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Academic Portfolio

(Excludes Contractual duties)

Present - Fall 2010

Fall 2017

Joined Criminal Justice Committee as Advisor

Continued work on Rampage: Unleash Your Monster book
Continued CANVAS course development
Increase mobile use for classroom participation in face-to-face classes
Prepared NISOD presentation

Summer 2017
Prepare presentation and apply for NISOD presentation
Complete/publish/incorporate The Power of Us book
Integrate REVEL into courses
Begin, complete CANVAS Transition

Spring 2017
Completed/published sociology book.
Attended College Initiative Days Review (MAY)
Prepared talk for GSA on student skills
Created specialized youtube videos in area of Sociology.
Completed 12 chapters in my upcoming book, The Power of Us.
Prepared and attended/volunteered for a Poverty Simulation with local hospital.
Continued work on identifying a new LMS for NTC 12 hours
Prepared for Adjunct Night, Jan 10th 5-9 for School of General Studies (snow/cancelled)
Created and completed 16 new powerpoints for Introduction to Sociology
Created and completed completely new powerpoints (16) for Introduction to Ethics

Fall 2016
1. Began and continued work on identifying a new LMS for NTC.
2. Attended Credit for Prior Learning Day Training
3. Prepared and presented for a Webinar with NISOD
4. Completed 6 chapters for book for publication.
5. Attended Open House November 2nd for the Social Science Team
6. Was interviewed by Kendra Taylor in the Human Services Program.
7. Published in Innovation Abstracts, 38(26)

Summer 2016
1. Attended and advised a College Initiative Day Meeting with Committee
2. Completed major assessment revisions of Intro to Sociology course.
3. Uploaded new blackboard shell for adjuncts - Introduction to Sociology
4. Prepared and completed for 1st time teaching of Developmental Psychology
5. Attended and presented at the National Institute of Organizational Development
6. Attended meetings with Adjunct Julie Manning

Spring 2016
1. Attended and advised College Initiative Day Meeting with Committee
2. Presented at the WTCS General Education Conference
3. Prepped and Completed NISOD Conference Technical and Community College Presentation
4. Completed revision and recording of 14 Introduction to Sociology Video Lectures
5. Completed 15 weekly announcements for Introduction to Sociology.
4. Held meeting with Tammie Christopherson, Feb 5 for dual-credit.
5. Invited and presented at the WTCS conference.

Winterim 2016
1. Completely restructured entire Intro to Soc course with new assessments, videos, and

Fall 2015

1. Met with Deb Stencil on next College Initiative Days itinerary

2. Worked with New Adjunct Julie Manning to get courses up and running.
3. Researched New Textbook & ways to incorporate higher order thinking into the
4. Adjunct Faculty Best Practices Nov. 2, 7: 5-7
5. Revised PowerPoints - Intro to Sociology
6. In-service committee; leading 2 workshops.
7. Dual-Credit Committee member/Instructor - Tammie Christopherson
8. Research survey sent out to students for dissertation research.
9. Completed PhD Dissertation
10. Planning for eLearning Conference: http://www.itcnetwork.org/elearning-

1. Review and discussion with Shelly regarding possible offering of Social Psychology.
2. Conducted advanced data analysis for the psychology team for the WTCS conference
3. Worked with JoDee to accommodate a Deaf student.
4. Hosted the (Youth Apprenticeship) Career Fair is Friday, March 13th from 9:00 to 11:00
5. Representative to High School Campus Visit; Dual-Credit
6. Attended to Ph.D Colloquium, Atlanta, Georgia
7. Attended Adjunct Night and led a session for new adjuncts (cancelled, low turnout for s.
8. Completed 2 Ph.D. courses; Research Statistics and Colloquium 3.

FALL 2014
1. Developed High School Campus Visit Activity
2. Faculty Tutor for Academic Resource Center.
3. Served as one of two instructors representing General Studies at Open House event.
4. Completed Multivariate Statistics for Capella University.
5. Meeting held with Nursing Accreditors.
6. Presented to AQIP Accreditation
7. Mentee to Kessa Erickson, new NTC employee
8. Attended Human Services Advisory Committee, September 15 . th

9. Completed Advanced Inferential Statistics for Capella University doctoral program.

10. Completed Multivariate Statistics, for Capella University doctoral program.
11. Submitted Proposal to Present a session at the Distance Teaching & Learning
12. Developed article to be submitted to The Chronicle of Higher ed.
13. Updated recordings to all Into to Soc. tutorial videos.
14. Conducted a Repeated-Measures ANOVA for Jeff and Sues Psychology Pre/Post Tests.

