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Technological Institute of the Philippines

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Instruction: Please discuss and explain each item. Create separate file for each QUIZ. Submit each file by
uploading them at our Edmodo group before the scheduled due date.
Sample file name: AR553_PRELIM_QUIZ 01


1. What is the role of construction management in the built environment industry?

Todays generation is considered as an age for the built environment industry. Construction
developments were common in places and communities in order to sustain peoples needs. Here
say, the demand for faster, effective cost, and high-quality construction projects are in high state.
In accordance to SPP of 2010 (a law legalized construction management as another aspect of the
built industry), the organization and supervision to attain these attributes fall in the roles of
construction management.

2. What are the functions and responsibilities of construction manager as well as its limitation when it
comes to authority at work?

According to SPP 204- A and B , a construction manager has its own functions and
responsibilities not just in the legal but in the construction process as well. He can be an
independent individual, staff member of the owner, or a firm hired by the owner. He is the one
who is accountable in the following aspects of the construction process: a.) Coordination and
Supervision- a construction manager supervises and checks if his people still have a good
communication and coordination; b.) Cost and Time Control- he always assures that the budget
and material costs are in control and the schedule is being followed; c.) Quality Control of Work-
he is the one who approves materials and processes to be used in the construction. He
guarantees the good quality condition of the construction work; d.) Keeping of Records- in times
of full schedule, the construction manager here, can hire CSG (Construction Supervision Group)
in order to manage the said aspect.
3. In your own point of view, what are the relationship between each professionals or parties involved
in the construction which includes the:
a. Owner
b. Project Manager
c. Construction Manager
d. Architect (Designer)
e. Consultants
f. General Contractor/Constructor
1. What is the meaning of the construction industry and how it defer from your own definition?
2. In what particular scope of construction industry services will construction management
needed? Explain how this is so.
3. Describe some of your on-the-job training experience that is related or somehow related to
construction management. If youre not yet done with your OJT, describe how you wish it to be
and in what kind of company you wish to apply for your OJT. You can included the company
name and discuss why you choose it.

1. What are the basic Principles of Management and discuss them briefly?
2. What are the different project scheduling techniques and discuss your own understanding with
each techniques?

1. What is Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build Contracts and discuss how this may differ to other
types of contracts?