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Transiting Pluto represents the timing of how those evolutionary intentions

unfold. All Pluto transits in a birthchart are in relation to the location by sign
and house of Pluto in the natal chart. Another way to say that is transiting
Pluto is in a cycle of phases and aspects with natal Pluto.

This also occurs on the collective level. When we talk of the USA having an
upcoming Pluto return, it takes 248 years for Pluto to return to the same

The only "separate force outside of it that is enforcing the evolution" that can
exist is what we humans call God/Goddess - that which created the individual
Souls in the first place. When we talk of evolutionary intentions for a country
or a planet, that is obviously beyond the sphere of the Souls of the individual
humans, animals, etc. that inhabit a country/planet. In the broader picture
the human, animal, plant etc. Souls here are attracted to this particular planet
because the evolutionary intentions for the planet as a whole align in some
way with the evolutionary intentions of those individual Souls. It all comes
down to the nature of the desires.


It symbolizes that the Soul has skippped steps prior to the current life that
must be recovered in the current life in order for personal growth to continue.
The node that last formed a conjunction to Pluto is the "resolution" node, or
the node that will be used to integrate and resolve the skipped steps (if the
South Node last formed a cojunction to Pluto then the South Node and it's
planetary ruler will be used to integarte the current evolutionary lessons
symbolized by Pluto's polarity point and the NN). In the case of Pluto square
the nodal axis the Soul has not fully developed the lessons reflected by either
of the nodes and so has skipped steps to resolve in both areas (NN and SN).
The Soul has attempted to evade or escape these lessons by fluxating back
and forth between the behaviors of the South Node and the North Node (so
neither area has been fully resolved or developed). In the current life then, the
Soul must fully recover or resolve those skipped steps (it is a critical
evolutionary juncture for any Soul that has this natal signature).
In terms of transits, transits symbolize critical times from an evolutionary
point of view where the core lessons in the natal chart are emphasized to be
resolved, and growth is intended to occur in an accleterated/intensifed
manner. The specific transit will of course reflect the core dynamcis to be
worked upon. The example you gave is great of pluto in aspect to Venus which
is the PR of your South node with natal Pluto sqaure the nodal axis.
Pluto transit that squares the natal nodal axis correlates to a time frame in
which the Soul is recovering a "skipped step" in order for evolution to proceed
(any planet square the nodal axis reflects a skipped step from an evolutionary
point of view). The skipped step pertains to both the South and North Nodes
because the Soul has attempted to avoid resolving dynamics of the
evolutionary past (South Node) by "jumping to" to dynamics of the
evolutionary future (North Node). This process is intensified to its maximum
point as Pluto represents the Soul and it's ongoing metamorphic process (we
usually experience the "darkest of the dark" and the "lightest of the light" so
to speak during a Pluto transit).
The skipped step that is being recovered at the time of the transit is
reflected in the house and sign of transiting Pluto and the natal nodal axis. It is
important to note that we must interpret any transit in the context of the core
evolutionary/karmic intentions of the birth chart (the foundation of the birth
chart is symbolized by: Pluto's natal position by house and sign, Pluto's
polarity point, the lunar nodes and their respective rulers).
The core themes described in Pluto vol 1 written by JWG about the core
evolutionary intentions/meaning of natal Pluto square the nodal axis are the
same as a transit of Pluto square the nodal axis. It may be helpful to reread
this section of Pluto 1 to help understand the transit. The difference between
a transit and the natal chart is that a transit reflects a specific "time frame" or
period of time in which core themes become a central focus in the Soul's
evolutionary journey for the duration of the transit. The natal chart reflects
central/core dynamics that will be prevalent through out the entire life. Again,
to correctly interpret any transit we must use the natal chart as it provides the
necessary context for understanding the specific meaning/intentions of
transit. Please feel free to ask if you need clarification about anything I have
written or have further questions.
AN OPPOSITION symbolizes that something has reached an extreme, and
must be brought back into a state of balance. In order to do this, we must
"throw off" specific dynamics symbolized by the planets by house and sign
that are creating an extremity. For example, if I have Venus/Pluto oppostion,
this dynamic would be specific to relationships in the context of the issues of
equality, and reaching a balanced state of giving and receiving within
relationships, and also the person's inner relationship with themselves. The
oppostion symbolizes that the person is throwing off extremes relative to his
or her approach to relationships in general, and must also change his or her
inner relationship with him or herself that created these types of
relationships. (The nodal axis is included in this).
JWG writes about the semi sextile that involves Pluto, "The emergence or
formation of a conscious and egocentric identification with the new
evolutionary purpose or cycle. Random action narrows as the individual
begins to sense specific directions or experiences that will allow realization or
discovery of what the new evolutionary purpose or cycle is about."

She has Pluto semi sextile the sn. That indicates a couple things.
The familiarity, on an egocentric level (sn) that the soul has established with
it's evolutionary intention is still relatively new. Her soul has thus created an
identity that has engaged in many different projects and experiences for itself
within her community/social causes and relationships (sn in Libra in 11th)- in
order to find the right path/purpose for her to completely devote herself to
(Pluto in the 12th).

The other thing that it indicates to me, I think, is that it implies a relationship
that is yet unrefined. There has been frustration for this soul as the intent to
devote herself to a transcendent cause has been constantly met by crisis (semi
sextile?) in which she is time and time again disempowered by the powers
that be. This has created a great tension whereby has often dissociated and
checked out whenever she has been faced with any threat from someone who
doesn't understand who she is. A paranoia that leaves her, for a time being,
almost catatonic.

is a semi sextile and inconjunct the thing- however the semi sextile only
referring to the 30 degree elongation?"

No, they are not the same thing. In JWG's second Pluto book there is a
complete discription of the aspects and the phases they take place within.
Please refer to this so that you more fully understand all aspects in the
CONTEXT OF THE PHASES they take place within.
health problems would start with the Pancreas. Would you mind explaining
why? I recall the pancreas is associated with venus? Would venus squaring
Pluto here imply any kind of genetic condition that exists as a neccesary
evolutionary catalsyst to get her to slow down?"


The pancreas correlates with Pluto, Scorpio, and the 8th House, among
other correlations. Reflect on the function of the pancreas and this should
then become crystal clear. Yes, the Venus square Pluto does correlate with a
genetic condition. Any planet in the 12th, by the way, also correlates with
genetic conditions. The areas in the body that I mentioned before in the post
from Bradley all correlate to potential breakdown points in her genetics that
would cause her to necessarily slow down.
So it seems the pancreas produces a juice that contains enzymes that serve to
further break down the various protein, carbohydrates and fats into a liquid
substance (chyme) which is when the extraction of nutrients begins.

All this being Pluto- enzymes, break down etc. With high, unchecked energy,
constant doing- Mars Aries inconjunct to Pluto- is the issue that this would put
a stress on the pancreas, whereby it would not produce the liquid required for
further digestion of the food- thus creating a whole stream of digestive health
issues? My exact question is: What exactly, on a physiological level, would
happen to the Pancreas?
The pancreas also regulates the level of sugar within the system which is
why it's correlates to things like diabetes and hypoglycemia. Stress is that
which can impact on the functioning of the pancreas. Stress produces a great
build up of, among other things, lactic acid in the red blood cells. In turn this
lactic acid creates stress in the muscles and want to make them clamp down.
Clamping down on the pancreas thus affects it's ability to function correctly.
When that happens then the levels of sugar fluctuate wildly as well as the
regulation of the digestive enzymes. With her Mars inconjunct her Pluto this
of course correlates to not slowing down, of just keeping going. This creates
the stress. Mars correlates, among other things, to the adrenals. And the
adrenals correlates to the levels of adrenalin and cortisone within the
system. When there is too much adrenalin due to being out of balance due
to not honoring the systems need to relax, it then produces to much lactic
acid. The adrenals in the women also correlates to the levels of female
hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. So, for her, she could also
deeply impact on the health of her female system.

Can you clarify this soul's tendency for monogamy or non monogamy...
especially in light of a last quarter Venus Pluto square?"


The issue of monogamy will be an ongoing struggle for her Soul. Given the
nature of her evolutionary stage, coming out of the 2nd Stage individuated,
relative to her S.Node in Libra in the 11th, it's ruler in Leo in the 9th squaring
her Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th, she has desired a total freedom to explore,
to discover, her own self in an unlimited way. She has not wanted to be
'bound' by anything, or anyone. She has thus giving herself the freedom to
be with whomever she has wanted to be with whenever she wanted to be
with them. And this is indeed part of the ongoing struggle in intimate
relationships with her that come into this life because there would have
been others who wanted her to be committed or monogamous to them.

This would of course have created confrontations and many wounded

feelings by those who did attempt to limit her own need for freedom. Some
would have even been traumatized by this. And this would have been
confusing, the 12th House Pluto in Scorpio square the Venus in the 9th, to
her because she would have been honest from the beginning with
whomever. Honest in the sense of telling whomever about her nature: that
she could be with whomever for a certain amount of time, but not 'forever'
in the sense of just remaining committed to that one person. When that has
occurred in other lives it has, and will mean in the current life, that certain
others have not been honest with themselves in terms of what they could or
could not live with: her nature that needed freedom in general, freedom to
be with others whenever she wanted to.

