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Liberty Technology Magnet High School

Manufacturing Practicum

Instructor Randy Pearson E-mail rkpearson@jmcss.org 731-410-6475

Course Description:
This course is designed for students interested in entering the workforce or pursuing higher education in
the manufacturing area. The course requires students to solve problems in a real-world manufacturing
context. Problems address critical areas identified by industry and supported by relevant national
standards. The course is structured as a series of simulation units. The simulations require students to
identify problems in a manufacturing company based on data supplied in typical management reports.
Students work in teams of four to six. Teams test and refine proposed solutions with computer
simulations. All teams work on the same problem concurrently. At the end of each unit, students present
team findings and recommendations to the class and to a panel of manufacturing industry representatives,
which acts as the board of directors. The curriculum is a skills-based program with the depth and content
to help students articulate to post-secondary.

Principles of Manufacturing, Digital Electronics, and Mechatronics I and II.

1.0 Students will correlate human factors with economic and organizational outcomes in a
manufacturing environment.
2.0 Students will determine factors that influence strategic technology and human resource decisions
in manufacturing.
3.0 Students will assess the impact of safety practices in a manufacturing organization.
4.0 Students will correlate quality practices with business outcomes in manufacturing.
5.0 Students will obtain employment within the manufacturing industry using appropriate job-search
strategies and interviewing behaviors.
6.0 Students will demonstrate leadership, citizenship, and teamwork skills required for success in the
school, community, and workplace.
7.0 Students will perform safety examinations and maintain safety records.

Projects - Lab / Hands-on:____10%
Liberty Technology Magnet High School

Manufacturing Practicum

Students will work at modules in groups of two. Every 3 to 4 days students will take a test, and
be assessed on the hands-on skills, rotate to another module, and work with a different partner.
Once per semester students will work in teams of 4 to 5 on a design project. Students will make a
multimedia presentation of the design project for the class. All module and project work will be
done in the classroom. A research paper is required each semester.

Students use multimedia and print-based curriculum.
All tests are taken on computers, and students get instant feedback on test results.
Students have access to grades at all times in class.

Class Polices:
Good English and good manners are used at all times. Respect the privacy of others. Be in your
seat when the bell rings. Do not do anything that will keep me from teaching and others from
Make-up work due to absence is your responsibility. Arrange to come promptly and take missed
tests or expect a zero. Next day make-up is preferred; longer than five school days is not
Cheating in any form constitutes an ethical infraction of the most serious nature. It will be
punished by an automatic zero, with no make-up allowed. Please do not violate the trust I put in
each of you to be honest and do your best.
No one can make you behave if you are bound and determined not to, but things are much more
pleasant when you do.

Helpful Hints:
Be in class every day and be on time.
You do not have to like everyone, but you must get along with them.
Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Internet Agreement, Textbook & Media Access:

Your student has reviewed the internet agreement, textbook agreement and media access forms
for Jackson-Madison County Schools and Liberty Tech High School. By signing and returning
this form, you acknowledge the communication of and agreement to all policies contained.
Should you so desire, a copy of these forms will be available at lib.jmcss.org.
Liberty Technology Magnet High School

Manufacturing Practicum

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