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Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes

COMPREHENSION (40 points; 4 points each)
On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items.

1. Charlie fails his first inkblot test because he

A sees images that upset him in the inkblots
B thinks the test is boring
C cannot understand what he is supposed to see besides ink
D is afraid of making a mistake in front of Dr. Strauss

2. Why does Charlie agree to have the operation?

F He wants to be smart and know things like other people do.
G He wants to please Dr. Strauss and Miss Kinnian.
H He wants to be able to get a better job.
J He wants to beat Algernon in the maze test.

3. What do the factory workers mean by saying someone pulled a Charlie Gordon?
A Someone did something funny.
B Someone did something stupid.
C Someone had an operation.
D Someone lost something.

4. Charlie hopes that when he becomes smarter, people will be

F happier
G less worried

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H more understanding
J more friendly

5. When Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur argue about Charlie, Charlie
A thinks Dr. Strauss should take credit for the experiment
B thinks that he has done something wrong
C feels like hes seen both men clearly for the first time
D feels like hes just an experiment to the two doctors

6. What makes Charlie sad when he takes Miss Kinnian out for dinner?
F Miss Kinnian doesnt love him.
G He knows he will leave her behind intellectually.
H Miss Kinnian thinks she was wrong to encourage him to have the operation.
J He thinks that Miss Kinnian will refuse to have anything more to do with him.

22 Holt Assessment: Literature, Reading, and Vocabulary

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7. Which of the following events is not caused by the event during which Charlie
defends the boy in the restaurant?
A Charlie is disgusted with himself for at first laughing at the boy.
B Charlie remembers how he also used to play the clown.
C Charlie realizes how intelligent he has become.
D Charlie decides to work in the field of human intelligence.

8. Which event foreshadows what will happen to Charlie?

F The boy at the restaurant drops a plate.
G Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strausss research is incomplete.
H Algernon becomes uncooperative and disturbed.
J Charlie is given a laboratory of his own.

9. When Charlie becomes a genius, his most important discovery is

A his theory about how quickly artificially increased intelligence deteriorates
B that he has to communicate with Miss Kinnian on a simple level
C that Dr. Nemur doesnt know the work on experimental intelligence in India
D that Algernon will soon die

10. Charlie leaves New York because

F his landlady throws him out because he hasnt paid the rent
G he cant get a job now that he isnt a genius
H he doesnt want people to be sorry for him
J he doesnt want the men at the factory to laugh at him again

LITERARY FOCUS (20 points; 5 points each)

Copyright by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved.

On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items.

11. Which of the following episodes is repeated in the story to make parallel episodes?
A Charlie has an operation.
B Charlie has dinner with Miss Kinnian.
C The factory workers get Charlie drunk.
D The factory workers force Charlie to leave his work.

12. How is the subplot involving Charlie and the scientists resolved?
F Charlie overtakes them in intelligence and finds the flaw in their experiment.
G Charlie gives Dr. Strauss an inferiority complex.
H Dr. Nemur publishes his report and leaves Dr. Strauss out of it.
J Dr. Strauss tries to visit Charlie, but Charlie wont let him in.

Flowers for Algernon 23

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13. What is Charlies main internal conflict throughout the story?

A Trying to understand his own mind and the nature of intelligence
B Trying to figure out what causes people to laugh at others
C Trying to learn to read and spell correctly
D Trying to get along with the factory workers

14. In the storys resolution, Charlie

F is just the same as he was at the beginning of the story
G has gained a valuable experience but has lost his mental ability
H again becomes a student in Miss Kinnians class
J deeply regrets that he ever had the operation

VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT (20 points; 4 points each)

On the line provided, write the word that best completes each sentence.

deterioration invariably refute introspective regression

15. Charlie is naturally and aware of his thoughts and feelings.

16. Miss Kinnian treats Charlie with kindness and respect.

17. Will scientists be able to Charlies theory?

18. One hopes that Charlies will not take him down to his
previous level.

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19. Charlie notices his mental when he cant understand the report he
has written.