Summer 2014
1. Attended and assisted the hiring of an assistant dean, Grace Glass, for the General Studies

Spring 2014

1. Attended Human Services Advisory Board.

2. Published 2 articles.
3. Marketed General Studies at the Mall (2.5 hours)
4. Compiled research and created Study/Reading Skills Video for students.
5. Reviewer for Kim Waltz Intro to Diversity Course, VC
6. Completed 2 Ph.D Courses
7. Met w/ Pearson; outlined plan for new course materials.
8. Publication on Taking the Tech out of Technology under review with the Chronicle of
Higher Ed.
9. Met with the Student Feedback Committee.
10. Assisted Global Education in providing oral communication feedback to students visiting St.
Louis for a presentation.
11. Assisted Global Education in Yearbook Finances
12. Submitted proposal to Madisons Online Learning Conference.
13. Conducted Research in Sue & Donnas classes.
14. Regular meetings with Brandy regarding Faculty Coach Position
15. Assistance with Adjunct, McGrath
16. Prepped, worked with Kim Reed; Presented Flipped Classroom during College Initiative
17. Updated Ethics Prezis
18. Created website of teaching resources: https://sites.google.com/site/instructorresources01/
19. Published article to Chronicle of Higher Ed
20. International Club Advisory Role Continued
21. Session Presentation at the Blackboard Days Conference
22. Submitted Proposal to the WTCS conference

Fall 2013
1. Initiative to improve Virtual College Courses (meeting with Brandy)
2. Faculty Management Training
3. Global Fair Attendance
4. Received Novembers Golden Goose Award
5. Beginning process of working with NTC and other staff to develop an international
business conference hosted by NTC. (Involved so far: Dan Krcma, Chris Severson).
6. In Process of Developing Teaching Strategies & Resources database. (Continues into
7. Hosted Halloween Party for International Club
8. Adjunct Night Session (Developed; Cancelled).
9. Created and Coordinated newly established Oratory Program for the International Club.
10. Course Evaluation Review (Requested and worked with and by PaHnia Thao).
11. Partnership Student Life Classroom-to-College Initiative.
12. Conducted Prezi Training to Global Education Department
13. Global Fair Meetings (9), coordinated & held auditions for cultural performances.
14. Hosted Welcome Party for International Club
15. Attendance to Club Advisor Orientation.
16. Creation of Curriculum Map (contains Core Abilities, G.E.O. & Competencies) for Intro
to Soc & Social Problems Courses.
17. Presented College Initiative Day Session on Socrative
18. Attended, coordinated, Developed, & Aided in Global Fair
19. Completed 2 Doctoral Level Courses (Tests & Measurements; Qualitative Analysis)
20. Took up position as International Club Advisor
21. Research, Plan & Implement Flipped Classroom (Face-to-face modality).

Summer 2013
1. Completed 1Doctoral Level Course
2. Attended Distant Teaching & Learning Conference (August 7-9), Madison, WI
3. Created New Assessment Options Package in my courses.
4. Taught 5 Courses during Summer 2013.


1. Completed 2 Doctoral Level Courses: Ethics & Multiculturalism and Data Analysis with
2. Piloted Diversity Awareness in the classroom with Diversity Committee
3. Continued and completed Introduction to Psychology Course Development
4. Conducted Session during Adjunct Night Jan 9 on teaching strategies.

5. Constructed an all-inclusive Teaching Strategies document for full-time and adjunct

6. Advisor to Leading Edge Committee
7. Speaker to WTCS General Education Conference
8. Took over Post-Secondary Hybrid Course for adjunct.
9. Tutored Dawn Terrill on CourseSmart
10. Tutored Jon O. on how to Run a VC Course

WINTER 2012-2013
1. Began Introduction to Psychology Course Development

FALL 2012
1. Upgraded 3 preps (Intro to Soc, Soc. Problems, and Ethics) to Using PREZI.
2. Added Video Lectures to Intro to Soc & Soc Problems Courses.
3. In-Service Session, Theres An App For That (2-sessions)
4. Interviewer for Learning Resources Coordinator Position.
5. Created Interactive Syllabus; implemented new syllabus format for 2013 Courses
6. Designed, Developed and Implemented iPad Technology & Flipped Classroom Instruction
into classroom.
7. Instructed a group of nursing faculty on how to use presentation (Prezi) software.
8. Learned Motion 5 software and in the process of implementing kinetic typography in the
classroom: https://www.apple.com/finalcutpro/motion/
9. Created and distributed interactive video tutorial on iPad usage for faculty & staff
10. Met with Justin Willis (Diversity Meeting) on integrating diversity into the classroom.
11. Attended Global Diversity/FutureFest Workshops Nov 15 2012.
12. Designed/Implemented Survey to General Studies on diversity


1. Attended the Distant Teaching & Learning Conference, Madison WI, AUG 8-10:
2. Interviewer for the multicultural center coordinator.


