plastic case. Now along the way to make your journey easier and a brave young man named Jazeta sets out on be sure to look everywhere for information ! a journey to save the Princess and recapture the stolen Medallions. as this might damage the unit. .. 2 This is a precision device and should not side up and gently slide it into the Game Familiarize yourself with the proper use of be used or stored under conditions o1 Card Port until you feel a firm click (do not your TurboGrafx-'16 Entertainment Super' excessive temperature or humidity. Complete the first four stages of the other systems. You must con- TurboChip game card should appear on as paint thinner or benzene. blessed the people with her wisdom Medallions per stage hidden in separate and kindness.. manual in a safe place for future reference. 3 Slide the Control Deck Power Switch to Always operate your TurboGrafx-16 Super. Use special items Aurora and stole B precious Medallions. there was a Rescue Princess Aurora from the evil Boss ment SuperSystem and will not operate on land called "Neutopiai' lt was a land of peace Dirth. There are 2 Aurora. the Evil Demon Labyrinths. the Power Switch will not according to instructions. Before using your new TurboChip game card ing game cards. and prosperity where people worshipped at game by defeating Dirth's evil followers and the Sacred Shrine. Until one day.. precautions concerning its use and 3 Do notforcibly bend yourTurboChip game as this could erase the program). 5 Do not wipe your SuperSystem or Turbo. Each Medallion is watched over Dirth appeared. bend the game card or touch its metal parts System. inserted properly. lt is a journey of magic and software is strictly prohibited. Long ago. A beautiful Princess. 2 Hold the TurboChip game card with the title please read this instruction manual carefully. move all the way to the right). beautiful land to peace..for Buying this Adranced TurboGhip wABtuiluGs I Remove the TurboChip game card from its Game Gard. cards. 4 The title screen of your particular Chip game cards with volatile liquids such wonder. He kidnapped Princess by an evil Boss Character. of swords and armor. "llleutopial' 'l Be sure power is turned off when chang. collectlng the 8 Medallions. in a place lar away. copying or rental of this TurboChipil Game Card Neutopia. the proper use of this TurboChip game card. quer the ultimate evil to return this once your television. 4 Do not touch the inside of the terminal the 0N position (if your game card is not System and this TurboChip game card area or expose the SuperSystem to water. Please keep this etc. TurboChip game cards are made especially They called it "llleutopial' 0biect ol the Game for use with the TurboGrafx-16 Entertain. lt is a journey that will l[ote: Neutopia is a one-player game G'I990 HUDSON take him through the many strange and now SOFT TurboGrafxil-16 Entertainment SuperSystem dangerous worlds that make up the land of Any duplication.

the same time. these rooms will no longer be highlighted. may resume play by se ectrng "conInuej' enter ng the Crystal Ball and Key proper password and pressrng the RUN Button. push thrs button Numbr:r ol bi. The Key is a necessary item to open the door to the crypt where the Passwords When Jazeta d es (L ie Gauge becomes entrrely whrte). Note: TurboGralx CD and TurboB0oster Plus owners please see page 7 o Burton I Used to attack the enemy w th y0ur sword. you may "contrnue" {resume play) lrom the p ace you lasl recerved a password. Jazeta will automatically be equipped with the Resetting the Game items shown as he obtains them. compass can be used to frnd the Medal[ons. status screen. @ Sword in lJse of the Labyrinth.nrbs avarlable Map The rooms you go through in the Labyrinths ol the game Also !sed 1o skrp dralogue. During play. press the BUN Button. to select the power-up item to be used. lvlastering its opera Pausing the Game The Direction Key (4-way controller) is used tion is critical to your success. 