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English For Engineering
guided by Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Sonhadji K.H., M.A.

Created by:

NAME : Ikram Syahroni

NIM : 140514605660
PRODI / OFF : S1 TM / E1-A2



1. Name and Owner of Workshop
Name of this workshop is HAX Workshop. It name was got from the owner
nickname, his nickname was famous, people actually know his name Hax than Mr.
Hajiman Prakoso as his fullname. He were graduate from 1 Vocational High School
Kraksaan. It Workshop was estabilished on March 21th, 2003

2. Address of Workshop
It's located in Kraksaan downtown and make easy to find out by motorist. In
addition, it also near restaurant and cafe businesses juices, other positive value of
place was right side of it also have quiet river view and green rice field. When
customers waiting for a car service, they can get food and drinks or even enjoy the
atmosphere of the green field in around this workshop. The workshop also near the
mosque. The mosque located in front of the garage also the resting area of most
customers. This workshop addressed at Jln. Imam Bonjol, No.42 Kandang Jati,
Kraksaan, Probolinggo.

3. The Number of Workers

This workshop has six employees. Three employee as an engine mechanic and
other employees treat car body or chasis.

In this workshop to serve different types of car service, among:
a. Maintenance on the car body,
b. Do the painting on the car body,
c. Perform welding on a car body,
d. Checking and changing the oil,
e. Replacement of car spare part,
f. Maintenance on the machine,
g. Repair damage to the car components such as the transmission system, brake system,
electrical system both body and electrical hookups on the engine, ignition system,
cooling system, power transfer systems, and etc,
h. Repair damage to the engines (overhaul),
i. Tune-up engine.


Many appliances and fittings are used in this workshop include:
a. Workshop Equipments:
A set of wrenches and lock ring Dies and Taps
Hammer Vise
Saw the iron and steel chisel Screwdriver (+) and screwdriver (-)
Compressor Regular Tang, tang taper
Key socket Wheel nuts and bolts wrench
Key moments Cutting pliers, hand-held pliers
Drills Jack
Files Grinder
Boost Clamp pliers
b. Welding Equipments:
1. Welding Acetylene Equipments consists of:
Oxygen cylinders and acetylene gas cylinders,
Brander (gas burners),
2. Welding Electrical Equipments consists of:
The aircraft welding,
- Aircraft welding alternating current (AC),
- Aircraft welding direct current (DC),
- Aircraft welding alternating current and direct (AC-DC), which is a
combination of AC and DC.
These tools welding (welding cable, electrode holder, welding hammer, wire
brush, the clamp, and clamp),
3. Safety Equipments consists of:
Welding helmet, Welding shoes,
Work wear (apron), Masks,
Welding gloves, Glass eye protectors.
c. Painting Equipments (compressors, spray equipment, paint, thinners, varnishes, paper
pads, putty, polishing machine) various kinds of automobile spare parts, as well as
various kinds of engine oil.


When during observation, all of work being done by the workers of the shop. Only
checked sparkplug are doing by which one of worker. Most objects are donelike in
machine and welding, and many customers had been obtained what they want.
The worker checked sparkplug begin from open the cup, and open the cable
sparkplug distributor. Andthen open and checked 4 sparkplug using fuller which SOP
thickness, 0,8-1mm. If not fit with certain from SOP must be sandpaper until agree with
SOP. If need to repair, change the sparkplug with the new. After that, set 4 sparkplug
again with SOP formation 1-3-4-2 and set again too for the cable sparkplug distributor.
The cars ready for the test run. SOP is Standard Operating Procedures, its written and
hint project that standard for the business.
Every day of this workshop crowded of customers. Varied complaints ranging from
minor complaints such as replace engine oil, brake shoes to replace, tune up, power
steering, brake clutch replace up to heavy complaints of engine overhaul.
Sometimes the obstacles that get in the improvement in purchasing the original
parts of a vehicle is not available at the nearest store, so to get to buy at other stores that
were located quite far from the garage. For it takes a long processing time so that in one
day has not been able to finish it and resumed the following day. For the duration of the
settlement, the workshop will inform the customer that on many days the vehicle has
been repaired and can be taken so that customers do not go back and forth to the
workshop. After the car was repaired, customer tries his car. If not satisfied, it will be
repaired again. If you are satisfied, then the customer is required to make payment
In addition to repairing components on the machine, this workshop also serves
welding on the vehicle body to paint on the vehicle body. On the vehicle body welding
process usually takes approximately four to seven days, depending on the level of
difficulty. While in the process of painting to finish it took ten to fourteen days,
depending on weather conditions occur. In the process of painting there are several
stages that form the body of the vehicle with putty, then priming, drying and smoothing
body car, and then proceed in accordance with the provision of paint colors that
consumers want.


