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Running Head: Analysis of Police Recruitment Requirements 1

Recruitment Requirements under Georgia Police and Law Enforcement Agency

Assignment 4: Recruit Requirements

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March 09, 2017

Running Head: Analysis of Police Recruitment Requirements 2

Recruitment Requirements under Georgia Police and Law Enforcement Agency


The Georgia Tech Police Department is one of the fastest growing police department

among all the state police departments of the United States of America. It has the basic vision to

provide the state of Georgia with technologically advanced and professional police. The Georgia

Police Department always seeks for such individuals, who assure their commitment to making

this specific Police department as one of the best in the United States of America. In addition, it

always seeks for the courteous, honest, and concerned individuals who are devoted to headship

and quality. This paper analyzes the requirements for new recruits by the Georgia Police

Department and the law enforcement agency of Georgia state.

Description of Recruitment Requirements

The Georgia Tech Police Department has the specific requirements for the new recruits in

terms of qualification, age, physical abilities, and successful completion of tests and screenings.

There are more than 22, 000 officers in Georgia Police Force. In order to become the part of

State Police, the candidate must be at least 18 years of age and should be the citizen of the

United States. The minimum qualification requirement to become a police officer is a high

school diploma. There is another mandatory requirement that the candidate must not have any

politically offensive or criminal record [ CITATION Bur142 \l 1033 ].

The Georgia State police has some other requirements, such as, clearance of the entrance

exam. The candidate has to first apply for the case through the Georgia Peace Officers

Standards and Training Council (POST). There are two types of official entrance exams for the
Running Head: Analysis of Police Recruitment Requirements 3

new police recruits; such as, COMPASS test or ASSET. The result of such test is attached with

the application when the applicant is applying for professional training. The law enforcement

agency, on the other hand, some other requirements in addition to these requirements

[ CITATION Pet101 \l 1033 ].

The candidates go through a detailed test, which I called drug testing check. It is done to

make sure that the candidate is not used to consume any kind of drugs. After submitting the

application, the candidates go through a physical examination and a fingers scanning section.

There is a website for the Georgia Applicants Processing Service and the applicants have to

go through the website procedure to scan their fingers. The candidates then go through a physical

examination of fitness examination, which is necessary to be cleared. The candidate is required

to pay the charges for finger scanning procedure and for physical examination as well. Once all

these requirements are met, then the candidate goes through the formal interview and the

interview is done by the manager of selected Georgia Police Academy.

Contrast the Requirements between Georgia Police and Law Enforcement

Even though the recruitments from the local law enforcement agency or Georgia and

Georgia State police are for hiring the police officers. However, there is a slight difference

between both of these police services. Both of the police services at the local level and state level

enforce the law and mainly look after the citizens of the United States in Georgia with the similar

basic techniques and equipment. The requirements for application, hiring, training, and

completion of police academies, are almost comparable. However, the major difference is in the

duty expectations and power level of both the police officers because the police officers at an
Running Head: Analysis of Police Recruitment Requirements 4

average police station have less house power than the state troopers/ police officers at the state

level [ CITATION Pet101 \l 1033 ].

The local police officers are supposed to serve in their designated areas and cities. On the

contrary, the police officers at the state level are supposed to have the authority of the entire

state. The state police is also called the state law enforcement or the state petrol. However, the

higher designation also comes with the higher price level and the police officers at the state

levels are paid far above than the local police level. Since the current report is about the

Information security Police, thus, the candidates at the state police level must hold an associate

degree or any other approved educational certificate.

The qualification must show the applicants basic level of IT education, which is

necessary for the technical police. The greater requirements at the State level seems logical

because the state troops are supposed to perform a greater rule than the local police level and

they serve to a greater area than the local police as well. On the other hand, if they are having

greater requirements, they also pay a huge reward to the police officers at the state level

[CITATION Bur142 \l 1033 ].

The Challenging Career

Apparently, after analyzing both the local law enforcement agency and local police

departments requirements, the recruitment at the law enforcement/ state level seems more

challenging. The role of a state troop is much more challenging and critical than the local police

officers in Georgia. The reason is that they cover a wide area, which is consisted of the entire

state (Georgia), while the police officers only serve in their designated area. Their career is more

challenging because it is supposed to serve the assorted public, to preclude and discover the
Running Head: Analysis of Police Recruitment Requirements 5

criminal activity, and to decrease the uncertainties of the public through interaction and other

rules. This is why, I would prefer the career of Georgia state troop over the career of a local

police officer in Georgia.

Suggestion for New Requirement

I will suggest that the new recruits should not have dual citizenship. For instance, it is

required that the applicants must be a citizen of the United States, this is why, there should be a

new rule that the candidates should not have the citizenship of any other country. Having the rule

of no dual citizenship will further narrow down the process of recruitment. Also, it will help to

have more patriot applicants for both the Georgia State Police and the Local Law Enforcement

Agency of Georgia.
Running Head: Analysis of Police Recruitment Requirements 6


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