All of this is intensified by the fact that her Mars is in Gemini in the 7th, full
phase inconjunct back to that Pluto in the 12th, the Mars of course the ruler
of her N.Node in Aries in the natural Leo house, the Mars sextiling the
S.Node ruler in Leo in the 9th. Of course these aspects all correlate to the
fact that her Soul has, and will be, meeting lot's and lot's of people in a
variety of social contexts. Thus, she will be experiencing many attractions to
many of these people. One of the main vehicles that creates these
attractions to others are those with whom she will have a high degree of
intellectual and philosophical compatibility with, those that trigger her own
intellectual and intuitive capacities. This intellectual/ philosophical meeting
ground can thus trigger her emotional/ sexual responses to others. As a
result, she can experience a multiple of attractions very quickly, or even at
the same time.

What to do with these various attractions can thus correlate to 'crisis' in the
sense of whom to actually become involved with emotionally/ sexually, and
whom not. This crisis is intentional by her Soul because it is indeed learning,
on an ongoing basis, that very lesson of whom to become intimate with and
whom not, and for what reasons either way. In essence to exercise
discrimination. One form that these crisis could take in order to enforce such
a lesson is a physical one in the sense of creating sexual diseases for herself
that occur through not being discriminate with others. Another form of crisis
could manifest by others confronting her relative to the duplicity of being
attracted to many others while being with them.

What will typically happen to such a Soul, at some point, is that she will
become attracted to another Soul with whom she will want to commit to in
every way: another Soul that symbolizes and represents everything that she
feels that she needs. And when that happens she will then want to make a
conscious choice to commit to just that one person: her Venus in Leo square
her Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th. The crisis of belief within that last quarter
square would be about believing that she needed absolute freedom to do
whatever, be with whomever, to now needing, believing, that she needed
just one other.

When that finally happened another crisis could then happen: that this one
other that she finally found would very likely wound not be able to commit
to one other that she herself wants to do. In other words another partner
who be much like the way she had been herself for many lifetimes. This
likelihood is symbolized by her N.Node in Aries in the Leo House, inconjunct
back to her Pluto in the 12th, it's ruler that very Mars in Gemini in her 7th,
sextile her Venus in Leo in the 9th. In essence another who 'mirrored' her
former self.

This would be intentional by her own Soul. This kind of mirroring affect is for
her own self learning purposes. And this self learning is for her to continue
to evolve. And one of those evolutionary intentions, as symbolized by her
Venus square the Pluto is the lesson of commitment itself: the value of being
committed to one other Soul on a Soul/ emotional/ sexual basis. So, in
essence, she will learn to become monogamous and VALUE IT.



Pineal gland with Pluto

Thymus gland with Pluto and the hormone called thymosin
B and T cells with Saturn
Immune system in general with specific co-rulers depending on other
functions in the body that correlate with immunity. For example, with Pluto
because of it's correlation with the intestinal tract.
The feet.
To the spleen with is co-ruled with Pluto and Venus


All fluids in the body with co-rulers being Pluto and the Moon

Chakra system

The crown chakra

The sacral chakra with co-ruler Jupiter
The astral body

Neptune also correlates with the phenomena of consciousness, the

consciousness of the Soul. It correlates with sleep/being awake, dreams,
visions, and hallucinations that occur within consciousness.
pluto paradigm- in total- gives us an understanding of the core dynamics
within any Soul relative to the correlations of Pluto, Pluto's polarity point, the
nodes, their rulers.The Pluto paradigm is like the foundation of a house
because it serves as the bottom line upon which all other factors in the birth
chart are interpreted and given meaning.

If however a soul has Aries on the 8th with no planets in Aries- is it true to say
that in this life, the intent for that soul is to transform the pre-existing
limitations and development from previous lives that are implied by natal


No. It would not be the natal Mars, but the S.Node of Mars by sign, house,
and aspects to it. The current position, the natal position, of Mars correlates
to how to move forwards in this life in order to evolve beyond where the
Soul left off with the existing desires from past lifetimes. It is essential to
remember that all desires emanate from the Soul. And that the root of such
desires to evolve, the ongoing evolutionary journey of the Soul, is of course
all symbolized by the natal position of Pluto, and it's polarity point. Mars, as
an archetype, is the lower octave of Pluto that instinctually acts out, acts
upon, those desires emanating from the Soul itself.


"And thus Aries on the 8th house- only in light of whatever Mars is doing-
would indicate where a soul left off?"


The S.Node of Mars would indicate where the desires emanating from the
Soul was left off relative to it's desires to evolve. Aries on the 8th would
then symbolize the Soul's intention in this life to confront and evolve beyond
those existing limitations: of where those desires was left off. The current
life Mars will then, for the entire life, correlate to where and how this will be
done, and the N.Node of Mars will correlate the new desires emanating
from the Soul to how and where the desires symbolized by the natal Mars
will evolve themselves which are relative to the Pluto's natal polarity point.
I was wondering why we don't look at the sn of Pluto first and read the south
node of the Moon as a vehicle for the sn of Pluto? I am beginning to grasp the
trinity- however,


The Soul, again, has it's own unique identity as created by the Source, or
God. As such, it has it's own ego that creates an image in the Soul of that
unique identity. The awareness of that unique Soul identity is a function of
evolution itself which finally leads be being self aware, and has the evolved
capacity, at some point, to objectify itself. The S and N Nodes of Pluto
correlate to this ongoing evolutionary development of the Soul from within
itself. The natal position of the current life Pluto simultaneously correlates to
what the desires have been within the Soul for it's own development, thus
where it left off in those lives that have lead to the current life, and the
evolutionary intent for the current life for it's evolution to proceed: the
natural polarity point of that natal Pluto. The S.Node of Pluto, by it's own
house and sign location, aspects to it from other planets, aspects to it's
natural planetary ruler all correlates to archetypes and dynamics that the
Soul has used to develop itself, evolve itself, relative the it's core desires for
it's evolution that is symbolized in the natal position of Pluto itself. The
N.Node of Pluto correlates to how and why the Soul evolves itself from
within itself: what it needs to continue in it's evolution. Other planets that
aspect this N.Node are archetypes that correlate to this ongoing evolution of
the Soul within itself.

In order for all these internal dynamics within the Soul itself that
correlate to it's own ongoing evolution it must project or externalize itself
through the creation of forms: the human form. This natural law or principle
is the same as of what we call the Source of All Things, or God, projecting
and externalizing itself in the form of what we call CREATION. What we call
God does this in order to know itself in all of these forms in the totality of
Creation. So too with the individual Soul. The Soul needs to project or
externalize itself in order to know itself, to objectify itself.

So the Soul projects and externalizes itself form life to life in the form of
the lifetimes that it lives that are all finite. The Soul itself is infinite just as
God itself is infinite. Each finite life that the Soul projects from within itself,
just as God projects each individualized Soul from within itself, reflects and
symbolizes the core desires from within the Soul that reflect it's own
ongoing evolutionary desires to evolve. As a result of this projection form
life to life we then have the birth charts for each of those lives that reflect
the finite forms that the Soul creates in order to affect it's ongoing
evolution. In each of these finite forms that the Soul creates it thus creates a
consciousness that has it's own subjective self awareness that we call the
ego or 'I'. And of course that subjective ego , the egocentric structure, is a
projection from the Soul itself in order to know itself relative to the finite
form it has created in each life that reflects it's ongoing evolutionary needs
and requirements.

The subjective 'I' or ego that is created in each life by the Soul of course is
the archetype of the Moon. The evolutionary journey of the Soul through
time is thus symbolized through all the different finite forms or lives that it
creates that are determined by it's evolutionary needs and desires. And it is
each of these finite lives that the Soul creates that the birth chart correlates
too. And in each of those lives the finite ego does indeed 'die' , just as the
body dies. Yet the memories of each life are sustained and live on within the
Soul itself. And it is these ongoing evolutionary experiences from life to life
that are the ongoing determinant and cause for yet another life.

"why does Pluto represent the soul's evolutionary desires from previous lives
whereas all the other planets, assuming they are not in aspect to any node (or
pluto) do not innately imply past lives?"


Because Pluto correlates to the Soul itself, and within that, the natural
law of evolution. It correlates to what the desires of the Soul has been that
has lead to the current life, and the desires that correlate to it's ongoing
evolutionary needs. This is contained with Pluto, the Soul, itself. All the
other planets in a current life birth chart are thus created by the Soul for it's
ongoing evolutionary needs that are reflected in it's desires. The current life
birth planets do have their own N and S Nodes. It is the S.Nodes of these
planets that do correlate to the past life dynamics that the Soul has created
for itself that have lead to the current life, and the position of whatever
planet IN THIS LIFE that symbolizes the current life's evolutionary needs.