After completion of repairs to the vehicle, the payments transactions are performed.
For regular customers usually paid in installments or the payments process may be delay-
ed. But for new customers, process payments in cash or directly implemented.

The owner of Hax workshop is Mr. Hardjimam Prakoso, who graduated from 1
Vocational High School Kraksaan. The workshop established on March 21th, 2003. He
decided to use "Hax" for these workshop because his nickname were famous name,
many people actually know his name Hax than his full name. The workshop created to
make effort and job opening.
First time this workshop initially to service motorcycle, but over time and Mr.
Hardjiman thingking that only service motorcycle cant get much benefit and he thing
how to get much benefit from his workshop. He decided to serve cars to add benefit and
to give chance for Vocational High School alumnus to work in his workshop. His
decision can make his workshop running well and he can get much benefit. At first time
this workshop was far from his home. By the time, this workshop can developt and Mr.
Hardjiman buy new house from his workshop profit, build work place near his home, and
can buy a plot of land near his home. Now, the garage is still serve and able to compete
with official workshops.
Hax workshop open everyday at 7 a.m to 17 p.m except on certain major
holidays. Everyday much customer in his workshop who get service of his cars. Many
customer has came, of which only want to replace engine oil, replace brake shoes, tune
up, power steering, replace brake cluth and get commonly engine checking.
The Prospect of Future
Future prospects of this workshops are growing increasingly. Every days
many customers and many service requests that resulted in the workshop cannot
accommodate the cars of customers, is to build a more extensive workshop and is able
to accommodate the cars customers.
The Main Strength of Workshop
The main strength of this workshop is in the comfortable serve to all of the
customers and service done on time, make the customers subscribe to this workshop.


With this observation makes students more aware about the various kinds of care
and maintenance on motor vehicles, especially on the car. Students also learn about a
wide range of welding and painting equipment and know the process of painting the
car body. Besides, it also can increase knowledge and insight for students.
The interior of the garage should be emphasized again because there are still
many working tools are scattered and do not put in place so that it can hinder the work
process. Employees should also focus on occupational safety and health, because it
can increase the effectiveness and productivity of work optimally.

Malang, November 18th 2014


Ikram Syahroni
The Organizational Structure of the "HAX" Workshop.

Mr. Hardjiman


Tenure: service all problems associated Tenure: car body repair body-covering:
with car engines, including: a. Body putty
a. Tune-Up b. Make a holder/body (welding)
b. Over Haul Engine c. Car body paint, etc
c. Service component specifications,

Mechanic with salary @ Rp 550.000,- Maintenance chassis with salary @ Rp

1. Taufik 500.000,-
2. Samiran 1. Sumanto
3. Kusnadi 2. Jasuli
3. Waqik


1. Appointments 2. Reception 3. Job Distribution

4. Service

5. Final Inspection

8. After Service 7. Transaction

6. Customer
Follow Up Payment
Test Run

1. Appointments
Receive repair orders
Customers make advance booking
2. Reception
Hand out vehicle complaints to the technician leader, then technician leader to explain the
damage to the vehicle.
3. Job Distribution. Technician leader sent mechanics to fix it. Case:
Mechanics can not, then the technician leader who will fix it.
Mechanics can then be repaired by mechanics alone.
4. Service
If the damage is mild, the customer can wait.
But if the damage is severe and requires a long processing time, the customer can leave his car
for a while until the repair is completed.
5. Final Inspection
Final inspection conducted by the technician leader.
Last inspection aims to identify and evaluate the damage that previously may not have been
repaired or any other damage.
6. Service delivery
Technician leader explained to customers that all existing damage on the car has to be
7. Customer Test Run. After the car was repaired, customer tries his car.
If not satisfied, it will be repaired again.
If you are satisfied, then the customer is required to make payment transactions
8. After Service Follow-Up
Repairs have been completed and the damage can be overcome, then the customer payment
9. Finish
Customers leave the shop and feel satisfied with the services provided.