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Week 1 & 2 (Gina Green Packaging Sdn Bhd)

Date : 17/7/2017 31/7/2017

After reporting for duty at Gina Green Packaging Sdn Bhd office in Taman Indahpura, Kulai on
17th of July, i was immediately asked to go to the company factory which located in Bandar Tenggara,
Kulai 40 km from the main office. As i reached the factory, i went to the office and met Mr. Nizam
which position as operating manager. The condition of the factory was very loud and dusty. All the
workers are foreigner except three other supervisors where all of them are Malays. After being
interviewed, i was given a plan diagram of electric circuit from one of the machine used for production
of wood block. Then Mr. Nizam brought me inside the factory and asked me to fix the broken machine
based on the diagram given. After 2 hours of struggling with only a piece of diagram as reference, i was
able to fix the machine for him to run simulation test. Then i was asked to looked around the factory by
myself to get familiar with the process of production. After came back from lunch break, i was ordered
to go to packaging section and learn from a Vietnamese lady. Unfortunately, she wasnt able to speak
in Malay nor English very well. So, she just continue her job and i started to do same work as hers.

On the next day (18/7), i was asked by Mr. Nizam to follow a Nepalese guy to clean all the
machine by using broom and air spray. After finished cleaning, once again i was ordered to do job at
packging section. Starting from the second day until two weeks after, i worked as packaging staff, every
hours i need to pack 1000 woodblocks per hour or get scold. With no PPE provided by the company, i
bought myself my own gloves, safety mask and proper boots to avoid unnecessary accident. However,
every night i had trouble breathing and sleeping. My health condition worsen from time to time. The
ventilation system at the factory didnt work properly, as a result i can smell hot glue anywhere inside
the factory. On 21st of July, i came back 10 minutes late from lunch break due to Jumaat prayer. As i
passed through the meeting room, all the supervisors and Mr. Nizam were still discussing. Later on that
day, one of the supervisor told me that i might be failed the internship if i came back late just like i did.

On 30th, i went to Hospital Sultan Ismail and refered to a specialist due to my breathing problem.
She suggest me to avoid dusty workplaces and take medication. She issued a referral letter so that i can
transfer my internship program to other place. On 31st, i sent my resignation letter as well as referral
letter from doctor to Gina Green Packaging office in Taman Indahpura after my application at
Department of Environment Johor Bahru being accepted. The resignation was approved due to solid
Figure 3.1 Reference letter from Klinik Kesihatan Sultan Ismail.
Figure 3.2 One of the broken machine.
Figure 3.3 Compressing machine producing wood blocks.

Figure 3.4 Environment inside the factory.

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