
back in the past and when I answered this activity, me and my
friends is enjoying. Im happy because I have a one achievement
or more and Im proud of it. I feel proud because some of my
dreams I achieve like I graduate in high school and having more
experience, friends and learned. I thank to god for giving me a
good life, good friends and family and also problems for
strengthen me. My friends give me a positive characteristic but I
dont know if it is true.
Name: Kimberly S. Spaol Strand: I.C.T

I came to my mind is what is my successfully
accomplished? I amazed because I dont know if it is
successfully accomplished because from the word successfully I
know this is a highest word from the other word. I think that is I
graduate in grade 10 for now on because this is I have. Im in
grade 11 I face all challenges in school because of my
experience all emotion and changes in all part of my body like
before my mind is to slow how to pick up a information, and
now my emotion can manage how to control and in all my
physical figure are changes because It is now mature but not all.
Now, Im grade 10, I actually realize that all I am is changed.
Like my mid, emotions, physical figure etc., because when I
throwback, I realize that like before when Im grade 7 or
elementary level all I know is to play all time. I dont know how
to speak In front of all student or my classmate and I dont care
in my lesson and my grades. Now Im grade 10, everything has
changed to maturity not like before. The task that I dont have is
not much maturity and experience information and that that
thing that I need to improve! But not now. I dont have highest
accomplishment like working, graduate in grade 12 etc.