1. Attended Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony

2. Accepted into the Tuition Reimbursement Stipend Program through the Office of
Organizational Development.
3. Filmed in a Commercial for Virtual College, April 23.
4. Converted all Intro to Sociology PowerPoints into Prezi format.
5. Reorganization of Files for the Intranet; new method applied to reduce duplication.
6. Phi Theta Kappa Advisor
7. Facilitator of iSpark Pilot Project, (estimated 20 hour project)
8. Virtual College Liaison, various duties meeting with Stencil, Ryman and other faculty and
9. Learn Your Way special committee to determine future direction of LYW courses
10. Developed eLearning Technology Tool Site in Blackboard9
11. Trained Jana Jurkovich to use Prezi technology (1 hour)
12. Attended Team Meetings
13. Assistant to High School Campus Visit Day
14. Involved participation on the Assessment Committee
15. Attended eLearning Conference-California (Feb 18-21):
16. Presented Dynamic Presentations in the 21 Century In-Service Session
17. Collaborated & aided in the development of the Virtual College with Susan Ryman Lead
18. Presented Virtual College In-service presentation
19. Completed 2 Ph.D. courses
20. Finished: Researched and Created a Fourth Prep (ETHICS) for instruction (8 weeks)
21. Organized Spring 2012 NTCFA Recognition Soup for the Soul Event
22. Converting Lectures/Presentations into Prezi format (Ethics Course)

Winter Break 2011-2012

1. Researched and Created a Fourth Prep (ETHICS) for instruction (8 weeks)

FALL 2011
1. Attended Adjunct Night
2. Attended Brainstorming Session on Student Enrollment
3. Attended all General Studies Meetings
4. Maintained Social Science Website
5. Speaker for In-Service; Learn Your Way and You
6. Maintained contact/mentorship with list of my adjuncts responsible for
7. Instructed Dawn Terrill (Learning Center) APA usage
8. Member/representative of the Assessment Committee
9. Volunteer for Timberwolf Days; (set up/registration): http://www.ntc.edu/timberwolf-days-
10. Responsible for updating Government Files in Curriculum Library (2 courses)
11. Collaborated on Virtual College Committee
12. Completed Safe-Space Training (Nov. 4 )

13. Implemented and Attended Thanksgiving NTCFCA Luncheon

14. Attended Sessions: Humor in the Classroom and How to Engage Your Students
(Nov.30 )

15. Completed 2 Psychology Courses at Capella University (professional Development)

16. Designed Virtual Course for Introduction to Sociology
17. Participated in Tis The Season at NTC (Nov-Jan)
18. Completed 2 Ph.D graduate courses at Capella University in the area of Psychology

1. Completed 1 Certification Course

1. Attendance to all team meetings
2. NTFCA Recog. Team Sponsored Soup for the Soul event.
3. NTCFA Recog. Team Prepared, planned, coordinated Executive Committee Dinner
4. Maintain Social Science Site; Worked with other Faculty on expanding the site
5. Maintained Contact with Adjuncts (beginning/end of semester)
6. Maintain Bootcamp Course, completion of project
7. Pilot Tested Safe Assign Blackboard Tool; worked with other team-members
8. Created 2 courses (Stress & Aging)
9. Identified, confirmed new Government Textbook (GOVT4)
10. Donated to Scholarship Fund for NTC
11. Interviewed by Chris and Jess, for Student Advising
12. Completed 12 LMS Courses
13. Emcee/Facilitator for the 1 Annual Chic-Fil-A Leadercast : http://www.chick-fil-


Fall 2010
1. Attendance to all Team Meetings
2. Joined the NTCFA Recognition Team
a. Thanksgiving Event
3. Designed the Social Sciences Webpage as well as incorporated other disciplines within the
General Studies Division: http://coursecontent.ntc.edu/sociology/Buemi/socialsciences/
4. Attended adjunct Night
5. Enrolled and attended BOOTCAMP Course:
6. Created and shared a video for the Multicultural Economic Studies Certificate:
7. Photographed for school photo shoot October 2010


2015 5-Year Teaching Certification, WTCS
2014 IBM SPSS Quantitative Software, Capella University
2014 Wiki Blackboard Training, NTC
2013 Certificate of Leadership at Northcentral Technical College
2013 Student Response System, NTC
2013 Multicultural Classroom Design, NTC
2013 Smartboard Classroom Technology
2013 Socrative Student Response System
2012 Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) on Research Ethics
2012 iSpark iPad Training, Lead Director, NTC
2011 Blackboard Safe Assign, NTC
2011 Safe-Space for LGBT At Northcentral Technical College
2010 Teaching Certificate 809 Social Sciences of Wisconsin (expires 2016)
2011 Adobe Connect
2010 Bootcamp Apple Software Training
2009 Blackboard/Web CT platform
2009 Angel Learning LMS
2008 NVivo 8 Qualitative Software Certification
2006 Microsoft Access (6 workshops)
2005 Teaching Certificate Portage County, Ohio



Photoshoot 2010 Oct.