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Assignment Topic:

Advertisements Analysis

Submitted To:
Prof. Abid Sharif
Submitted By:
Iram Anwar
Roll No: BC13-405
Subject: Marketing
Semester: 5th
Section: A (afternoon)
Hailey College of Commerce

Nestle NESVITA Calcium Plus

Category: Fast moving customer goods

Source: Electronic media (TV).

In Pakistan, many diseases such as heart failure, sugar and specially weak bones problems in
womens are occurring because they all the day busy in house or job work, caring their family
but not herselves. This milk advertisement on TV by Mahira Khan gives them broad sense to
use this milk. Mahira Khan is a famous Pakistani actress and many womens and girls like her
due to her good performance in dramas or films. Mostly womens may like this product because
their favourite actress gives this advertisement.

To live active, womens need to get strength through NESVITA

Calcium Plus because it is high in calcium and low in fat. It makes
our bones strong because it contains calci-lock, special combination
of calcium, vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals.
Therefore, its slogan is Bone Strong Tou Mein Strong.

We need to get calcium in our body daily because our body cannot
produce calcium on its own. Only two glasses of NESVITA
Calcium Plus milk instead of four glasses of a milk in a day helps
meet 80% of an adults daily requirement for getting Calcium with less than 1% fat. It is
available both in powder and liquid. It is easily affordable by any one as its price is very
reasonable (250ml) PKR 25 and (1000ml) PKR109. And almost available in all markets or

NESVITA "Women of Strength" will help us discover our

inner strengths and achieve our goals so that we can make our life
healthy and pains free. It is specially for womens as according to
Mahira Khan one from three womens in Pakistan is affected by
bones problems. It is also very beneficial for childs, young girls
and boys, olders, mens as well as womens.

Its advertisements also changed after one or two months, which I

also liked, one cannot bored by seeing always same advertisement
related to a product.

Al-Kareem Garden
A Project of Al-Kareem Builders & Developers

Category: Housing Schemes

Source: Newspaper

I know about this housing scheme while reading a newspaper where is much information about
this project. I like this housing scheme most as the aim of this scheme is to provide people with
a land of paradise and dignity, unity and opportunities. Its main aim is to entering
Pakistan rapidly in the list of globally developed countries according to the principles of great
leader Quaid-e-Azam, which are unity, faith and discipline.

There are also many others builders and developers who are working on
this sector but their prices are very high which is I think only affordable
by elite class not by general public, if there are some groups provide
these facilities to middle or lower middle class people, but there main
purpose is snatching money and maximizes their profits and deceive to
innocent people. There development standard facilities are very low
class and their commitments not matched with which they speak and
shows in their advertisements.

Al-Kareem builders and developers had made this possible to

provide high class living standards at reasonable or affordable
prices with easy terms & conditions. Its offers various sizes of
residential and commercial plots on installments and cash
payments. The play lands for children, near beautiful mosque,
parks, electricity, gas, roads, schools, hospitals, shopping
centers etc. facilities are available in this scheme.

Al Kareem Garden is being designed to provide, that you live

your life the way you have always dreamed to, by living or
meeting with your loved ones from the whole city and your
relatives, friends coming from out of country, due to its easy
approach through Lahore international airport and from
motorway on the Lahore Ring Road.

(Zuban Ka Pakka)

Category: Mobile services related advertisement

Source: Print ad

MOBILINK is the first mobile service provider of Pakistan. Mobilink and Waseela
microfinance bank presents MOBICASH to marks its entry into branchless banking segment.
With it, customers can do financial transactions in easy way such
as paying bills, sending and receiving money within Pakistan,
purchasing load for their cell phones. Any person can use
Mobicash services by visiting their nearest MOBILINK franchise
or MOBICASH retailer.

MOBILINK, innovative service of MOBICASH gives the people

of Pakistan complete financial freedom that they have always
wanted in life, Mobile financial services. People can also use
MOBICASH website for details about mobile financial services.