The current life position brings the past forwards through it: the S.Node
coming through the current position of the planet itself. The N.Node of the
planet in turn correlates to the ongoing evolutionary journey of the Soul as
it continues to evolve through each of the archetypes of all the planets. The
cause of that evolution is the Soul, not any of the other planets themselves.
The natural polarity point of the natal Pluto is the bottom line evolutionary
intent for the Soul in each life. It is the primary cause that causes the
N.Nodes of all the other planets to actualize according to that primary
evolutionary intention. The natal planet, in the current life, birth chart,
serves to integrate the past and the future in each moment FOR THE ENTIRE

EA paradigm, in general how much "weight" should we

put on the south and north nodes of the planets when
working with a chart?

Obviously we put a lot of weight (or emphasis) on the

north and south nodes of the Moon.
How much then to give to the nodes of Pluto itself?
and how much to give to all the rest of the planets?

If some planets are highlighted in the chart for various

reasons e.g on an angle, part of a tight aspect pattern,
or a moon node ruler, or in aspect to Pluto etc, would
that mean the nodes of these planets become more
important in chart analysis?

Pluto and it's Nodes, planetary rulers, aspects to these from other planets,
correlate to the root structure within any birth chart. And from that root all
else, the S.N.Nodes of the Moon, their planetary rulers, aspects to these
points, are 'birthed' from that root. It's like a tree that has branches where
the root produces the trunk of the tree, and the trunk then produces
branches with leaves. This core root and it's branches within the birth chart
is treated EQUALLY for it is the very structure of the chart itself. If we
understand this root structure within the birth chart and relate it to the
natural law of cause and effect then we can understand that core structure
within the birth chart at once. It will, of itself, induce inductive logic. And
from there we can then understand the origins and causes of all the specific
leaves manifesting from the branches, i.e. why is this Mars in Gemini
squaring Mercury in Pisces.

Fundamental root of any chart

- Pluto (sign/house)
- Pluto's nodes (sign/house)
- Pluto's nodal rulers (sign/house)
- aspects from all of the above to other planets (and their signs/houses - and if
more info is required, also their nodes)

From there, the the sign/house of the Moon's nodes, Moon's nodal rulers,
and Pluto's polarity point are brought in. Then aspects from all these to other
planets (and their signs/houses). Also at this level a planet's nodes can be
examined if more info was required.

Then progression to examination of any other part of the chart that thus
becomes implicated out of this.
How Does PPP Differ To Pluto's N.Node In This Regard:
The N.Node of Pluto reflects the ongoing evolutionary development of the
Soul from within itself that is then actualized through the creation,
projection, externalization of itself via the finite form it creates in each life.
This is symbolized by the polarity point of Pluto in the current life birth
chart. The Soul, from within itself, of course contains all the previous
identities, singular life/ finite forms, that it has ever lived. It also contains
within itself all the different possibilities, future life / finite forms, that could
occur. That which can occur is dependent of what the Soul, within itself,
DESIRES. Those desires have been the prior life causes of what has already
taken place. And in each of those lives the Soul created the necessity of
subjective egocentric identities, finite life forms, for the desires to be
actualized which of course has lead to yet more desires to evolve that have
lead to yet another life. In each of these lives the Soul, from within itself, has
had a N.Node that has symbolized those ongoing evolutionary
developmental desires. And in each life those desires are then actualized by
way of the polarity point of Pluto in each life, the individual birth chart. It's
like, from within the Soul itself, it says " I need or desire to evolve in the
following way: it's N.Node, and in order to do this I will actualize it like this:
the polarity point of Pluto in the individual life that it creates, in each life. "

The Nodes of Pluto stay in signs, i.e. Cancer/ Capricorn, or whatever signs,
about 2,000 years. Most Souls of course will have more than one life within
a span of 2,000 years. So the core evolutionary desires from within the Soul
exist beyond the singularity of one finite life. In each of those singular lives
the Soul continues to desire to evolve in this core archetypal way that is then
actualized through each of the specific singular/ finite lives that it lives. And
it each of those singular lives that core evolutionary intent within the Soul is
actualized by the polarity point of Pluto in those lives: the birth chart that
that symbolizes this entire process.

Let's make a simple example of these dynamics. Let's say person x has in
their current birth chart a 9th House Pluto in Leo, the S.Node of Pluto being
in Capricorn in the 2nd, which is ruled by Saturn in Leo in the 9th. The
N.Node of Pluto would be in Cancer in the 8th, and Pluto's polarity point
would be in Aquarius in the 3rd. The Pluto in the 9th in Leo would correlate
to a Soul that has desired to understand and actualize itself by way of
understanding the nature of the cosmos, and the Natural Laws of Creation. It
has spent many, many lives in relative isolation, the S.Node of Pluto in
Capricorn in the 2nd, in order to inwardly contemplate that nature of
Creation in order to realize by way of that isolated contemplation the nature
of these Natural Laws which thus become the very basis of the Soul's inner
relationship to itself: the 2nd House. This, in turn would constitute the Souls
core sense of meaning for existence, of that which held the core meaning for
life itself.

The ruler of that S.Node is also in Leo in the 9th. This would restate the
Soul actualizing these core desires within the context of Nature, living and
being within Nature in order to inwardly know all the Natural Laws that are
responsible for Creation, Leo, itself. In relation to the S.Node being in the
2nd these symbols put together correlate to a natural loner who has realized
what it has desired in essential isolation in this way.

Yet, in this way, the Soul has reached an evolutionary limit, and needs to
continue to evolve. The Soul, from within itself, realizes this which is then
symbolized by it's N.Node being in Cancer in the 8th House: the desire and
need to jump out of the well of it's own isolation, and to then engage and
help other Souls on their own evolutionary journey. In so doing the Soul will
then necessarily interact with other Souls and THEIR REALITIES: the
interaction of the S and N Nodes of Pluto where Capricorn correlates to the
archetype of reality, the realities of Earth itself. In this interaction with
others it thus causes the Soul from within itself to confront it's own
evolutionary limitations that then creates the ongoing awareness of what it
needs to continue to evolve itself. This confrontation can then cause the
Soul to feel insecure from within itself as it is required to evolve beyond
where it was by way of it's own understandings of the nature of reality on
this Earth that are reflections of the Natural Laws of Creation. These
confrontations are intended so that the Soul can evolve beyond where it
has already been.

In order for these core Soul intentions to evolve it then creates a singular
or finite life in which the polarity point of the natal Pluto is in Aquarius in
the 3rd. This will manifest, in the context of the example we are using, by
creating a life in which the very opposite of where it has been: living alone in
relative isolation within Nature. The Soul now will create a life in which it
will be totally involved with others who are living within the world, in their
cities, wherever whole groups of people exist: Aquarius in the 3rd. And, in
this way, purposefully engage the realities of countless others who have all
kinds of ideas, opinions, points of vies, ideas, and philosophies from a to z,
so to speak. And all of this will then of course impact on the Soul's current
state of understanding the nature of reality that it has already realized in it's
past. The Soul then has another choice to make: it can retreat back to where
it has been in order to remain secure from within itself, or make a choice to
continue to grow from within itself due to the confrontations to that existing
reality through the diversity of ideas manifesting within these groups of
people, other individuals.

If it makes the choice to proceed in this way it will then of course

continue to evolve which reflects the intention of Pluto's N.Node in Cancer
in the 8th. That N.Node of Cancer of course will be ruled by the current life
Moon, it's egocentric structure created in the current life. So the underlying
dynamics within the Soul that we have been discussing will then be focused,
like a lens in a movie projector that creates images on a screen, into a
current life identity, the 'I' of the current life. This is the natural law of how a
Soul externalizes or projects itself from life to life by creating an 'image' of
itself that correlates to the entire 'movie' of that life.
Lets say a Soul with Pluto in the 2nd House Virgo, Pluto SN in the 7th
Capricorn, ruler Saturn in the 10th Taurus, trine Pluto and trine Pluto SN. Pluto
NN in Cancer in the 1st House, ruler the Moon in the 2nd House Virgo
conjunct Pluto. With Pluto in the 2nd House Virgo, the Soul has passed many
lives in relative isolation and relating to himself in order to discover its own
sense of value, relating to himself in critical ways.

The SN of Pluto in the 7th would then indicate that the Soul had prior desires
to have its sense of identity created through relationships with others.
Through patriarchal conditioning (Pluto SN in Capricorn), its patterns of
relatedness to others (7th House) become overly defined by responsibility and
authority. Thus, this Soul attempted to have its sense of identity created
through relationships with others which were, then, defined by responsibility
and by a sense of authority which was dependent on being acknowledged by

With the planetary ruler of Pluto SN being Saturn in the 10th House Taurus,
the Soul gravitated towards positions of relative social authority. With this
Saturn being trine to Pluto SN in the 7th Capricorn, and trine Pluto in the 2nd
Virgo, not only the Souls patterns of relatedness with others and sense of
identity obtained through relationships (7th House, Cap), but also its own
sense of value (2nd House) were defined by dynamics of authority. The Soul
would have desired to be acknowledged by its social role, and would have also
been increasingly relating to others being in authority positions within society.
Its own sense of values would have become dependent on social validation
and/or by validation by other social authorities (the trine between Saturn and
Pluto). This would have created very fixed and narrow patterns of self identity
in relationships to others and to himself. This would have also set the scenario
for the Souls downfall from any positions of social authority.