0nce inside the Labyrinths. will automatically be tracked on the map. o Selsct Button Not used n th s game. @ Bombs li you do not have the Book of Revrval when your rle gauge runs out. up and down. o RUN Button Starts and pauses the game. sarne eve.way c0ntroller) Jazeta eft and nqht. the game may be paused (return- ing you to the status screen) by pressing the TurboPad 0peration Items in Use RUN Button. This relurns you to the begrnnrng of the ast stage where you o 0irection l(ey N4oves (4. lt How to "Continue" also sounds an alarm when Jazeta comes close When the game rs over. Also rsed to <L'o thp ressage sc'pens. however. @ cotu Total anrorrrl ol qo d avariable Boss Character is guarding the Medallion and you have the Book ol Rev val. you to the entrance of a Labyrinth or a ledallion. You may "c0ntrnue" an unIrnrted Labyrinth Each Crystal Ball shows you a map Also used to select power up rtenrs rn the number ol trmes. you must start over lrom the begrnn ng o Button ll To use a selected power up rtem. and the trt e screen appears. During play. wrth the same enhancements) at a later date. 2 3 . The movements of Jazeta are controlled using Select ltem your TurboPad controller. @ Current Power-Up ltem ln Use There is a Crystal Ball and Key hidden in each recerved a password. Use Boom You may also use the Password t0 contrnue (lrom the from marn to status screen. Once Jazeta leaves the Labyrinth. Bombs to find hidden rooms. Also used to swrtch @ t-ite lndrcal0s thir l) ayer's vrtal 1y eve Note: The Crystal Ball might not show all of the hidden rooms in a Labyrinth.Starting the Game Controlling the Mouements of Jazeta MAIN SCREEN STATUS SGREEN From the title screen. the game can be reset to the Gharmed Gompass title screen by holding down the RUN Button The compass indicates the direction to the and pressing the SELECT Button at the Labyrinths.

Each stage takes place at a different 0btain Medallions Armor Decreases damage from the enem es. Fire Every time a monk is found. advancing in the game. Jazeta can carry a Shields lncrease your defense agarnst enemy f re. you've reached. while visitrng the shrine. There are bronze. Book ol Beyival Allows you to obtarn a password to Helpful tems Falcon Shoes. Swords Increase attack power The ma n weapon ol stage to stage. Chests Coniain va uable rtems. Troub e lurks at every lurn ! Labynnths Also helps you lnd yourwaythrough the maze you lo buy extra tems. When a Medallion is returned to the beginning bronze. ol chambers rn the Labynnths. Gold Coin Gets you 50 extra pieces of gold. Book ol Bevival. however. il You can increase Jazeta's life gauge and in. Medicine Can be used to cure Jazeta's wounds (returns Shrine. Fire Wand Grves you the magc of fire. . Rarnbow Drop. Sky Sphere A iloat ng palace frlled wrth dangers and Charmed Compass Helps to show the directron to thc Silvor Coin Gets you 10 extra preces oi gold Allows puzzles. Get Help from the Monks are bronze. Bronze Armor. Sr ver Shreld. The power ol Allow you 1o find h dden doors to other rooms Heipiul rtems: Moonbeam Moss. your Life Gauge is increased by 1. you are either the enerny to block shots wrth your shre d. silver and "strongest" swords de{eat your enemies and play the game. or your Life Gauge is weaker creatures. All Falcon Shoes Allow you to walk faster and to enler Sea Sphere Journey around the ocean wor d frlled whcrc you rece ved the lasl password rn a enhancements should be obtained before one of the Labyflnths. You must 1ac0 Helpful items: lVagrc Compass. stages. S ver contrnue your game at a ater t me. A ows you Strongest Sword. He plu rtemsr Bell of Heaven. Srlver Armor. Bell ol Heavsn Opens many doors. North Pols Here. ) Berries lncrease your Lrle Gauge by 1. There are location in Neutopra. Moonbeam Moss Allows you to |ght up the darkness lo buy even more extra rtems lor a rmrted amount ol hme. Strongest Armor. There maxmumof2vasalatrme. Essential ltems These items are not essential to advance from LeYels crease his attack power in three different ways. srlver and "strongest" shrelds. learns about the Pilncess. these items increase your Wings ol Return Enable you 10 return to the place attack strength and ability to move. T0 open. lts use rs unlmrted. Magic Ring Can change certarn powerfu demons nto Wand. the frna battle takes place agarnst the ev I Eoss D rih. No increased by '1. si ver and "strongest" coats of armor. You wil return to rie rn the shrrne where you ast received a password. Jazeta Lrle Gauge to max mum vrtalrty). depends !pon your vitalrty. rewarded with an item. Bronze Shreid. move Jazeta eliecl on Eoss Characters Subtsrransan Sphere A dark and mysterious land toward the chest. Land Sphere Here. but make it easier for you to Neutopia contains five different levels or Jazeta. I Sandglass Slops enem es'movement ior dillount ol trme a certa n Sword. Stronqest Shre d. rn a irozen wasieland. 0btain Essential ltems Boom Bombs Destroy wa ls and damage enemres. includrng the He piu rtemsr A the skrll and items you can musterl passage to the shrine in the sky (can also open some hrd den stairways). Rainbow Drop Allows you to cross water hazards and other obstacles one block wide by creatrng a rainbow bridge over them. Each rrng can be used only once. where anythrng mrght happen. wrth danger. Bronze Sword. Depending upon which stage of the game the lrre.

