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Vivaadhaha vinaashaaya

1)Maarjaarasya dharmopadeshaha---2) Marjaaraha shshakapinjalou
katham vyaapadayathi?
Theekshnadramshra the forest cat is the symbol of any hypocritical person
from this society. The news that the rabbit and the sparrow were in the midst
of a verbal war over the possession of their house , reached all. One such
person was the forest cat. The cat decided to make use of this situation for its
own benefit, not minding the fact that his intentions and actions were
The cat made an attire and aura change over. Soon it procured a grass mat
and spread it on the banks of a river and pretended to meditate in an yogic
posture, as though in prayer to the sun god.. He uttered a prattle that seemed
just out of the Upanishads . “ the mortal world is without a meaning , life is
impermanent, the association with our beloveds is only in a dream, the
attachment and association with ones family is only like magic. There is no
alternative in this world other than to get moksha .
“the physical body is impermanent , wealth and might are also not eternal.
Death is near by, the only way is to earn dharma.
“Concisely it can be said ( why should it be told elaborately)? ) help done to
others is Punya, trouble done to others is Sin.”- Thus the cat said
On hearing these false words of the cat the sparrow and rabbit tried to ask
him for advice believing his appearance as his inner worth. They asked of him
to decide who amongst them was the righteous . the other person was to be
the food of the Cat.
The Cat acted as though offended and said that he would reach hell if such
were t o happen.
“ the good advice on a life of dharma of Ahimsa (non violence). Even small
insects as bugs worms and lice should be protected
“People who sacrifice animals in Yajnas are fools because they have not
understood the inner essence of the Vedas.. it is said” let sacrifice be done
by “Aja”” “. “Aja” actually is the barely used for Yajnas. People should not take
the meaning of goat. I do not eat animals. I wil tell u who is the winner and
who is bac. Since I am old I am not able to hear properly. So come near me,
and with confidence tell in my ears clearly what is to be said” thus the cat
convinced the 2 poor animals and eat them as soon as they came near him.
Moral , never be naïve to trust everyone in this world for,those who are truly
great , their words thoughts and actions are one and the same, but for the
wicked, all the above 3 are different”.

II) write in 2 /3 sentences.
1) Vaayasaha sodvegam kim achinthayath?

Leave the place immediately. 2) Shashakapinjalayoho vaasasshaanavishyakaha kalahaha kaha? Days passed without any trace of Kapinjala. never should we resort to wicked people and never should we trust an unknown person. But one day. the neighbor of the crow did not return one day after its daily travel for food. It did not worry the crow because there was no word about Kapinjala and the crow had lost all hopes of his return. he was never without me” thus.” The hare agreed to this proposal and both of them went in search of an expert. Haven’t you heard the elders saying that nobody has rights over a public well. Kapinjala. acquisition of friends. Instead . 3) Vivaadhaha vinaashaaya “ ithi paathakasya sheershikaam samarthayatha When two people fight . a hare named Sighragha. Mitra bhedam. One fine morning. a temple. returned looking healthier than he was when he had left and found that the hare had taken his place. they trusted an unknown person who appeared to be good.” The sparrow told him. Here in this allegorical tale. . separation of friends. Moral . That needs no evidence or documents of proof. The characters are birds and animals and the form is “ Story within Story”. Kapinjala told the hare. came and silently occupied the hollow that Kapinjala. what you have done is improper. The sparrow Kapinjala.” Sighragha hit back saying. This place is not yours any more. you are quoting legal scriptures! Let us go to an expert in law and ethics. “What are you talking? This is my place. The 5 techniques are . Truly both were stubborn not to see in a just manner the veracity of their situation. Emotional balance and societal adjustment. Is the moral of this panchthantra tale.” Why has he not returned? Has he been caught in a net? At all times when he had been well . “Oh. “O hare. 4) Panchatantraani Written By Vishnu Sharma Panchtantraani are allegorical tales that impart wisdom of Polity. We will abide by his ruling. the crow and the owl.made his home. in our angst to sort out matters. a pond and a tree? Whoever enjoys land for more than ten years also becomes its owner. You have displaced me. the third person make good of the opportunity. a sparrow and a rabbit fight amongst themselves and repose their faith on an unknown person to judge who is right and wrong. and loss of gains and ill considered actions. They never checked his credentials.

Mitralaabham. . labdhapranaashaha apareekshithakaarakam”. kaakolookeeyam.