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Second Grade News

September 10th, 2017

*Each child needs to bring a picture of their family for our display board. We will return
these before the end of the year.*

This Weeks Specials & Events

Monday A-Music

Tuesday- B-Wellness

Wednesday C-Library, return books

Thursday D-Art Fall Picture Day (10:20am is our picture time)

Friday A-Music, Family Movie Night at the Primary Building - food trucks, outdoor movie
behind the building, playground, and fun! Join us with your blankets/towels from 6-9pm!

Last Week- Curriculum

Language Arts: In writing we are working on writing simple & compound sentences. Next
week we will continue with topic sentences & indentation and only using relevant details as
we build our paragraph. In reading, weve been working on thinking about our reading in
many different ways including asking questions, making inferences, visualizing, looking for
context clues, and much more. We also created a Reading Workshop Contract where we
created ways to accomplish our goals during literacy. These include, reading quietly (what
should this look like and how can we accomplish), read books that are Just Right; think
about our reading, and writing about our reading. We will utilize our Readers Notebooks
throughout the year. Ms. Weber will start individual BAS reading assessments this week.

Fundations: We had our first Fundations test on Wednesday. I am so proud of the class!
Over 80% of the class got an 80% or higher!!! We even had some 100% papers! I told the
kids my goal is 80% or higher and any Fundations test with 80% or higher gets a sticker.
The few who did not get a sticker this time were very close, so well keep working hard to
learn our syllable types, sounds, unit words, trick words, and review words. Unit 2 will
focus on bonus letter spelling rules (ff,ll,ss,zz), glues sounds (all, am, an, ang, ing, ong, ung,
ank, ink, onk, unk), and the trick words shall, pull, full, both, talk, and walk (trick words
need to be practiced and memorized they dont necessarily follow the rules, but they are
common words the kids need to know). It will also be a two week unit.

Math: The class is enjoying our new math program. I love watching them learn through
hands on investigations and games. This week we started more subtraction (finding the
difference) and computational fluency. We also worked on some problem solving, clock
work, odd & even, and much more. We keep very busy with math! We will be ready to test
our first unit by the end of next week or early the following week.

Social Studies/Science: Right now our focus in on our Social Studies standard on
government, rules/laws, and being a responsible citizen. Weve been working hard to build
a wonderful classroom community! We plan to start our Atmosphere & Weather Unit on
Wednesday. I have lots of fun stuff planned! Well start by learning some general things,
then well take on the task of being forecasters and meteorologists. Well also include
some of our Geography skills in this unit. Toward the end of the unit Ill let you know what
supplies you children request to build their own weather tools in a super cool design
challenge! I cant wait to get started!

Have a GREAT weekend!