If the Pluto SN correlates to older chapters in the Souls evolution coming

through the past symbolized by Pluto, it would be these dynamics that created
the conditions for the Souls need to go deeper within itself (2nd House Pluto
in Virgo) to critically find out from within what its real value and values were,
regardless of validation by others and by society. The trine between Pluto and
Saturn (PSN ruler) would indicate also that in some lives the Soul was put by
others in situations of confinement and isolation. There would also be guilt
because of the Souls prior submission to socially defined values and
authorities and how this submission defined its patterns of relationships,
versus creating its own value associations.
Upon a large series of lifetimes in this condition, the Soul would now require
to go out of isolation in order to confront others and gain through
confrontation an increasing awareness of what his values and resources are
and how he can relate to others and serve others in a new way, a way not be
excessively dependent on others validation from consensus point of view.

The NN of Pluto in the 1st House Cancer would correlate to the Souls need to
create a new series of experiences for himself, ie. not dependent on
relationships with others. The Pluto NN being in Cancer would correlate to the
need of de-conditioning itself from patriarchal set of values and approaches
which had defined the Soul, through a search of meaning from within, by
means of emotional self-relatedness.

The ruler of Pluto NN being the Moon in the 2nd House Virgo would indicate
that this new set of experiences and searches of emotional nature would have
the purpose for the Soul to go deeper into itself though further experiences of
relative isolation and withdrawal, in order to gain increasing self sufficiency
and reformulate its self-image from within. Thus, the Soul would need to keep
confronting others in order to face its limitations in value associations (PPP in
the 8th) thus creating new emotional experiences (PNN in the 1st Cancer)
leading to further isolation though, now intending to gain self reliance and
deeper knowledge of its value and resources, this fueling the purpose to keep
on going toward others despite the feedback received. There would be a
theme of repetition and reviewing of the past life experiences of isolation,
though, given the Moon rulership of the PNN, the need would be to integrate
this experiences in a new way, this allowing in the long run not to perpetuate
this isolated condition but to keep on seeking confrontation with a
transformed self-image and greater self-reliance.
Pluto in Leo in 4th, Pluto's polarity point (PPP) in Aquarius
in 10th
Pluto S.Node in Capricorn in 9th, ruler Saturn in Sag 8th
(and conjuncting the Moon's N.Node there too)
Pluto N.Node in Cancer in 2nd, ruler Moon in Gem 2nd
(and conjuncting the Moon's S.Node there too
This would correlate to a Soul that has embarked on a new evolutionary cycle,
desiring to actualise itself through the development of internal security. In a
nutshell this would be achieved by attaining emotional maturity, creatively
establishing it's own individuality through it's own efforts, and uniting the
anima and animus within itself (Pluto Leo 4th). It would have done this in the
context of having spent many lives travelling in different lands, experiencing
different cultures, and expanding it's understanding of natural laws and nature
itself (Pluto S.Node in 9th).

With Pluto S.Node ruler, Saturn, being in the 8th house in Sag, within each
society that was lived in it would have been involved in a "hands on" way. It
would correlate to someone who would learn by getting deeply involved in
situations with other people (8th). For a Soul at consensus reality level, as an
example, perhaps setting up business (Sat) of an entrepreneurial kind (Sag), or
becoming involved in the political or judicial structure of that society at a local
or national government level. Alternatively, if the Soul was at the individuated
reality stage ... they may have formed close associations with powerful
people, outsiders to society, for the purposes of occult study (8th, Sag),
operation of black markets (Sat, 8th) etc. If in the spiritual stage they may
have joined spiritual groups for experiments with alchemy, study of scriptures
etc (Sat, Sag 8th).

As the Soul experienced the limits of itself it would have desired to evolve
beyond them, symbolised by Pluto N.Node in Cancer in 2nd. This would
represent a need to become less entangled in the affairs of any society and
the individuals so involved, and a need to stop travelling around and to settle
down more, gravitating to the relative isolation of living in just one place in
order to develop a more personal self sufficiency and self reliance. To
establish it's own set of values that made sense to just itself, instead of all the
time incorporating the needs of other people it had attached to, into its sense
of what was important. Taking care of the needs of its own self and immediate
family members only.

In so doing external confrontations would occur as it withdrew from

relationships of a societal and dependent nature, and internal confrontations
via the insecurity it felt in then not being able to draw upon others for
resources, advantage and as symbols of power ... a sense of loss of power and
powerlessness would accompany the transition.

So ...stemming from these inner evolutionary desires and thus needs of the
Soul, which are to move towards Cancer in 2nd house experiences (Pluto
N.Node) and in turn doing that via Gemini in 2nd house experiences (Pluto
N.Node ruler), a new life would be created to implement these core
intentions, and in this case it is one where the PPP is in Aquarius in 10th.

And as an extension of that ... the Moon S.Node in Gem 2nd, and Moon
N.Node in Sag 8th. However the Soul has also manifested in this new life the
Moon conjuncting the Moon S.Node, and Saturn conjuncting the Moon
N.Node. Here's where the paradoxes lie: the Soul's (Pluto's) nodal rulers,
Saturn and Moon, are now each conjuncting one of the Moon's nodes in the
new life !

With the Soul's (Pluto's) S.Node ruler in Sag in 8th, in theory the Soul has
finished with that as a way of realising it's S.Node (Cap in 9th) intentions and
is desiring to move towards Cancer in 2nd shown by Pluto N.Node, via 2nd
house Gemini experiences shown by the placement of Pluto N.Node ruler, the

Where it's aiming for in it's new life form is to realise the Aquarius 10th house
archetype shown by PPP in the chart of the new life. And by doing this the
Soul will be effecting it's evolutionary desire symbolised by Cancer in the 2nd
The life implied by PPP is one where the Soul will move again in society but in
a different way to before. The intense, and possibly heavy, involvements of the
8th house from past lives give way to the more open (Aqu) and contributory
manner of the 10th .Thus the person will be bringing everything they learnt
(Sag), experienced (9th), and osmosed (8th) from past lives into a form (10th)
that can be used in a much larger and more objective (Aqu) way in society. In
other words the test will be - can they put their knowledge (Sag learning from
past lives) to good use (10th) in this life in a way that benefits many people,
not just themselves or others they are intimately entangled with (Plu S.Node
ruler and Moon N.Node Saturn- in 8th). Additionally they will be associating
with groups of others of like mind based on broad human interests, innovative
explorations and networking (Aqu) rather than the secretive and murky kinds
of associations they may have involved themselves in the past (Plu S.Node
ruler in 8th) and may still do (Moon N.Node in 8th) . All the while, building on
the Souls core singular evolutionary intention and progress to date (Pluto in
4th), and a major part of its intentions for the future as well (Cancer in
2nd): actualising internal security.
This will be effected in the current life by a fair amount of reliving the past
(paradox) as the Moon is conjunct the Moons S.Node in Gem, and Saturn is
conjunct the Moons N.Node in Sag.

The Moons S.Node indicates the lessons the Soul has been learning before as
part of actualising internal security, and being in Gemini this would have
involved dynamics and the circumstances they created relating to, amongst
other things, communications, thinking, study and commerce (Mercury ruling
the Moons S.Node). This indicates that the Souls previous intense
involvements from many lifetimes ago (Pluto S.Node ruler Saturn in 8th) had
morphed into a lighter and less focussed way of relating to people in recent
past lives, and that the Soul has been learning how to relate to much more
diverse, and perhaps more common elements of society. This may have
actually been a necessary preparatory step towards the future desire of
withdrawing more from society (Pluto N.Node in Cancer 2nd) in that it may
have afforded the Soul more choice in those lives, which would have been
helpful on the way to coming closer to the self reliance and self sufficiency of
the 2nd house. Also the Moons S.Node being in the 2nd house shows that the
Soul has in recent lives already started learning the lessons it needs to,
indicated by the Plutos N.Node (2nd house).

The Soul desires to move towards realisation of the Cancer in 2nd archetype
(Pluto N.Node) with its ruler the Moon being instrumental in this this is the
Souls future. But with the Moon conjuncting the Moons S.Node in the
current life this future process is now partially brought forward, hastened, due
to the fact that experiences related to the Moon will be relived or fruited in
some way (Moon conj Moons S.Node).
The Moons N.Node indicates the new way for the Soul to operate, new
lessons to learn in this current (new) life that will help the Soul realise the PPP
in this life, i.e to actualise self determination, discipline, social responsibility
and to establish their individuality and authority within society. The lessons
that will help the Soul achieve this will seem very familiar for this Soul, as they
are shown by the Moons N.Node in Sag in 8th which it has experienced
before (Plu S.Node ruler territory) and thus will remember on a Soul level.