20. Discuss the subplot involving Algernon and Charlie. Describe the conflict
and the resolution. On a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph that
explains your answer. Support your ideas with details from the story.

24 Holt Assessment: Literature, Reading, and Vocabulary

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Answer Key
Constructed Response Flowers for Algernon
20. Students responses will vary. A sample by Daniel Keyes
response follows:
Selection Test, page 22
When Alfonso first asks Ernie to borrow
his bike, Alfonsos external conflict is that
he needs an extra bike so he can take 1. C 6. G
Sandra bike-riding. His internal conflict is 2. F 7. C
that he has summoned up all his courage to 3. B 8. H
ask Sandra out, and the date is important to
4. J 9. A
him. Ernies external conflict is that some
girls have stood him up, and the incident 5. C 10. H
has made him angry. Ernies internal con- Literary Focus
flict is that he is jealous that his younger 11. C
brother might have a girlfriend, so he 12. F
refuses to lend his bike to Alfonso.
13. A
The second time Alfonso asks to borrow
14. G
Ernies bike, Alfonsos external conflict is
that he has broken his bike chain. His inter- Vocabulary Development
nal conflict is that he thinks he always 15. introspective
messes things up. Ernies external conflict is 16. invariably
that he really needs his bike because he has
17. refute
a plan with a friend to go catch frogs. He is
sympathetic toward Alfonsos problem and 18. regression
no longer angry but cannot lend the bike 19. deterioration
when Alfonso wants it. Ernie resolves the Constructed Response
situation by lending Alfonso his bike when 20. Students responses will vary. A sample
he comes back from the pond. response follows:
The subplot involving Charlie and
Copyright by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved.

Road Warriors, Listen Up: Some Algernon begins when Charlie is asked to
Rules for Streetwise Biking do the same experiment that the white
by Madeline Travers Hovland mouse is doingto find the way out of a
Selection Test, page 20 maze. A conflict arises when the mouse
always wins, and, consequently, Charlie
begins to dislike the mouse. After Charlies
1. A operation, he starts winning contests
2. H against the mouse and begins to like it. He
3. C is sorry that the mouse has to compete to
4. J win food. He wants to hold it and be with
the mouse but is not allowed to because the
5. D
mouse is special. When Algernon starts
6. F to deteriorate, Charlie realizes that other
7. B people identify him with the mouse.
8. G Charlie must have identified, too, because
9. C he titles his report The Algernon-Gordon
Effect. The subplot is resolved when
10. J Charlie sadly buries the mouse when it

Answer Key 229

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Answer Key
dies. At the end of the story, Charlie asks in Constructed Response
a note that Miss Kinnian leave flowers on 15. Students responses will vary. A sample
Algernons grave. response follows:
The most exciting moment in the story is
Memory a Matter when the landlady says that Mulholland
of Brains and Brawn and Temple are still upstairs. Because of
by Lauran Neergaard clues that have been given before, we know
Selection Test, page 25 that they checked in over two years ago, yet
they are not visible in the house. We soon
learn that the dachshund hasnt moved and
1. B may be a stuffed animal. We can figure out
2. J that the landlady has somehow killed the
3. C men and stuffed them, and we are just
waiting to see what will happen to Billy. A
4. H
second event that could be the climax is
5. B when the landlady has given Billy the
Vocabulary Development poisoned tea, tells Billy that Mulhollands
6. b skin was like a babys, and then admits
7. d she has stuffed the parrot. Then we know
exactly what will happen to Billy.
8. e
9. a Collection 1 Summative Test,
10. c page 31
Vocabulary Skills
The Landlady 1. B
by Roald Dahl
2. H
Selection Test, page 27
3. C

Copyright by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved.

4. F
1. B 6. H
5. D
2. F 7. D
3. A 8. G
6. H
4. H 9. C
7. C
5. B 10. J
8. F
Literary Focus
9. B
11. D 13. A
10. J
12. G 14. H

230 Holt Assessment: Literature, Reading, and Vocabulary