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In 1930, who first patented a design for a reaction (jet) type motor suitable for
aircraft propulsion?
a) Sir Frank Whittle
b) Sir Henry Royce
c) Hon. Charles Rolls
d) Henry Ford
What is the operating cycle sequence for a jet engine
a) Induction, compression, combustion, exhaust
b) Induction, combustion, compression, exhaust
c) Combustion, induction, compression, exhaust
d) Induction, compression, exhaust, combustion
A simple jet engine is made up of four main sections, what are these four main
sections called?
a) The compressor, combustor, turbine and exhaust
b) The compressor, fuel pump, oil pump, and turbine
c) The intake, fuel pump, oil pump, and turbine
d) The intake, compressor, turbine, and mounts
How is the thrust of a jet engine determined?
a) By the mass air flow and jet pipe pressure
b) By the mass air flow and velocity
c) By the air temperature and velocity of the mass airflow
d) By the change in velocity of hte mass airflow
How is the compression ratio of a jet engine determined?
a) By the diameter of the compressors
b) By the length of the compressors
c) By the diameter between atmospheric pressure and compressor outlet pressure
d) By dividing compressor outlet pressure by atmospheric pressure
A jet engine's compressor is driven by:
a) The gearbox
b) The turbine
c) Air pressure at the air intake
d) Residual pressure in the tailpipe
What is an advantage centrifugal compressors have compared to axial flow
a) There are fewer parts in a centrifugal compressor
b) Centrifugal compressor never surge
c) Centrifugal compressor are cheaper to make
d) All of the above
Approximately how much of the airflow through the combustion section is used for
a) 82%
b) 43%
c) 92%
d) 18%
Approximately how much of the combustion energy is used for thrust?
a) 82%
b) 40%
c) 60%
d) 18%
Which part of a jet engine produces the energy for thrust?
a) The compressors
b) The combustors
c) The turbine
d) The Exhaust
What is a disadvantage that individual can type and can-annular type combustion
chambers have?
a) The turbine gas flow can be slower
b) Turbine blade temperature fluctuations can occur
c) They are very difficult to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop
d) Turbine speed can be lower
What type of combustion chambers did the Whittle type jet engines have?
a) Annular type combustion chambers
b) Can-annular type combustion chambers
c) Individual can type combustion chambers
d) Continual type combustion chambers