Since Saturn is conjuncting the Moons N.Node and Saturn is also Plutos
S.Node ruler, the Soul has done all of this before in previous lives (as described
above). Here again there will be a lot of reliving as a result, but being at the
N.Node there will be the chance to do the same things in new or better ways,
to make different choices when faced with circumstances, situations and
dynamics that the Soul has experienced in (perhaps quite recent) past lives.

Obviously Jupiter (Moons N.Node in Sag ruler) will be a key factor in what
these choices will be. As examples of the extremes of the situation, if it was in
the 4th or 2nd house it would strengthen the likelihood that the Soul would
make choices in line with its own core inner intentions (Pluto N.Node in
Cancer in 2nd), whereas if it was in the 10th or the 9th house it may gravitate
to old ways (Pluto S.Node in Cap in 9th) of dealing with similar situations
encountered freshly in the new current life.

So in summary, while this Soul is embarking on a new evolutionary cycle

(Pluto in 4th) its new current life that it has manifested is still intricately
connected to relatively recent previous lives, and it will use material from
those lives as part of its efforts to further its evolutionary intentions.

By realising its PPP it will be establishing its own individuality on a much

more tangible basis than previously (PPP 10th house is more immediate than
Pluto S.Node Cap), in a much more open way (PPP Aqu compared to Moons
S.Node in 2nd , Pluto S.Node ruler in 8th). This in turn will prepare the Soul to
come closer to its future desire (Pluto N.Node in Cancer in 2nd) as it will have
completed a major involvement in society in a number of varying ways, and
achieved a significant amount of understanding of natural and metaphysical
laws and principles. Thus it will be able to withdraw largely on its own terms
which is a primary requisite for realising the 2nd house archetype of self
sufficiency & reliance.

During the current life the person may feel that their future and past are often
intertwined, with a strong feeling of dj vu at times. It may seem they are
repeating things they feel they have finished with long ago, and even in the
current life may restart things that they had thought theyd put behind them
long before - Souls (Plutos) nodal rulers conjunct this lifes (Moons) nodes.

By the end of this current life, the various kinds of involvement with people
that this Soul will have had via its 8th (Pluto S.Node ruler, Moon N.Node) and
4th (Pluto) houses, plus Gemini (Moon S.Node) and Moon (conjunct Moon
S.Node) will have taught it some very fundamental and also very varied things
about people and relationships with them. This will be preparing it for a more
simple Cancer orientated involvement with people in the future (Pluto N.Node
in Cancer)

When the SN conjuncts Pluto, it indicates one of three possible

conditions that will need to be examined and determined (relive,
fruition, or both). Does the same principle apply when the SN
planetary ruler is conjunct Pluto?

No. In that symbolism it is important to determine if that conjunction is a new

phase conjunction, or a balsamic conjunction. In both conjunctions the past
life dynamics of the Soul as symbolized by the house and sign of the S.Node,
and the location of it's planetary ruler by house and sign, which of course is
the natal house of the current life Pluto which is conjunct that S.Node ruler, is
being brought to a head so that the Soul can evolve beyond those existing
dynamics. In a balsamic conjunction it means that the Soul is reliving the past,
in the current life, that is specific to those dynamics as symbolized by the
house and sign of the S.Node, and the house and sign of natal Pluto conjunct
the S.Node ruler. It is those dynamics only versus the whole of one's life that
is being relived in the current life. The intention of the Soul in such a symbol is
the gain the deepest inner insights possible as to the nature of those
dynamics, and why they exist as they exist. It is this self knowledge gained in
such a relive that then serves as the basis of being released from those
dynamics. When that occurs it will lead to the new phase conjunction of the
S.Node ruler with the natal Pluto.

In the new phase conjunction the experience is very different. This means
that the Soul will indeed recreate dynamics, reflected through it's
circumstantial life, that are of it's past. Yet as those circumstances manifest
that do symbolize the past the Soul in this new phase conjunction is now
giving itself the evolutionary challenge to make NEW CHOICES as those past
life dynamics are repeated. The new choices thus allows the Soul to be finally
freed from those past life dynamics. The awareness of those new choices
occurs because of the active reflection that took place during the balsamic
conjunction when the S.Node ruler was conjunct natal Pluto.

Does this mean that an individual with the balsamic conjunction

should, in this current life, seek to fully understand, but not
expect to fully resolve the dynamics of the relive
The resolution occurs because of the understanding. And that
resolution rooted in the understanding is then brought
forwards into the next life where the new choices can then be
I know you said that the relive applies only to this dynamic, not
the whole life, but since we're talking about Natal Pluto and SN
here, then what does that mean for the current life intention
pointed to by PPP, NN, and nodal axis squares (missed steps)?
Can/should these be addressed and worked on simultaneously
The question you asked concerned the planetary ruler of the
S.Node being conjunct the natal Pluto. The polarity point of
Pluto, in the current life, is used by the Soul to create the
necessary understanding that leads to the resolution of those
dynamics in the case of the balsamic conjunction, and is used by
the Soul to create new choices relative to those existing
dynamics so that evolution can proceed in the new phase
conjunction. This is the baseline. The N.Node in both cases, and
the location of it's planetary ruler, are used by the Soul to
facilitate the development/ evolution of that baseline. The
squaring of the Nodes by Pluto, or other planets, is an entirely
different issue/ dynamic that has been covered extensively on
this message board, and also in the archives of the old message


My friend has Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house. He constantly talks about
the Oneness, and that all he wants to do is to Love. Here's another quote
from him:

"My ego has always been fragile. Scorpio Moon squaring Pluto, Pluto Polarity,
NN and SN tends to that nicely. So, it has been 'easy' to seek Leo's attention.
Being unusual, or eccentric, helps attract that attention. However the extreme
shyness and fear of rejection puts me in an inescapable box. How do I know if
I'm pushing forward, or taking the traditional SN 'easy way out'?
"So Aquarius aloofness, an air of indifference is 'easy' for me...but a mask for
the depth of emotion I so desire. Expansive beliefs, or mundane
communication? Big love, or ruthless, heartless indifference? The choice
that's 'easy' is apparently the 'wrong' one, if soul is to progress. I don't want
to learn indifference, or Zen 'detachment'. I just want to love. Then love some

"Jeff worked at Astrology et al...in the University district of Seattle. I took a

beginners course from him. He was incredibly insightful, not only in class, but
when he did my chart reading. And very charismatic. I remember writing him
a personal ten-page letter after his first book came out. It had hit me square
between my Pluto/Cap eyes when I needed it most! I just couldn't get over
how right-on revealing it was! I was living in So. California at the time, just
beginning my transformational process.

"The clash with my wife over belief systems is a serious one. It caused us to
divorce after 17 years of marriage when I was first exposed to metaphysics,
particularly astrology. I came back 15 years later (transformed somewhat)
thinking I was strong enough to go along with her, that is, sacrifice my beliefs
for the sake of family togetherness. That was 11 years ago. I find I cannot
stop my spiritual pursuits tho it hurts her greatly. In fact now I'm at a crisis

