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Space Marine Legion Centurion with Early Crusade Honours

85 points
Legion Centurion 5 5 4 4 2 5 3 9 3+

Unit Composition
1 Legion Centurion Warlord: If this Space Marine Legion Centurion is chosen as the armys Warlord in Age of
Darkness games, he automatically has the Child of Terra Warlord Trait rather than rolling
Unit Type randomly (see the Legiones Astartes Crusade army list for details).
Infantry (Character)
A Space Marine Legion Centurion with Early Crusade Honours may be selected as a HQ choice for a
Wargear Legiones Astartes Crusade army of either the Loyalist or Traitor Faction.
Artificer armour
Bolt pistol
Master-crafted power fist
Frag and krak grenades Codex Space Marines Chapter Relic (+35 points)
The Panoply of the Crusader
Special Rules Several Space Marine Chapters are fortunate enough to have in their armouries artificer armour of
Legiones Astartes a type that dates to the earliest days of the Great Crusade, adorned with the heraldry of that lost age.
Independent Character Such relics are more than simply peerless examples of the armourers craft to the Chapters that hold
them, they are a tangible link to glories and tragedies that to others are merely myths to be told, and a
mantle of sacred duty made manifest.

The Panoply of the Crusader confers a 2+ Armour save and, in addition, the model and any
unit they have joined gains the Stubborn and Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines)
special rules. The Panoply of the Crusader may not be selected by models equipped with
Terminator armour.