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More hands make for lighter work Two heads are better than one- I think a group work is

much better than individuals. It is semester final and we students in the course of Eastern thought
performed group drama as our group assignment by the help of our respected teacher Fouzia
Reza. Mam told us to create 5 groups and each groups had to be at least 7 members. And so we
made a group with 8 members. My group members were Jannatul Nayeem, Md. Al-amin Rudro,
Saman, Moinuddin chisty, Fariha, Oishi and me. Our respected teacher helped us to choose our
topic and we choose Buddhism.

Before sharing of my experience I would like to say about group work. I think group work helps
students learn how to work with people outside their circle of friends, including those who have
different backgrounds and experience. It also helps to tie a relationship between senior and junior
students. In the very beginning of our group work, I went through a problem because of which I
dont know how I behaved and went with my group members. However, gradually we all
developed and sense of understanding among ourselves for group work.

Firstly, I want to say about our drama. We choose Buddhism to act. And we decided to sing a
ballad based on the life of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and to act according to his philosophy.
Then the first thing came on our head that who performed what roles? How? How did the roles
affect the work? After that we group members tried to promote group discussions, like going
around in a circle and asking each group member and finally we made our discussion that one of
our group member would sing a ballad and we seven would act. Then I worked on ballad and
wrote a short ballad based on Buddhas life. And in that time one of my group member help me a
lot to write down it. It was a little bit challenge for me because I had to wrote it in typical rural
language. And one of our group members acted the role of Buddha. We were more motivated
and we encouraged each other to give the best. We practice three time and finally we performed
the drama.

Like all typical groups in our group also there were good and bad events and moments.
Sometimes, we use to have conflict among us over different issues. In this point had to face the
senior, junior problems so it was little bit challenge for me. All my team-mates seemed to have a
different style and had a different idea. I tried to listen to the others and expressed my opinion
respectfully. The terrible problems that I had to face that maximum senior were not regular in the
group discussion and even in practice. And this is a scenario where you dont have much of
choice other than to speak to your teacher about getting the person removed from your group. I
had to do so, I immediately informed our respected teacher about their attendance and I
remembered our teacher helped us a lot. And some of students were silent didnt have any
opinion but to sat silently. I think their silence doesnt seem to be an introverted personality but
rather laziness. However through all of the ups and downs we practiced our drama and yes we
became successful and got 10 out of 10..

Then I would like to talk about this course, well at first I thought that Eastern thought is quite a
harder course but because of our helpful teacher it seems quite easy to me. I can learn many this
from this course. Now I know the philosophy about many religions, their cultures, their lifestyle
and thats why we acted the drama successfully.

In the end, I dont know what kind of experience my group members had with me but I had all
short of experience with them and I learned a lot of from the group work and finally, I will say
that I am happy with the time I had with my group and want to thank my respected teacher
Fouzia Reza to make this boring course so enjoyful.