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IR Wireless Underwater Communication System


The system uses the ultra-low power MCU as the control core, and uses the
infrared wireless communication, achieving a simple underwater wireless
communication. The entire system consists of 3 parts, the land-based unit, the
electrical unit and the submarine model. The land-based unit uses the ASK
modulation to achieve wireless communication with the submarine model. The
submarine model receives and decodes signals, then communicates with model
unit via infrared light waves .The motor unit receives the infrared signals and
keeps the floating and diving of the submarine model by controlling the
suspension. Underwater communications exploit acoustic signals to
interconnect microcontroller systems deployed for various scientific,
environmental, industrial, or security tasks. The engineering of networked devices
in underwater surroundings is nowadays considered a crucial analysis challenge.
The propagation of acoustic waves in water is characterised by low, distance-
dependent bandwidth with high latency, and multi-path effects, which build it
necessary the look of novel system-level solutions, communication protocols,
and algorithms specifically tailored for these sorts of applications.

Here we propose an IR based underwater communication system that can be

used for wireless communication of messages even through water. The system can
prove to be a very cheap alternative to long heavy physical wires that run through
seas, rivers and require large costs for laying those wires and their maintenance.
Our system makes use of infrared transmitter receiver in order to achieve this
system. Our system consists of two microcontroller based circuits that have IR
transmitter-receiver pairs as well as LCD displays for displaying the messages.
Each system has a keyboard connected to it in order to type in messages. We use
two water barrels in order to demonstrate underwater communication using ir
signals passing through those containers. The system also has an acknowledgement
receipt message that is sent back from the receiving circuit to the transmitting
circuit on message receipt. This allows for efficient communication between two
circuits wirelessly.
Block Diagram:
Hardware Specifications:
Power Supply
LCD Display
8051 Microcontrollers
IR Led
Computer keyboard

Software Specifications:
Keil Compiler
MC Programming Language: C