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Any natal planet will have its own North and South nodes. The natal planets
correlate to the current life of course. Yet each one of these planets have a
past that has brought it to the current life. And that past is defined by not
only the actual house and sign of the natal planet, but also its own S.Node.
Thus, the relationship between the natal planet by house, sign, and aspects
correlates to the totality of its past that directly correlates to how and why it
has come into the current life: the past that has lead to the current moment,
ones current life. So, in essence, the natal planet by house, sign, and
aspect, relative to its S.Node, is the totality of that past that has lead to the
current moment, the current life. This is no different that the S.Node of the
Moon, and the current natal Moon in ones birth chart. All the prior life
egocentric structures created by the Soul that have correlated to prior live
evolutionary dynamics that have lead to the current life, the current
egocentric structure that has been created because of the totality of the
past. The current life Moon sign is the bridge between the past and the
future, its N.Node, as integrated and lived on a moment to moment basis in
the context of the current life. Thus, the current life Moon by house, sign,
and aspects, relative to its Nodes, and the planetary ruler of those Nodes by
their own house and sign locations, the aspects to them, is the constant that
evolves within itself as a reflection of this dynamic tension between the past
and the future as integrated in each moment of our life.

This is exactly the same for all of our planets. They are in their own houses
and signs, making whatever aspects to other planets, that have all
contributed to the past life development of those planets that constitute the
existing reality for any of us at the moment of birth. The S.Nodes of these
planets, like the S.Node of the Moon, correlates to the history of those
planets at different points in time. This correlates to the inner memories in
any of our Souls that have all lead to the orientation of our Souls to the
current life that we are living, the very reasons for the current life in all of
its dimensions that must keep evolving, keep moving towards a future that
is reflected in the ongoing evolutionary intentions for our Souls.

All planets have their N.Nodes, just as the Moon does. The N.Node of these
planets, like the Moon, correlates to the evolutionary progression and
development of those planets. The natal position of the whatever planet, like
the Moon, correlates to how the dynamic tension of our past and future is
lived and integrated in each moment of our life. In essence, our past leads
to the current moment, and that current moment is always moving towards
a future. We can only know that there is in fact a future because we have
had a past. The past leading to the moment is that which serves as the way
any of us integrate, and move forwards into our future, where that future is
the evolutionary intentions for our current life. Thus, the N.Nodes of the
planets serve as the vehicles for the evolutionary future to manifest which is
integrated in each moment by natal position of those planets.

The Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move very, very
slowly over great lengths of time. Thus, they have a generational as well as
an individual application. Individual because they will be in each persons
natal chart somewhere that is unique to that person. Yet generational
because they are in the same sign for all of us. The S.Nodes of Pluto,
Jupiter, and Saturn are in Capricorn for all us. The N.Nodes in Cancer for all
of us. Historically speaking, the S.Nodes of these planets are in Capricorn,
And that is the time frame in which the transition between the Matriarchy
and the Patriarchy occurred. All Souls on Earth as a result are linked to that
time whether they actually lived at that time or not. It is the COLLECTIVE
MEMORY of that time that all Souls will draw upon as reflected in the current
life they are living. So too with the S.Node of Uranus which will be in
Sagittarius for all of us, its N.Node in Gemini. And the S.Node of Neptune is
in Aquarius for all of us, and its N.Node in Leo. The N.Nodes of all of these
planets thus correlate to all peoples living on the planet now. They correlate
to the evolutionary intentions for the entire species as that species, human
beings, continue to evolve as a species. And, of course, the ongoing
evolutionary intentions and necessities of the species can only be understood
in direct relationship the past of that species: the S.Nodes.

Mars, Mercury, and Venus and their Nodes move through the signs much
more quickly that the outer planets do. And these planets all correlate to
that which is highly personal and unique to each Soul, its own individual
reality that exists within the context of living with all the other humans that
are living at the same time. The same principles of the past leading to the
moment, and how that moment moves to the future applies in these Nodes
as well of course. The natal sign of these planets is that which is the
constant, that which integrates the dynamic tension between the past and
the future that is experienced in each moment. This then allows for an
evolution to take place within the natal sign and house of these planets.
Nothing is ever static. Everything evolves.

In doing Evolutionary Astrology, as we can see, it is essential that we are

able to see and deal with the various dimensions of time, and how those
various dimensions of time, specific time frames, that correlate to specific
lifetimes and the reasons for those lifetimes, interface and interact within
themselves. It is this that correlates in each Souls inner reality about the
nature of its own evolution through time. It is this that correlates to the
specific nature of each Soul: its own unique prior lifetimes, and the reasons
for them that have been created through the vehicle of desires. It is this that
allows us to understand the nature of the CURRENT LIFE, AND WHY THE
CURRENT LIFE. And, it is this that allows us to understand the evolutionary
intentions for any Soul, it own next steps as reflected in the N.Nodes of the
planets. When all of this is understood through the core evolutionary
paradigm for all charts, the natal Pluto, its polarity point, the N and S Nodes
of the Moon, the location of its planetary rulers, then a total understanding
of any Souls evolutionary journey can be understood