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K5 Science Endorsement GPS Lesson Plan

Title Physical and Chemical changes

Teacher(s) Kelly Barrere
E-mail Kelly.barrere@bartow.k12.ga.us
School Euharlee Elementary
Lesson Title Measuring matter/ states of matter review
Grade Level 5th grade Concepts(s) Obtain, evaluate, and communicate
Targeted information to explain that the physical
changes in the state of water are due
to temperature differences, which
cause small particles that cannot be
seen to move differently.
Plan and carry out investigations by
manipulating, separating, and
communicate collected data.
Performance Expectation
The students will be able to plan and carry out investigations by manipulating liquid and dry

Science & Engineering Disciplinary Core Ideas Crosscutting Concept

Practice (Content)
1. Asking questions S5P1 Obtain, evaluate, and Scale,proportion, and
2. Plan and carry out communicate information to quantity
investigations explain the differences
3. Constructing between a physical change Cause and effect
explanations and a chemical change.
Structure and function
4. Using mathematics
and computational
Georgia Performance Standards - S5P1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate
information to explain the differences between a physical change and a chemical
Safety Considerations

Students must wear safety glasses and protective gloves.

EQ:How are weight and mass and volume different?

*Students will see picture of person with their weight showing and the same person with a
different weight showing (hes on a mountain in the 2 nd picture), and mass as ___ grams.
*Ask students why they think the measurement numbers are all different when it is the same
person on the same day.
*The students will read and see examples and charts and discuss mass and volume and
how each may be measured.
*The students will decide which would be best to measure a beaker of water, a block,
EXTENTION: a flashlight that is heavier than all the standards combined. (will need to take
apart and measure parts, then add).
*Teacher will model each by measuring volume, mass, and weight of an eraser and a

Stations (will move groups/stations)

1. Students will use metal tray and plastic tray and see which one ice melts fastest on.
Students will make Claim (hypothesis), set-up-(trays, thermometer),test (measure
temp every 30 seconds and put an ice cube on each tray), Evidence
findings/results, Reasoning- Students reason why (heat transfers faster on metal).
2. Students will observe cup of ice water (let them feel/see) and make a claim about
why drops of water are on outside of the cup. How could test claim? (measure on
scale with and then without water drops) Let them discuss/explain (reasoning).
Discoveryed video: condensation
3. The students will practice measuring the mass and volume of different items water,
block, and a rock and discuss how there are different ways to measure each
because of certain physical properties (ex: liquid, odd shape, etc.) and record mass,
volume, of each. Students will construct tab foldable for journal defining and
describing each physical property and giving example (what they measured and how

Beaker of water
Balance scales
Tape measures
Leveled Articles (NewsELA)
Incredible Ice Melting blocks
5 cups of ice water

Documentation of Resources

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