9. TurboGrafx'CD or the TurboBooster-Plus. m@ you can save your game in backup memory What to Do if a File Cabinet is Full Monsters Living Above Ground ("BAM") indef initely-as long as you turn lf a File Cabinet is full. Sea Balloon Sandy llu Dormer ol lhu oclan Appears oul D vrs nlo sand and comes JumDS dragora Ly w th Af evr rnseclo d wLth 6 egs and thro\rys b ue lLroba s ou1 aga n etha Iorce 6 .2 the File Cabinet Game information may also ffi /'g\ you need only initialize/format once. Ghostclolh Sh fts rts pos I on rn af instant Y0ur F re Wand Konid Watch th s monsler's co or fri iiames Thevre deadly lf you are using your backup memory lor the lirsf time. you can only save a game in the #> 0rop Slime Crawls or hs beilv rkr Scorpit Can on y ioce lclt or r ghl Has a sword and a Atlcmpls lo bump shreld rnt0 Gyudes Bu skelcton that stands on are available. l{ you answer /O. Do not touch the frogger Uses lsthreefeeerst0 Fress0wythroughth€ connection between the TurboGrafx-16 and Mad 0og A mofsler lanq loothed attack 0ur hero Jazela Labvrtnth. Neutopia will ask you il you want to "initialize" your backup memory. but beware Your game will be saved in what has been the TurboGraf x-CD or TurboBooster-Plus. Neutopia will ask you if your unit on at least once every two weeksl you wish to erase the contents. respond "vesl' The password will then appear in the upper half of the screen. be lost if your backup memory unit is dropped Ropes Pata]a How to Save Your Game-Using the "File Cabinet" teature or exposed to heavy shock. off when responding to questions relating to -H- \l*. "lnitializing" Your Backup Memory "yesl' the old file will be erased (gone rfr. choose which File Cabinet you would like to use. To save your game. Attacks bv ihrowrnq spears irog w th etha l!mpsl termed a "File Cabinetl' There are 4 files. The lower half of the screen backup memory if you have either the TurboGrafx-CD or the TurboBooster-Plus and follow the procedures as outlined abovel a reDl e b!l has a dead y sl ng Jazeta rts h nd legs will ask you if you wish to use the File Cabinet. and you may use any or all of the liles that Remember. For that reason. try not to save your most tional) cannot save data. so you should follow wrth blue armor but no wrnqs important file in the "Neutopia l" cabinet. and the screen instructions closely.These are just a few of the monsters that Monsters Living Below Ground l{ you're playing Neutopia on the You should again respond "yesl'You can then attack Jazeta. lllote: lt'seasy to accidentally erase a file Blue fi0hter S0J0 fly have no ellec1 on th when your Turbo Switches are in the "on" posi- vir L s memory that is not "inrtialized" (made opera' A vai ant kn ght equ pped F es n the arr wrlh deadlv monsler tion.. A backup forever!) and the new file will take its place.. weaponl always make sure your Turbo Switches are lUote: ll you are using the TurboGrafx-CD. EB . when Neutopia asks if you want to see a password.

