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Mohammad Nurunnabi

Course Coordinator

Hotel & Tourism Management Department

Bangladesh Skill Development Institute

Dear Sir,

Rose view hotel is pleased to offer Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) an internship
educational opportunity for your student at our job facility. We really appreciated your
willingness to write us about internship opportunity as for it we learn you people are very
concern about your students. This internship is viewed by Rose view hotel as being an
educational opportunity for student. As such, this internship program will include
training/orientation and focus primarily on learning and developing new skills and gaining a
deeper understanding of concepts through hands-on application of the knowledge student learned
in class.

In addition, it is our understanding that your institute will be authorized to accept this internship
program under Rose view Hotel Regulations system which will be conducted for three 12 week

For this training purpose your student should carry on some of our costing which will charge in
term of food supply and other expenses intern should arrange their won accommodation. The
charge would be 5000 BDT.

The Benefits to BSDI & internship provider responsibilities:

1BSDIs Hospitality and Tourism Management qualified students should receive 2 /3 months internship
facilities to your prestigious hotel.

2. Providing our students certificates and testimonial after successful completion of the internship.

3. First batch will be free of cost.

Intern's Obligations and Acknowledgements by Rose view Hotel

While performing the Internship, the Intern agrees and acknowledges the Intern's obligation to:

Perform all work allocated to the Intern to the best of the Intern's ability;

Exercise all due care and skill;

Comply with all lawful and reasonable directions and instructions given to the Intern by
officers or manager of Rose View Hotel during the course of the Internship;

Comply with any and all Rose View Hotel policies and procedures that apply, or may
apply, to the Intern during the course of the Internship;

All times comply with any and all legislation, codes or guidelines.

Intern will keep confidential any and all Confidential Information of Rose View Hotel
that comes into the Intern's possession;

Intellectual Property Rights developed by the Intern while the Intern is performing the
Internship under the Internship Deed are hereby assigned to and vest in Rose View Hotel
immediately as created;

The written direction of Rose View Hotel, apply for registration of, nor in any way do
anything to infringe on, harm or contest the right of Rose View Hotel,

Intern will execute all documents and do all things that are necessary or desirable to give
effect to this clause.

Acknowledgements by Rose view Hotel

Zahedur Rahman Simon K M Hasan Ripon

General Manager Director
Rose View Hotel, Sylhet Bangladesh Skill Development
Institute (BSDI).