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In the fire Ox year, 1937, on the full moon day in the Trumt month, I, Jigdral

Yeshe Dorje, was thirty-four years old and doing practice to make the dharma nectar
medicine according to the Vajrakilaya sadhana, Sword of Meteorite, at Paro Taktsang
in Bhutan. In a dream, a woman with a beautiful dress and ornaments whom I knew to
be Yeshe Tsogyal handed me a six-inch clearly detailed meteorite phurba and said,
This is the actual ritual implement that Guru Rinpoche held here in this place,
when he transformed into Dorje Drol and put under oath all the eight classes of
mighty invisible beings ,and in particular the gyalpo and senmo. Later, at Gungtang
Mountain Pass, Guru Padmasambhava gave me this phurba as a farewell gift. Now I am
giving this to you. You must keep it as your heart treasure. She began to put it
in the fold of my chuba, and at that moment I was so happy, I grabbed it quickly,
and thought, I am going to receive an empowerment. I touched it to my forehead and
throat. When I touched the heart center, instantly that phurba and I became
inseparable. The upper part of my body was as itr is now, but my lower body had
become an iron phurba with sprking flames. I was chanting the Vajrakilaya mantra
and felt the whole earth tremble and shake. At that moment that girl said to me,
That is the real empowerment and blessings. This is the treasure of all tantra
teaching and pith instructions in one single state. Dont neglect this, it has
great purpose. Do you remember completely receiving these teachings, empowerment,
and pith instructions from Guru Padmasambhava in ancient times? Then she pulled my
hand, extending my arm, and I woke up. At that very moment I remembered many things
past, and, particularly, all the Vajrakilaya teachings I had received came clearly
in my mind. If transcribed directly as it was arising within the expanse of rigpa,
this Vajrakilaya teaching would be much larger than those of the two tertns. There
were many instructions and action practices that those did not include.
Revealing terma involves you in a lot of work with little to show for it, so I
set it aside. However, at the age of forty-five, in the Earth-Mouse year in the
first month of the lunar calendar on the tenth day, urged by many internal and
external circumstances not to neglect my own share of the teaching, I transcribed a
small portion of these teachings as the heart-drop of the root teachings. Dakinis
and ocean of dharmapalas, you are the owner of these teachings