no polarity point in this case because his Pluto is conjunct his N.Node in Leo in
the 9th which means that his Soul, prior to this life, has already begun to
desire and focus on a variety of philosophies, religions, and metaphysics from
diverse cultures in order to understand the nature of Creation. That diversity is
symbolized by his S.Node in Aquarius in his 3rd house which itself is ruled by
his Uranus conjunct Mars in Gemini in his 7th House: the relativity of beliefs
and ideas coming from a vast array of sources. The Uranus/Mars in Gemini are
then ruled by his Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn in his 2nd House which
then forms a inconjunction with that Mars/Uranus, and also inconjunct his
Pluto in the 9th with the North Node. It also squares Neptune in Libra in his
In combination this pattern correlates to his Soul instinctually rebelling
against any system that proclaims and pretends to be 'the only way', the 'only'
right truth. His Soul already knows that many paths lead to the same goal: he
learned that prior to this life. He has already learned to rebel against anyone
trying to tell him that it's this or that truth or path. In that instinctual
rebellion he then attempts to establish and assert his own authority, his own
identity, his own inner relationship to himself: the 2nd house Mercury in
Capricorn retrograde. That Mercury is ruled by his Saturn also in Gemini in his
8th House. Thus his Soul sets up confrontations with others who attempt to
'prove' that their truth, their religion, their ideas are the only and correct
ones. This triggers his instinct to rebel and to then assert his own authority by
posing very adept questions to such limited people, the nature of the
questions posed of course threatening others who core sense of Soul security
is rooted in their need to blind themselves to the whole truth: to shield
themselves through the overlay of a specific religion or philosophy that
pretends to be the 'only way'.
With his Scorpio Moon squaring his Nodal Axis, and his Pluto, and that Moon
also inconjuncting his Saturn/Mars in the 7th, relationships, he has attracted
women over many lifetimes who have had a deep fear of being overpowered
by life, women who have deep emotional and psychological wounds linked
with abandonment caused through violations of trust. With that Moon
squaring his 9th House Pluto and N.Node these kinds of women then
'compensate' for those fears and psychological dynamics by trying to create an
entire reality that is defined by a religion or philosophy that pretends to be
the 'only way'. The implied certainty of a religion pretending to be the 'only
way' then creates that sense of psychological and emotional security within
these kinds of women. So of course when those kinds of women are then
presented with other ideas, other philosophies, other religions they can only
feel threatened all over again, abandoned one more time by yet another
partner who does not toe the line. Another 'crisis'.
And so then these kinds of women then attempt to create 'crisis' for him: this
threat, that threat, this claim, that claim about what is going to happen to him
if he does not toe their line, and this can of course include the fanatical
hysteria of all kinds of guilt trips emanating the dogmas of the religion that
the women belongs too. With his Mercury in Capricorn squaring that Neptune
in Libra in his 11th the nature of the types of 'groups' that belong to the kinds
of religions that these women do, this includes wives over many lifetimes, and
also has included the nature of his biological families at birth, are extreme and
fanatical in what they 'believe'. And the guilt trips that come from them
towards anyone who deviates from these religious dogmas are also extreme
and fanatical. A perfect example of this would be Mormonism.
Within these dynamics , and because of them, he then creates life after life in
which her marriage partner has no real idea of who he actually is, can not give
to him what he actually needs, and can not listen to him without feeling
threatened unless he parrots back what the nature of the indoctrination is as
defined by the religion or philosophy of his marriage partner. So of course the
question becomes why, why is he designing lives like this ?
The answer of course is seen in that Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn in his
2nd house: self reliance, emotional and psychological self reliance. His Soul
has been doing this by creating necessary 'counter-point' realities that are in
opposition to his actual nature, his actual inner reality. This then has the affect
of driving him in upon himself in order to learn this ongoing lesson is self-
reliance. This is the kind of process that he has designed that says 'not this,
not that': I am not this, I am not that, I don't believe this, and I don't believe
that. Thus, what am I ? What do I believe ? And so on. In this way he arrives
progressively to the knowledge of who he actually is, how the Natural God
designed him, his Soul, to be.
As this evolutionary process occurs it becomes an evolutionary imperative to
finally design an entire life that circumstantially looks like what his Soul is: no
variation, no deviation at all. And this includes the types of people he has in
his life as friends as well as that marriage mate. And thus a mate who
understands him and loves him as he is, a mate who can then give to him
what he actually needs.
When Pluto conjuncts the NN is does indiciate that the Soul has worked
towards actualizing the evolutionary intentions symbolized by the
house and sign position of the Pluto and the NN (in this case Leo/9th
house) that the Soul is meant to continue in that direction in this life.
That is why Pluto's polarity point does not apply in in that case. In other
words, the Soul is meant to keep going in the direction symbolized by
Pluto conjunct the North Node (full actualization of the evolutionary
intentions decribed by Pluto/NN conjunction). If there are other planets
forming aspects to the south Node then those planets will describe
areas of potential stagnation and blocks towards actualizing
Pluto/North Node evolutionary intentions. He is not being "left behind"
in less he is not acting to develop these evolutionary intentions. Any of
us can be "left behind" for a while in that context! (I mean when we go
through resistance towards our essential growth needs). I am being
humerous but the point is that Pluto conjunct the NN simply indicates a
specific life lesson (s) that must be accomplished. The choose to
cooperate or resist is his own. Yes, this person could and most likely
does have a gift to give relative to Pluto in leo/9th house conjuct the
NN. (very developed intuitive capacity, and natural teaching abilities for

Thank you for such an in-depth explanation of my friend's Pluto (soul)

dynamics. I love the way you have traced all the connections in his chart, and
put them into a cohesive whole that is easy to understand. I will pass this
information onto him ... and I'm sure he will be truly delighted ... as once
again EA has served him so well in his soul's journey.

He is now befriending other women, including myself, who understand the

diversity of beliefs. Some of these women are cyber-friends, and the
connection with them, via thoughts and words, validates his true beliefs and
the Oneness with the Universal Spirit. Yet ultimately he needs to find his own
self-reliance. I do understand that now.

