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Homework assignment for modals of deduction and speculation.

Part 2

Telephoning situations
Try to imagine what the most likely reasons are for the situations mentioned below. If
youre not sure, you can give negative sentences about the least likely situations. On a
separate sheet of paper write ONE logical deduction per sentence using must, cant,
might/may or could.

1. Someone calls at 2 a.m.

Example 1: Someone must be in trouble and need my help.

Example 2: It cant be my brother because he is sleeping at home today.

2. Someone who you dont know leaves a message on your answer phone (= answer

machine) asking you to call them back as soon as possible.

-It may be my mother because she call me a lot of

3. Someones home phone is engaged (= busy) all day.

-He could by my brother, when I went the house, he is talking in the phone

4. The receptionist asks you to hold (= hold the line) and then nothing happens for

five minutes.

-Something is happen whit the receptionist, maybe the receptionist is busy with

more calls.

5. They put you through (= connect you) to the wrong person.

-I cant talk with the wrong person because I have not balance

6. They tell you someone is away from their desk but dont offer to take a message.

-May be that person is busy in something more important

7. When you answer your wifes phone, the caller hangs up without speaking.

maybe the call is wrong and it was not for her

8. You call an office at 12:30 p.m. and no one answers.

they must is not there in the office

9. You call an office at 8 p.m. and no one picks up.

Maybe the office is empty

10. You leave a message with someones secretary but no one gets back to you.

She cant send me a message because she is very busy

11. You phone the girl who you were chatting to in a bar the other night but she gave

you the wrong number.

May be that girl forgot her telephone number last night Because she was drunk

12. Someone left a message on a Post-It note for you telling you to ring your mother as

quickly as possible but not giving the reason.

That message could be very important, I will call his mother

13. You are cut off while speaking to someone on their mobile phone (= cellphone).

May be I have not good signal in phone,I will redial

14. Someone calls you from a payphone (= public phone) but is cut off halfway through

the call.

If I care about the person who call me, he must call me again.

15. Your teenage childs mobile phone bill is much much higher than usual.

He must pay the bill as soon as possible

16. Someone asks to be put through to your boss but refuses to say who they are.

They must say me who they ara, else they can leave

Homework assignment for tag questions

1. On a separate sheet of paper complete the following sentences with a suitable question

a) Jane isnt sleeping in the car, ________is she_______?

b) Your brother has a new watch,_____ hasnt he________?
c) Therell be snow on the ground in a few hours, ______wont it_______?
d) You havent heard this joke yet, ______have you_____?
e) Stop shouting at each other, ____didnt you_______?
f) Little David doesnt look like his mother, _______does he_____?
g) You parked in the wrong place, _____didnt you_________?
h) Nobody has called, ______hasnt it__________?
i) You werent in London last summer, ________were you______?
j) You could help me with these boxes, ______couldnt you_______?
k) He found his wallet in the kitchen, ______didnt you________?
l) The children hadnt returned from school when I called, _______had he________?
m) Dont forget to buy the newspaper, _______do it________?
n) She couldnt have made such a mistake, _______could she_________?
2. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets and then add a
question tag.

a) Sophie ____________ (not work) at the moment, ____________?

b) Ralph always ____________ (catch) the 8.15 train to London, ____________?
c) Mathew____________(drive) fast when the accident happened, ____________?
d) You ____________(not tell) anyone my secret, ____________?
e) We ____________(not meet) before, ____________?
f) You ____________ (can) speak Italian quite well, ____________?
g) You ____________(invite) me to your birthday party next week, ____________?
h) Alison ____________(live) in Paris since she was born, ____________?