In this advertisement which I like the most is in which a

person come into his home at night. His daughter was
very sad while she was looking at her doll whose arm is
broken by her. She said to her father that she wanted to
take a new doll now, not any other day. Her father went
with her and takes a new beautiful doll for her daughter.
But at the time of payment there are no rupees in his
purse. Then by using MOBICASH, he sends money to
shopkeeper, shopkeeper also checks his mobile for
whether money transfers or not. Received money
message also came to his sell then he sells the doll to
that person. The young girl who advertise this product
was very cute and his father cannot bear her problem
and he purchased a doll of her daughter choice with
MOBICASH. Its a good service as its also binding
good relations us with our family and others in difficult or urgent situations.

SHAN Masala
(Khushian Chakh Lo)

Category: Fast moving customer goods

Source: Electronic media (Internet)

This three minute long commercial tells the story of two brothers, living
away from home in abroad missing Eid celebrations without their mother
hand dishes and love. Its start off with the younger brother who looks very
sad, tearing up and telling his elder brother that how he misses home,
friends and Amis hand food.

Now elder brother decide to happy his younger brother. He goes

to nearby grocery store, pick up fresh vegetables coupled with
SHAN Masala and tries to cook a meal that might be fit for Eid.
After he decorate his room and set meal on table, when younger
one comes in the room he really surprised by seeing home
cooked dinner and his parents on Skype chat on the dinner table.

SHAN Masala ads purely reflected the Pakistani culture. Either it

is event of Eid or any other occasion they make ads according to
its need. In this advertisement common people are selected for
product endorsement rather than any celebrity. So, it matches
with every society people feelings and deep emotions when they
are far away from their home and families. They can enjoy taste
of their home mother foods at anytime and anywhere with the help of SHAN Masala. Different
recipes masala available in markets have greater importance in our life.

I liked this advertisement only as it touches to our emotions with our homeland, parents, friends
and those who are close to us. Its taste is not so good as on its packs. In comparison to SHAN
Masala, mostly people like NATIONAL Masala to use in our foods. The foods in which
NATIONAL Masala is used are very tasty. NATIONAL Masala also has a great variety like it is
available for biryani, quorma, murgh karahi, achari gosht, chicken tikka, chapli kabab etc.
Askari Bank Pays Tribute to PAKISTAN Army:

Category: Bank

Source: Internet

Every year Defence Day is celebrated as a National Day on 6th

September in the memory of those who martyred in war of
1965 between India and Pakistan. In this advertisement,
Defence Day poster by Askari Bank pays tribute to the greatest
martyrs of Pakistan army who saves our lives by lost their lives.
Beside this war everyday our soldiers risks their lives for
ourselves, its a good attempt by Askari Bank that they
dedicated a very beautiful National song to our army on
Defence Day. The song is Ae Watan Pyaray Watan.

The song is about the brave-

heart of a Pakistani who is
making a long journey from lush valleys to the beautiful scenes
in Pakistan to pay honor to the family of another bold soldier
who has martyred while an operation. In this song there are
shown beautiful valleys, mountains, lakes, streams or culture of
Northern Pakistan, which beautiful scenes are really heart-

I think it was a high time to remember

Pak-army for what they have done and
not or what they should do now. Ustaad Amanat Ali Khan sings this
song, a good voice. Askari Bank has rolled out a masterpiece of
Emotions, Patriotism & Passion by paying tribute through their
advertising. This advertisement really capture youngsters even olders
love with their country and army.

All other banks, companies, societies etc in our country should promote or celebrate the
importance of these memorable days so that all other enemy countries dont consider us
departed. We should remain loyal with our country as well as army heroes who are battle with
terrorists and enemies in or outside the country.

Quaid Say Baatain
Category: Social public advertisement

Source: Electronic media (TV)

It is a fun animated series of almost three minutes, about a young girl

named Zainab, who is always thinking of ways to help others and better
Pakistan. In each episode she faced a problem, which she then solves by
remembering the words and actions of Quaid-e-Azam that she gets from
Quaid advice in his dreams. The main characters in these episodes are:
Quaid-e-Azam, Zainab, Sara, Abba and a boy.

All episodes of this animated program are very interesting but I like the
most in which Zainab not practices for math the test due to some
reasons. But in the class when test is conduct she is blank due to not
preparation of math test, teacher came to her and asks if any problem in
test? She replies no, test is very easy. When his teacher turns a solve
math test is fell down from her teacher hand, she pick up the paper and
by cheating she solves the math test.