I wonder whether he will cave in to his wife's demands, or courageously

reject them? Pluto is now transiting his 2nd house (containing Mercury 8.40
deg Cap Rx, and ruled by Jupiter conjunct MC) where his values, duality
system and belief systems will be subject to reformulation, expansion and
The answer to that question of course is an unknown cause of the
Natural Law of free choice. What can be said, given that his Scorpio
Moon is squaring his Nodes, with the ruler of the S.Node being in his
7th, is that he and his wife have done this very dance in prior lives. It is
indeed a 'skipped step' relative to his Soul's intention and evolutionary
need to totally break free once and for all. And, yet, for many of the
recent lifetimes he has been literally 'on the fence' in the sense of trying
to live in his two worlds at the same time: one world being who his Soul
actually is, and the other utterly divorced from who he actually is. As a
result, to be blunt, he has created a 'karma' of duplicity. The increasing
Pluto transit to his Mercury in Capricorn intention is to break free from
this duality once and for all. Whether he makes that choice is anyone's
guess at this point. And until he makes this choice this 'dance' will
continue to come up in his next life , and the next one, etc until that
choice is made
When Pluto conjuncts the NN is does indiciate that the Soul has worked
towards actualizing the evolutionary intentions symbolized by the house and
sign position of the Pluto and the NN (in this case Leo/9th house) that the Soul
is meant to continue in that direction in this life. That is why Pluto's polarity
point does not apply in in that case. In other words, the Soul is meant to keep
going in the direction symbolized by Pluto conjunct the North Node (full
actualization of the evolutionary intentions decribed by Pluto/NN
conjunction). If there are other planets forming aspects to the south Node
then those planets will describe areas of potential stagnation and blocks
towards actualizing Pluto/North Node evolutionary intentions. He is not being
"left behind" in less he is not acting to develop these evolutionary intentions.
Any of us can be "left behind" for a while in that context! (I mean when we go
through resistance towards our essential growth needs). I am being humerous
but the point is that Pluto conjunct the NN simply indicates a specific life
lesson (s) that must be accomplished. The choose to cooperate or resist is his
own. Yes, this person could and most likely does have a gift to give relative to
Pluto in leo/9th house conjuct the NN. (very developed intuitive capacity, and
natural teaching abilities for example).
In any chart that you see the Pluto conjunct the N.Node symbol it means that
there is no polarity point for Pluto because the intention of the Soul is to
continue it's evolutionary development as symbolized by the House and Sign
of the Pluto/N.Node conjunction which has already been underway prior to
the current life. And in any chart that one sees this will always mean, of
course, that the opposite sign of that Pluto/N.Node conjunction has already
been developed to the point of limiting the Soul's evolution if it remains
focused on that alone. If so, then the Soul arrives at a place of Plutonian
stagnation and non-growth.
So when the EA astrologer sees Pluto conjunct the N.Node in any chart it
means that the entire chart, the entire evolutionary intent, is be focused upon
and through that house and sign of the Pluto / N.Node conjunction. That does
not mean that the S.Node in such charts does not evolve: it does. But it
evolves through the focus upon the house and sign of the Pluto/N.Node
In your friends case that means, in his individual context, his Soul
evolutionary journey, as stated before, that he collected vast amounts of
information from a diversity of sources relative to his underlying desire to
know the truth that is responsible for the Creation itself. This is the
interaction, interplay. between that S.Node in Aquarius in his 3rd House which
is ruled by his Uranus/ Mars conjunction in Gemini, this of course repeats and
magnifies this theme or dynamic, in the 7th House, and his 9th House Pluto/
N.Node conjunction: the search for the whole truth, the core underlying
truths of Creation itself.
What his Soul has been and is intending is to discover, FROM WITHIN
HIMSELF versus other people, what those core truths and principles are: the
9th House Pluto/N.Node conjunction. This is exactly where he stands in his
own evolution: the next step. And this is essential because what his Soul has
been doing is collecting so many ideas and philosophies and so many different
people, so many external authorities, for so many lifetimes it is as if his Soul
has become almost like a library within itself because of all that collected
information. This becomes ever more dramatic when the EA astrologer puts
the Planetary Nodes in his Chart.
The S.Node of Neptune in conjunct his S.Node of the Moon is his 3rd House.
And the N.Node of Neptune is in Leo conjunct his Pluto/ N.Node conjunction
in the 9th. All of this symbols of course square his Moon in Scorpio in the
12th. That S.Node of Neptune is ruled by his natal Neptune in Libra in the
11th. This, again, is repeating the prior life dynamics, themes, of seeking out
all this information from a variety of groups, some of which have been
extreme and fanatical: delusional and illusionary. With the Scorpio Moon in
the 12th, itself ruled by Pluto in the 9th, and it's lower octave ruler, Mars,
conjunct Uranus in Gemini in the 7th, some of the leaders or authorities
within these groups have been extremely charismatic: so much so that they
are able to convert people through the power of their personalities. These
types need 'followers'. And there have been many lives in which your friend
has indeed followed these types, with these delusional ideas pretending to be
'the truth'. He had done this alone, and his has done this in conjunction with
partners that he as been with: the Mars, independence, with Uranus in his
7th, partners.
This joining of groups in which had these kinds of 'leaders' , the external
authorities, is also seen in his chart relative to his natal Mercury in Capricorn
in his 2nd house. His S.Nodes of Mercury and Venus are also conjunct that
Mercury. And these are ruled by Saturn in, yes, Gemini, in his 8th House. So, in
his context, you can see yet again that relative to his desires to understand the
nature of truths that explain the nature of the Creation that he has subjected
himself to all kinds of external authorities over a diversity of cultures and
times. He in fact made himself dependent on this orientation for most of his
prior lifetimes that have lead up until the most recent prior lives in which that
orientation had reached an evolutionary limit which is the reason and
intention of that Pluto / N.Node conjunction.
Of course it is logical to ask the question as to why his Soul did it that way.
And the answer is seen in that Scorpio Moon squaring his Nodal Axis of the
Moon and Neptune. Within that his Moon also in inconjuncting his
Mars/Uranus in his 7th, and Uranus is the ruler of his 4th House. What all that
means is that his Soul has come through parents in which one or both , given
their own evolutionary capacity, did not have the ability to understand that
nature of his Soul, his unique individuality. And thus he could not be loved and
given too in the ways that any child naturally needs. Quite the opposite in his
case: being subjected to beliefs and values , thus judgments, that had nothing
to do with him. This in turn lead to all kinds of 'displaced emotions', Uranus
the ruler of his 4th house inconjuncting his Scorpio Moon, of childhood that
got progressively stuffed into his sub-conscious, or individuated unconscious,
as he got ever older in those lives.
These displaced emotions from childhood , essentially the emotional needs
to be loved and nurtured, operated within his unconsciousness in ways that
lead to the external authorities , de facto parents, relative to his core desires
to know and understand the natural truths that explain the Creation. The
types of parents that he would come through in those lives had very limited
understandings of life, limited value systems, and limited capacity to even
love. The primary message he would get in those lives from such parents
would essentially be the message of 'we will love you if'. Meaning if you do
what we tell you to do, be who we want you to be, believe in what we want
you to believe, etc. So then as an adult he would then join these groups with
those types of leaders who needed to be followed and obeyed at all costs. And
when he did so he was then given love and attention.
As his Soul comes through lifetimes that reached an evolutionary limit, and,
as it did so, he began to rebel against these very dynamics, and the
circumstantial realities that they would create. He began to create a deep
conflict between those dynamics and his evolutionary need, imperative, to
discover his own emotional security from within himself: the Scorpio Moon
squaring the Nodal Axis of the Moon and Neptune, the inconjuncts from it to
the Uranus/Mars itself. And that very evolutionary need created at the same
time for him to discover, from within himself, the truths that explain the
nature of the Creation. They go together: this is his Moon squaring his N.Node
and Pluto in the 9th. This is seen again via his natal Mercury, now retrograde,
conjunct his S.Nodes of Venus and Mercury in his 2nd house: the evolutionary
need for self-reliance by rebelling against and throwing off not only external
authorities who say 'follow me', but also all the ideas, information, and
philosophies that have nothing to do with the actual and natural truth that
explains the nature of the Creation.
His S.Node of Mars is conjunct his Venus in Sagittarius in his 1st house, and
that is ruled by his Jupiter in Leo, also retrograde in his 10th house. His
N.Node of Mars is in Aries, in the 5th House. And, yes, that N.Node of Mars
inconjuncts his Scorpio Moon in his 12th. Here, in these symbols, you can see
once again the core intention of his Pluto in Leo conjunct his N.Node in the
9th. Look at the repeating themes in these symbols. These symbols all mean
the same thing: to break from from external dependencies for all the reasons
that we have discussed, and to move towards a life that is defined by self
reliance, inner security, inner authority, and an entire life, the circumstances
of, that reflect who he naturally is as God made him to be. To become a group
of one if necessary. And it means to arrive at committing to one metaphysical
system, one philosophy, one cosmology that serves as a consistent anchor of
integration and understanding for life itself: Pluto conjunct the N.Node in the
9th. This is essential in order to counteract the existing 'library' of all kinds of
information , ideas, philosophies, etc in his head that he has collected over
many lives now. That existing library can thus create great confusion and
doubt about the nature of the Creation in the first place because of all the
competing points of view and the perspectives that they lead too.
Not that by arriving at the one philosophy that reflects who he truly is would
then be presented to anyone else as the 'only way', but the way that works for
him given where he is in evolutionary terms. The very nature of the
philosophy or way of understanding the nature of the Creation for him would,
of itself, equal the 'relativity' of truth in the sense that they are many paths
that lead to the same goal: God.
All this right now is critically important for him as the transiting Nodal axis of
the Moon is now reversed relative to his natal nodal axis. The transiting
S.Node right now is conjunct his N.Node, and the N.Node transit in conjunct
his S.Node. And, of course, both are square his natal Moon is Scorpio. The
Pluto transit, his Soul, is coming up on his Mercury, and the S.Nodes of Venus
and Mercury. In essence his past is meeting his future in these symbols. It
comes to a head. And the choices he now makes can be some of the most
critical choices for this life. He either, once and for all, throws off the existing
duplicity of his life, trying to maintain both of these realities at the same time,
or he doesn't.

His Pluto is 7.48 deg Leo Rx.

His N.Node 6.50 deg Leo.

Q1. Does this indicate a balsamic phase?

YES ............

Q2. Are we saying that his soul intent is a relatively new one?

Well, relative is relative ... so relatively speaking ! it is not ... for example his
Pluto could be 30 degrees away from that N.Node .. balsamic side .. and that
would mean 'brand new' .. so the closer it has been getting you can see,
relatively speaking, that it now 'new'. By having it within one degree of that
it comes to a head and then becomes the actual reality of the Soul without
any variation or wobbling, then the Soul lives that realized intent for the
immediate lifetimes to come. That would then mean that the N.Node Pluto
conjunction would then move into a new phase .. actual conjunctions .. then
onto they both being in the same house and moving away from any aspect
between the two at all.

Q3. Or are we saying that his desire to continue in the Leo 9th house area of
life is a relatively new one?

No, see above ........relatively speaking !!

Q4. The relative newness is determined by the amount of distance between

Pluto and the NN: in Chuck's chart just under 1 deg. So this is very new?

No, it means it is coming to a head .. remember what was written for him
earlier .. and that the transiting N. and S. Nodes now have been conjuncting
his Nodes and Pluto .. The South on the North, and visa versa which is why his
Soul is trying to make that break from prior duality..duplicity .. final.

Pluto Polarity Point

Natal Pluto
Since my natal Pluto is Rx and at the very end of Leo and also at the very end
of the 10th house, I feel I'm finally moving away from this old area.
20 years ago I worked in communications and media and achieved a national
award for directing a radio drama. I have recently been offered a position to
set up a new community radio station in a nearby town (which is very
mainstream). Just a few years ago I would have jumped at the chance to set
up a new radio station, because I was so "lost" and would have accepted
anything to fill the emptiness, especially if it meant being close to and
working with other people in a group environment, and also a place to
express my individualised talents.

I can't help feeling that if I were to take up this new position, I would be going
backwards, I would be resisting, and reverting back to the security of the
past. In fact, that area does not hold any interest for me, since I am now
firmly established in my true spiritual identity, 1st stage spiritual. Since I wish
to work with Pluto's evolutionary forces toward positive change and growth,
should the natal Pluto 10th house area be consciously eradicated? Does
Pluto's natal position still operate once the PPP has kicked in? And if natal
Pluto still operates to some degree, does this reflect resistance or tying of
loose ends or resolution of yet more karmic issues from the past?

The resistance, properly so, is not to go back to the 'past' in the way
that you had integrated yourself into it. The evolutionary intent,
relative to the 4th House Pluto polarity point, is to integrate yourself
into the world in general, and the nature of the work specifically,
that reflects who you actually are at Soul level. So, for example, take
the world of radio broadcasting, radio stations that you have set up
before, and now given a new opportunity to do so again, to do that
in a brand new way that reflects who you are at a Soul level. What
would that mean and/ or look like ? It could be a blend of programs
from everything from local / community issues, various kinds of
music, educational programs that had the affect of helping people
expand their own consciousness by the nature of the programs, and
even 'world issues' in which various people who are dedicated to
such things could be interviewed. Within the educational programs
could be all kinds of things including things like astrology,
metaphysics in all it's different forms, self help type programs, and
so on. So it's not so much a matter of 'leaving the world behind'
relative to the 4th House Pluto, but much more of an issue of HOW
And that could also mean an entirely new way. And that could
mean, given you have Uranus in the 10th, that you could also be in
the world as an astrologer, making your living do this. In fact, given
that this Uranus inconjuncts your Venus in the 3rd, you could
establish yourself in the world by offering a variety of services
defined by the helping professions. In other words you are not
limited to just one thing. It could also include hypnotherapy for
example in which you were working with folks that had unresolved
trauma: Uranus. It could include setting up workshops for people in
relationships who are struggling with the traditional roles within
them as defined by the consensus of the existing patriarchy. And
helping these folks to find new ways, natural ways, to be in
relationship. Of course this is part of your own ongoing evolutionary
journey as reflected in your own nodal axis, and the need to resolve
those skipped steps. And so on .......... saying these things to show
you there are new ways to be in the world via a 'career' that
reflects who you actually are Linda.