1 C€ntral Tlme. Irom an authorzed NECT dealer. loss Labyrrnths to reveal hrdden surprises. carrying capability. Look for this it to the North Pole to destroy the real thing. Thrswarranty may be eniorced only by the irsl consumer purchase ABE LI[. ("NECT") watranls thrs product to be free HOW TO OETAIII WASRAITTY SE8YICE lrom delects in matena and workmanshrp under the lollowrng terms: For warranty nlormatron or game support. rmpact. the monk can increase your bomb NEC TECHN0LoGIES. 1 Any producl that s nol drstnbuted in the U. lt is c) any shrpnx!11 ol llr. to your advantage. I[. neglect. itre. loss ol use ol the product. or When you defeat one of the Boss Characters. NOT APPLY TO YOU wise. tn0(lu|l lclarms must be Submttted to the HOW STATE tAW RETATES TO THE WARRAI{TY carier). abuse. tquid damage. Centra Time. by NECT or whrch ol trme.iITED IN DURATION TO THE LENGTH OF THIS WARBANTY place before you go rnto the Labyrinth so that Y0! should save your prool ol purchase rn case 0l a watranty ciarm EXCLUSl0il 0F 0AMAGES you can start from that place if you are killed. lnformation is hidden in many places through. lNC. olher aghts whrch vary lrom state t0 state. Use the Fire Wand for extra distance u ilau lhor r/rrl llr xhnt I rn odrl ca tDn. where you can obtain a password. or latlure to i0ll0w nslructtons ( DAMAGES. 2 Dama0r). you capture one ofthe Medallions and go back The Falcon Shoes can be obtained near the 2 Any other damages.lV. lf you have EXCLUSIONS OF tI]VI TAT ON OF NC DENTAL OR CONSEOUENTIAL success.M. use the File Cabinet feature.Collecting information is vital to your success. received the last password if you shut your Use your Charmed Compass constantly. d) removal or rnslalhlrnr r)l lhr' tnorircl. Monday'Fnday 8 00 A. and you may als0 have system off. s nol p!rchased rn lhe U S. Try using bombs and fire to HOW IOIIG IS THE WASRAITTY Saturday l0:00 A.llrrl (i1r. lo 6 00 P[4. call (708) 860-3648.A. ln(xju(:1. There is always a place near the Labyrinth INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF ln Stage 4. Th6 product is waranted ior 90 days lrom the date 0i the I 6t consumer bomb carrying capability and your Life Gauge. your only guaranteed source of information. Go out of the shrine Fountain/ Pond. you can increase your Vitality Call the TurboGrafx Hotline at (708) 860 3648 Gauge by talking to the monk. rxrl r. You also for additional game-playing tipsl increase your gauge by clearing each dungeon. In Stage 2. supp rxl wrllr llx. conseqlentral or olherwEe to the beginning shrine. purchase. you'll have to start from where you b) repatr or nllonplrxl ft)pirr by anvone nol authonzed by NECT. ffrsuse. drop bombs in the place where WHAT IS COVEEED THE REPAIR OR REPLACEIVENT OF IHE PRODUCTAT OUR OPTION There are rooms where you can buy medicine Excepl as specrfied below this warianty covers all delech n matenal doors normally appear. the Boss Dirth is an illusion ! Follow WHO IS PROTECTED MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PUBPOSE. d0len0ralr0n or malfunclron res!llrng lroml SOI\IE STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIIIIITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN and then go back in to receive a password or al accrd0nl. or out the game.lilI k) a product defecl ln Stage 1. . SO THE ABOVE L MITATIONS AND EXCTUSIONS NIAY backup memory. so use them or workmanshrp n lh6 producl The lollowrng are n0l covered by lhe warantV olher property caused by any delects rn this product. the monks can increase both your find the hidden rooms. IIMITATIOil Of IMPTIEO WABRAilTIES ALL IIVPLIED WAHBANTIES.S A. Thrswatranty gNes you specilc legal nghts.. please see page 7. to ll:00 P[. When trying to locate hidden rooms within the NECT'S LIAEILITY FOR ANY DEFECTIVE PBODUCT IS L N4ITED TO Labyrinths. whether rncrdental. commercral loss. Try to find hidden passageways within the 1. when attacking. In Stage 3. Damage 1o damages based upon rnconvenrence. NECT SHALT NOT 8E LIABTE FOR or have your vitality renewed. e) any olher causr. Other.4PLIED WABBANTY TASTS AND/OB DO NOT AttOW THE Learn the patterns of the Bosses for greater rghlnnq or olher acls ol nalure. commercta or tnduslr al use.

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