At night, she feel ashamed that she cheats in the class but
she determined in next, she will never cheating whatever
the situation. Next day Quaid met to Zainab, he wants to see
some illegal activities to Zainab in the society as a person
add water in milk, when she asks from the person, what are
you doing uncle? He replies, sorry, I never do this again.
Then another person was stealing electricity by touching
wires with a stick, when she asks from this person, he also
says its the first time, I never do this again. So, here Quaid
want to understand us that people may do these illegal activities for the first time but by seeing to
these persons, others also follow them and then evil spread in society. And once an evil is being
prevailed it is very difficult to eradicate it as compare to spread it. Then, next day Zainab
apologize her teacher for cheating and his teacher also forgive him by saying, You are a good
girl because there are few people, who confess their crime. She gets the message that
cheating and dishonesty can cause to a society, and she learns the importance of hard work.

Opinion: These are good animated series to take an initiative to develop a civic sense in people
specially kids, but in an entertaining way. May be behind it there is a theme to make Zainab a
local hero for kids such as Doremon. Its a wonderful idea for promoting thoughts of Quaid-e-
Azam. This program should be supported by Pakistan Govt. to flourish missed values in society.

Alfalah Bank
(Lets Look Ahead Towards a Brighter Future Together)

Category: Banking

Source: Electronic media (Internet)

ALFALAH BANK presenting an advertisement of Pakistani al-rounder ANWAR ALI. I favour

this advertisement as this ad possesses time duration of around two minutes, however, in such a
very interestingly.

In this advertisement he is telling his story of hardworking and

success. He stated that he was doing a job in a socks sewing
factory however his own shoes torn. He was earning RS.200 per
day and it was very difficult for him to fulfill his cricket playing
needs. He didnt lose hope, he has the will to fight against all

He has the passion and determination to pursue his dreams. He is

Bank Alfalahs RISING TALENT. Now he is super star al-
rounder cricketer. The Bank Alfalah in this advertisement apart
from ANWAR ALI financial hurdles also showed that how
injuries try to hinder him in his aim but he was strong and hard to
break them.

I also like ANWAR ALI as a talented Pakistani cricket team

player, he have played the vital role in wining some unbelievable
matches for GREEN SHIRTS.

The Alfalah Bank making their mission complete of talented and

inspiring people unleashed an example of the Pakistan cricket
team al-rounder ANWAR ALI, who is one of the golden
example of how hard work pays off. Finally his struggle
and continuous determination towards its aim paid off as he
made place into the Pakistan cricket team with a wonderful performance. Always self
determination, hardworking and passion leads any person to the stairs of success.

Tapal Family Mixture

Its slogan is MUKAMAL CHAI MUKAMAL GHAR for family mixture. I take this
advertisement from newspaper. Its a good advertisement in which a situation after the wedding
event of a daughter looks a real life situation. This advertisement shows a theme how the family
members feel after the wedding event ends.

In this advertisement the mother shows anger on her

sister in law as for the father he was ALLAH KI
GAYEE, the Dadi feel tension about the girl who has
married, the brother feel headache and the daughter in
law also confused what to do next, by seeing whole
family members in problem. Then she refreshes every
ones mood by making TAPAL DANEDAR TEA.

After taking
tea father satisfies that wedding ceremony ends without
any problem, mother become happy towards sister in
law, brother also feel relaxed but Dadi says, after Sara
marriage, now that makes the TAPAL TEA for us at
every evening. The daughter in law gets credit from
Dadi by saying, Aray Dadi Mein Hoon Na.

Its a good advertisement as it is also related with

people emotions. TAPAL DANEDAR also remains
favourite by people due to its rich golden color and
strong refreshing taste. Its different advertisement
series according to different occasions are also very
attractive and interesting. It is also available in
different flavours such as ice cream and lemon. Its
launches TAPAL BUBBLE TEA which is in fruit flavoured. I also like
TAPAL DANEDAR TEA as its taste, aroma and colour is very unique
from other tea available in market.