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1. End all preventable maternal deaths and infant deaths.
2. 100% of babies are delivered in a health care facility.
3. Functional toilet, potable water, and electricity available in all facilities and household in the
4. End malnutrition among children younger than nine years of age.
5. Eliminate marriage among girls younger than eighteen years of age.

1. Zero school drop outs of boys and girls up to 12th grade.
2. Every village has its own dynamic development plan prepared by community participation.
3. Every village has telecom/Internet connectivity.
4. Village meetings are to be held four times a year with minimum two-thirds of residents in
5. Villagers have access to quality education, skills development and Village Enterprise

1. Every household has diversified livelihood opportunities and/or micro-enterprise.
2. Households who have micro-enterprises are operating profitably.
3. Micro-enterprises have connections with outside suppliers and customers.
4. Every household and micro-enterprise has a functional bank account.
5. Every village has a functional information center, computer lab and your-service center.
6. Reduce unemployment rate to 5% at the end of the first year of implementation.

1. End open defecation.
2. The village has a functional solid and liquid waste management system.
3. Every farm has a soil health card, essential micro-nutrients and diverse livestock and trees.
4. Every village has green trees all over its geographic boundaries.
5. Every village has functional water-conservation and harvesting structures.

Smart Governance
1. Every village has a functional system to address grievances.
2. The village has a transparent system of periodically informing the community regarding the
disbursement of funds, new policies and other matters that are necessitates awareness.
3. Villagers can participate in the formulation of community policies through voting and
4. The village has an established system of registering properties and business establishments.
5. The community has an existing list of resident profiles which includes information about
each villagers full name, birthdate and civil status (among other things).