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Career Objective

To work with an organization that will utilize my management, supervisiory and administrative skills for
mutual growth and success.
To work as a TV news reporter applying all work ethics in investigating, editing and developing stories to
be broadcast on the television.

Executive summary

-Strong presence of mind and a quick responder.

-Ability to meet deadlines and deliver facts.
-Good memory and a strong determination to collect facts and figures.
-Excellent oral and writing skills.
-Clear voice clarity and fluency in spoken English.
-An experienced news reporter with specialization in current affairs.

Work Exeperience

-Working as a reporter at XXXXX News channel since XXXX to till date.

Job profile

-Gather news on current affairs from the right sources.

-Interview government officials and other profile persons.
-Attend press releases called by the government and the various organizations.
-Coordinate with the studio and update them about field work at regular intervals.
-Investigate facts and analyze it before making it public.
-Assist in the presentation of the stories on the TV network.

-Worked as a assistant reporter for 2 years with XXXX news channel.


-Assisted senior news reporter in investigating current stories.

-Developed a network of resources to gather information.
-Wrote and edited articles to be printed in newspaper, and on the website
-Assisted in video shooting and editing
-Performed field research on varieties of issues ranging from entertainment to internal affairs.


- Done 90 days training from XXXX news channel.

Educational Background

-Diploma in journalism from XXXX institute in year XXXX.

-B. com from XXXX university.
-Higher secondary from XXXX board.
-High school from XXXX board.


-Good listening skills.

-Good analytical skills.
-Can work in stressed condition.
-Hard work.
-Loyal towards work.

Personal Details

Date of birth : XXXX

Languages known : English Hindi and French (learning)