Nodal Axis
Natal Pluto squaring my Nodal Axis (SN 7th; NN 1st) describes the missed
steps, being that of freedom -v- committed relationships, and together with
my somewhat limited yet competent work in the community (10th), was the
dramatic backdrop behind learning these lessons in emotional self-security
(PP 4th), my present soul intention.

Yes, and there is a need to resolve those skipped steps. It other

words it is not enough to finally withdraw from them in order to
learn the core lesson of emotional self security and self reliance: the
ruler of your Venus is in the 2nd House in Sagittarius. That is the first
leg of the journey of course, yet the issue of resolving intimate
relationship remains. For your own self-reliance and emotional self
security to be realized this requires a commitment to a spiritual path
that is not only emotionally based, but one that is provable. As you
know God gave you a prove it to me nature: N.Node in Scorpio,
Pluto square the Nodal axis. So this means a spiritual teaching that
allows for a direct inner communion / relationship with the
Godhead within that is proved by the nature of the inner
communion itself. Once this is established then the 'need' for
external relationships itself is terminated because they simply would
not matter anymore. And once that is realized and actualized is
exactly when the right kind of external relationship could manifest.
And that would then be another whose has already rejected the
consensus and gender specific roles within a relationship that are
defined by the consensus. And that means another who is rebelling
against that because they desire, as you do, to understand and want
the natural roles within a relationship to happen. In other words
what is natural femininity, and natural masculinity. It would be a
person who has been striving towards their own self-reliance, and
inner security, just as you have been doing. This would then
correlate to a sea change from ' i need' to be in relationship to 'i
want too' without the compulsive need behind that. In other words
a person who would say 'i want to be with you because i simply
want to be with you' versus ' i want to be with you because I NEED
to be with you. In this way you then both realize the FREEDOM to be
in relationship simply because you want to without the need
dictating that you are in such a relationship. It would mean another
who has committed themselves to their own spiritual journey in
order to arrive at that Soul place, and it would mean another,
because of such an inner commitment, in which you both had the
same bottom line for living: a commitment to God/ess that allowed
you both to 'interpret' life, phenomena, in the same way. This is
critical because of your Moon not only in Cancer, but in the 9th
House, and your Saturn in Sagittarius, the ruler of your Venus in
Capricorn. It would also mean another who is consciously
integrating their own inner anima/animus into an equal state, just
as you are. This is the polarity point of your 10th House Pluto to the
4th, and that Pluto of course squaring your Nodes. So another who
is doing this in such a way that the roles within the relationship are
not only natural BUT INTERCHANGEABLE depending on
It would mean another who DOES NOT NEED TO BE HEALED, and
looking for defacto mama's as a result. It does mean another who
has already done all their own emotional/ psychological work
before the relationship occurs. And so on.

Pluto polarity point

When my ex left 6 years ago, I literally cried for 2 years because I was left
"alone", was getting on in age, and felt I would not be able to cope on my
own. It wasn't easy getting to my PPP in the 4th house - it has meant a
lifetime of difficult lessons around building emotional self-security - together
with constant rejection, blocks and shocks from the mainstream world from
playing a prominent role in society, together with rejections from partners in
failed relationships. The past rejections don't bother me at all now, since I
now realise they were necessary in order to finally catapult me toward the

All those rejections and biting 'criticisms' / judgments have manifested

to also help you REJECT ALL OF IT. Why ? One of the ongoing lessons of
your Soul is to also VALIDATE yourself, who you actually are, from
within yourself IN THE FACE OF THESE THINGS. There have been one to
many lifetimes in which you have internalized such judgments and
criticisms in such a way AS TO BELIEVE THEM. And once you did that
you created the inner voice that has said 'there must be something
wrong with me'. And once you did that you set in motion lifetimes in
which the archetype of masochism defined your orientation to reality,
especially the reality of relationships. So this keeps happening until you
finally wave the 'middle finger' in the air, so to speak, and say 'this is
who i ACTUALLY AM, take it or leave it'. To validate who you actually
are from within yourself.

I am feeling a powerful urge to express the PPP in my 4th house now. Things
have REALLY changed - and what I find so interesting is that the very area that
held fear and trepidation for me in the past, is now the area where I feel most
fulfilled and comfortable.

I still receive many "rejections" or little shocks from others which reflect the
fact that the building of emotional self-security is an ongoing requirement.
Since the PPP is an undeveloped and totally new area, what form does the
new development start to take? How would a typical 4th house PPP area
play out?
Why do I feel SO comfortable in this 4th house area already?

Because you have a Moon in Cancer in the 9th House: home in

Nature. But also look at those Aquarius energies in your 4th:
Chiron, resolution Lilath, Juno. And those are in opposition to your
natal Uranus, the ruler of these, in your 10th. This means that prior
to this life the very drama that you have lived in this life has
already happened before. And, thus, you have already, prior to this
life, lived alone and on your own for the SAME REASONS that you
have in this one. It's simply an ongoing evolutionary process,
journey, drama that has been in operation before this life.

There must be further challenges here, but so far it just feels very peaceful. I
love experiencing the bliss of union with nature all around me here where I
live in the country. It's like I'm feeling held within Nature's bosom and I
would be happy to just continue living a peaceful life out here, not getting so
caught up in the outside world.

To answer your question briefly about the PPP: the natal Pluto
is never left behind or any way does it become non-
operational. The natural evolutionary progression always
involves the natural law of the trinity. Thus, the natal position
of Pluto operates from birth relative to how the Soul comes
into the current life from where it has been, there is a natural
polarity point to this, in your case the 4th House, that
symbolizes the core Evolutionary intent. As the Soul moves ,
evolves, towards that intent it then simultaneously EVOLVES
the orientation of the natal position of Pluto itself. Thus, the
natural law of the trinity. We must remember that any House
or Sign is an entire archetype: a full spectrum within itself. As
evolution proceeds within any archetype the various
orientations within that spectrum are embraced as a result

skipped steps
planets squaring the nodes are called skipped steps, which means the person
has been flipping back and forth between the south and north nodes without
fully developing either. When it's Pluto squaring the nodes, it means the Soul
itself is directly doing this flipping. In essence its gotten stuck in an m.o. that it
unconsciously gravitates to at stressful points in the life, and it activates the
flipping behavior to try to cope with the situation - it's a learned strategy. The
problem is, the underlying issues can only be resolved when the work at one
of the nodes is carried through to completion, rather than flipping to the
other one at key stress points.

The node that Pluto conjuncted last is called the resolution node. That is the
one that needs to be developed/resolved, to break the flipping pattern.

The PPP is just as important with Pluto squaring the nodes as in any other
configuration. Perhaps you are mentally mixing with that condition the one
exception to the PPP rule. The exception is that when Pluto conjuncts the
North Node natally, there is no PPP. Other than that it applies in all cases.

Determining which node last conjuncted Pluto is a bit confusing because of

the retrograde motion of the nodes. An EA astrologer came up with this
method to quickly determine the resolution node. Picture yourself standing
on the outer rim of the chart, facing the planet that squares the nodes (Pluto
in this case). Point to the node on the left - that is the resolution node.

Sometimes the resolution node is the South Node, which on the surface
doesn't make much sense - why would I need to develop the past habitual
patterns? The meaning is, they need to be developed IN A NEW WAY.

Developing the resolution node leads to untieing the knots that are the root
basis of the skipping pattern in the first place. As the new patterns develop,
the Soul can break free from the habitual unconscious skipping pattern.
n respect to the natal Pluto placement and transiting Pluto, would transiting
Pluto, say in the 7th house act like a square to natal function of a 4th house
Pluto? This is not about Pluto square Pluto, but the activation of Pluto moving
through a house which squares the natal Pluto placement.

I have referenced the Pluto I book to learn more about Pluto transiting specific
houses, and how it then activates that house and impacts one's life with that
archetype. I just wondered if the natural square between house archetypes is
an important consideration to make.
If someone has a karmicly strong 4th house, and there is Pluto activity taking
place by transit in the 7th house, even if aspects aren't involved, Pluto is still in
some sort of phase to the planets in the 4th house and that phase is being
played out by way of its transit through the 7th house, which as an archetype
is naturally square the the 4th house anyway. So there will be crescent phase
or first quarter phase inner experience going on involving the 4th and 7th
house even if the square aspect itself isn't occurring