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Formative and Process

Dr Aede Hatib Mustamal
The 4 Stages of Evaluation

Will this work?
Are we doing what we set out to do?
Can we see any changes?
Have we achieve our objectives?
Formative Evaluation

Formative evaluation - the process of

testing and assessing certain elements of
a program before it is implemented fully.
Formative Evaluation

The process of testing and /or obtaining

expert review of program plans,
messages, materials, strategies, or
modifications, for weaknesses and
strengths before they are put into effect.
Formative Evaluation

Get target audience perception of the

possible interventions
Gain community support
Ensure program materials & activities are
acceptable or culturally appropriate
Identify problems with program concepts
or design
Used in conjunction with process
Formative Evaluation
When to Conduct

New program
New materials
Existing program is:
having problems, or
adapted for a new setting, population, problem,
or behavior
Ongoing at all stages of program
Formative Evaluation
Data Collection Methods

1. Focus Groups
2. Key Informant Interviews
3. Town Hall Meetings
4. Expert Reviews
5. Surveys
Formative Evaluation
Focus Groups - Purpose

To gather information on a particular

topic by conducting an informal
discussion between 6 to 10
individuals similar to target
Formative Evaluation
Key Informant Interviews - Purpose

To obtain detailed information by

asking broad open-ended questions
and by probing interviewee
Formative Evaluation
Town Hall Meetings - Purpose

To gather a diverse group of community

members together to think and talk about
an issue
Formative Evaluation
Expert Reviews - Purpose

To identify mistakes, concerns,

and general areas for
Formative Evaluation
Surveys - Purpose

To obtain SPECIFIC information

from a targeted group of people
using a set of defined questions.
Process Evaluation
Process evaluation - a measure of
program activities or efforts--that is, how a
program is implemented.
Helps managers decide what services to
provide, how to provide them, and for
Process Evaluation

In process evaluation, the evaluator

examines the target population to
determine how they were attracted to the
program and to what extent they