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Open letter to the Spanish Government Parliament of Denmark

DK-1240 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 33 37 55 00
Fax +45 33 32 85 36

Concerning the current political situation in Catalonia 15 September 2017

Nikolaj Villumsen, MP

We as elected members of the Danish Parliament, Folketinget, would like to

Dir. tel. +45 3337 5007
express our deep concern regarding the situation in Catalonia, which has
reached a critical point.

We call on the Spanish government to play a constructive role and encourage

political dialogue, at once.

This week we have seen again, and after six years in a row, around one mil-
lion people in Catalonia taking the streets in a peaceful way, claiming for a

We do not understand why the Spanish authorities are not reacting to those
claims, and why there is not a willingness to engage in a dialogue and try to
address this political problem.

In a democracy, threats and judiciary and legal responses are not the solu-
tion. Politicians, not judges or police forces, should primarily deal with politi-
cal tensions in any European democratic country.

The debates in the Catalan Parliament - in fact, in any given democratic Par-
liament - cannot lead to a court case brought by the Spanish Government
against its President and bureau, amid further erosion of the separation of

The repressive actions of the last days, the increasing threats to civil serv-
ants, MPs, mayors, media, companies and citizens will not be the solution to
a political problem.

We, MPs representing a democratic country, are increasingly puzzled and

concerned about this apparent lack of political skills to address what is, es-
sentially, a political challenge.

It is necessary to engage, as soon as possible, in a political dialogue: the only
way to soften tensions and accompany transformations. Agreement and
good collaboration will be the only possible outcome.

Yours sincerely,

Holger K. Nielsen, The Socialist People's Party, former Minister of Foreign Af-
Uffe Elbk, The Alternativet, former Minister of Culture
Nikolaj Villumsen, The Red-Green Alliance
Magni Arge, Tjdveldi
Rasmus Nordqvist, The Alternativet
Christian Juhl, The Red-Green Alliance
Alex Ahrendtsen, Danish People's Party
Lars A. Rasmussen, The Social Democratic Party
Sjurdur Skaale, Javnaarflokkurin
Jan Erik Messmann, Danish People's Party
Rene Gade, The Alternativet
Christian Poll, The Alternativet
Nikolaj Amstrup, The Alternativet
Ulla Sandbk, The Alternativet
Pelle Dragsted, The Red-Green Alliance
Rune Lund, The Red-Green Alliance
Sren Sndergaard, The Red-Green Alliance