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Meaning and Definition of Culture, characterstics Of Culture
Elements and Diminsions Of Culture
Understanding Culture, Imporatance of Culture
Cross Cultural Management
Significance and impact of cross culture on organizations
role of culture in Stratgic DecisionMaking
Influence of National Culture on Organizational Culture
Shift in Culture
significance of shift in Culture
Influence of economic factors in Cross Culture Management
foreign intervention on shifts in local cultures
Cultural and behavioral differences in different countries
various models for comparing cultural- Hofstede model
Edward T Hall Study model
GLOBE Cultural model
Kluchohm & Stoodbeck model
Cultural Adaptation through Sensitivity Training
Political and Legal environnment facing business and their management
Economic environment facing business and their management
Tetchnological environment facing business and their management
Obstacles of Intternational Business
Cross-culture human resource management
Features and objectives of Cross-cultural human resource management
Factors affecting and resons of emergence human resource management
Approaches of Cross=culturl Human Resource Management
Models of Human resource management
Various models of Cross-cultural human resource management
Difference between IHRM and Domestic Human resource management
Recruitment for Global opreations
Process and Approches of international staffing
Recent trends in Inernational Staffing
Dynamics of cross-culture leadership
Meanings and Definition of Cross-Cultural leadership
Characterstics and challenges of Cross- Culture Leadership
Multi-Cultural teams: Meaning and Definition
Reasons of Emergence Of Multi-cultural teams
Types and problems of Multi Cultural Team
Context of Cross Cultural Negotiation
Cross-Cultural Negotiation Strategies
Negotiation Styles in various Countries
Problems in Cross- cultural Negotiation
Cross cultural Decision making
Characterstics of decision making in International context
Culture and Dispute
Resolution of Conflicts
Techniques Used For Cross-Cultural Conflicts
Disputes in cross culture context
Emerging Models of Strategic Management in International Context-I
Emerging Models of Strategic Management in International Context-II
AchievingInternational Competitive Advantage
Sustaining International Competitive Advantage
International Strategic Alliances
Cross-culture ethics
Ethical values across culture
Ethical issues in Cross-Culture Business
Ethics dilemma