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Power Consumption

It is known that heat current and voltage are dependent factors and we can make changes in the our power consumption by application of the
same ,which can be studied and defined as follows :-

1) With the increase of temperature so as the resistance and the voltage drop. Increasing the current will increase temperature and
further increase the resistance of metal and increase power loss thus it drops the load voltage

2) We have a relationship between heat with voltage and current first:

H=(I^2)RT = [(V^2)/R]T
H- heat

Q - heat transferred
M -mass of material
C - specific heat of that material
(t2-t1) - change in temperature

This assumes that there is no heat loss in the system. In reality as temperature increases, heat loss to the environment increases.

3) Only in case of heating effect, temperature varies in accordance to change in voltage or current. According to Joules law of heating ,
heat dissipated while conduction of current through metal is directly proportional to current/voltage. So with increase in
current/voltage, heat dissipation will increase, raising temperature. Again there are materials where change in temperature
increases resistance is also directly related to heating.

4) When current is flowing through something, heat is being generated and this heat has to do somewhere. It is spread throughout
the material and we say it is being dissipated. The upshot is that the material gets hotter, or experiences a temperature rise. The
heat causing the rise in temperature flows into the environment and equilibrium is reached. The amount of heat that flows depends
on the temperature of the environment or ambient temperature and the thermal resistance between the material and the
environment. In fact it is very similar to electricity with temperature being equivalent to voltage, current being equivalent to heat
and thermal resistance is being equivalent to resistance.

With above relations and theory it can be interpreted that by making suitable arrangements in configuration of equipment and making
modifications in designs in terms of nos. ,we can achieve our task of lowering the power consumed .

Also the exact data and modifications can be done only when we have our proto type ready ,so that we can make our product compatible with
the changes being made .
Other relevant parameters which can bring minuscule changes in power consumption are as follows :-

a. Using adiabatic logic circuit,which can minimize and eradicate the conversion power losses.

b. Use of power saver device/circuit just at the input ,so that filtered result is taken from the source.

c. Voltage optimization

d. Modifying length an material coating of wire ,keeping in mind that no compromise can be done with induction produced.

e. Using valve based system (particularly oscillators ) to get reduced input power.

f. In circuit changes majorily in feedback , snubber,gates and pins.