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What is a Public Event?

The City of Kenoshas definition of a public event is a

planned, special occurrence on public property, which
requires exclusive use of a portion of the property and
has community-wide appeal. Events include, but are not
limited to, athletic activities, festivals, concerts, parades,
and art shows. This category does NOT include small
events such as birthday parties or neighborhood block
parties, which follow a different planning procedure.
Things to Consider While Planning:
Traffic Plan
Street closures can affect large surrounding areas
Does your event block access for emergency services, businesses, or
the public?
Does your event affect public transportation routes?
Alcohol Use
How will alcohol use affect mood, safety, and enjoyment of the event?
Impact on your security needs and insurance costs
Type of Music
Will noise level impact the surrounding neighborhood?
How will the type and size of audience be impacted by the type of

Things to Consider While Planning:

Is your event accessible to disabilities including, but not limited to,
vision, hearing, and physical limitations?
Do your booths or activities block access ramps?
Is handicapped parking available?
Will portable toilets accommodate wheelchairs?
Trash Removal and Recycling
Have arrangements been made for trash removal and recycling?
How many dumpsters and/ or trash cans will you need to rent to
minimize clean-up?
Application Process:
1. Submit your completed Public Event
Application (Form PWV001) to public works
At least 90 days before proposed event
Please submit 4-6 months prior if it requires long-term
promotion, or significant planning

2. Event applications are reviewed

The event organizer is notified of necessary next steps and
permits, which may include a meeting with city staff

3. Final approval for events must be given by the

appropriate authority
If using a City park, the Parks Department reserves the right to
deny your Public Event Permit if the event is incompatible with
the park or conflicts with other park usage

Permits and Insurance:

The event organizer must submit all required permits to the City prior to the
event, and must submit an original copy of the certificate of insurance to the
City no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event

Examples include, but are not limited to:

Equipment Rental
Street Closure Permit
Fermented Malt Beverage/Wine Sales Permit
Vending Permit
Public Amplification permit
On our website,
click on Events

Then, click on
Special Event
Forms or
Special Event

Public Event Fees and Charges:

Forms of Payment:
Cash or Check Only
Event Guidelines:
Ensure that your Public Event Application has been approved by
the City before you promote, market, or advertise your event
There are regulations on serving alcohol, including, but not limited
Glass containers are prohibited
At least one person shall hold an operators license and be
present at all times during sale and consumption
At least one portable toilet for men, women, and one
accessible unit at each location
Nobody under 21 years old may sell or consume alcohol

Event Guidelines:
Amplified Sound
Music may not begin before 11am nor end past 9:30pm
Review the Noise Ordinance, available on the City website
(Section 23)

Banners and Signs

The Public Works and Parks departments can issue guidelines for
the placement and location of signs and banners

Cancellation Policy
The Public Works Department must be notified of cancellations a
minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event
Event Guidelines:
Under certain conditions, demonstrations, protests, and rallies are
allowed on public property without obtaining a Public Works Event
The guidelines may be found on the Special Events Guidelines tab of
the website; if the guidelines are violated, the KPD may ask
individuals to leave the premises

Event Insurance Requirements

Events may require proof of liability insurance, and nearly always
require signing the City of Kenosha as an additional insured for the
day of the event

Event Guidelines:
Outdoor events must be reviewed by the KFD for items of concern
including general fire and life safety, crowd capacity, emergency
vehicle access, and more.
A copy of your application will be forwarded to the Fire Prevention
Bureau for review

For permit and requirement information for the safe handling of food
and beverages, the event organizer should contact the Kenosha
County Health Department (262-605-6700)
Event Guidelines:
Public Works must provide prior written approval if you wish to park
outside of designated spaces
You must provide adequate individuals to control and regulate

Public Notification
We recommend informing residents and businesses in the
surrounding areas about possible impact on them

Event Guidelines:
Restroom Facilities
If a permit for fermented malt beverages/wine has been granted,
there must be portable units no more than 400 feet from the
beer/wine garden
Under ADA Accessibility Guidelines, at least 5% of single user
portable toilets clustered at a single location must be ADA
Required: one security guard for every 50 people present when
fermented malt beverages are available, or one security guard for
every 100 people present if not
Confer with KPD to establish a security plan
Event Guidelines:
Street Closure
Street Closures require a permit from Public Works, and you may
be required to rent street closure equipment

Tents/Temporary Structures
Temporary Structures: Tents larger than a 10x10 pop-up, staging,
trailer, inflatables, and equipment that penetrates the ground
Call Diggers Hotline at 1-800-242-8511 no later than 3 working
days prior to the vent if you are using a temporary structure

Event Guidelines:
Trash Disposal/Cleanup
The area must be clear of litter within 24 hours after the event, and
free of portable objects 48 hours after the event
Event sponsor should provide sufficient refuse containers and
dumpsters to meet anticipated demand

Vendor Booths
Each vendor must complete the Vending Permit Application (Form
PWV015) a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event
Reference Guide and Timeline:

This timeline is also available on the City website

Contact Information: