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Observation Sheet Questioning

(Please complete this form for both primary and secondary professional experiences and place in
your ePortfolio)

Graduate Standards - AITSL

Professional Knowledge: 1. Know students and how they learn
Professional Practice: 2. Plan and implement effective teaching and

Question Type

I would like to say my questions were clear but at times required some
elaborating on some points. Some students, the ones whom struggled
Do you feel your questions were
with English needed a little more help understanding the vetis questions
clearly structured and readily
understood by the students? though.

I resorted mostly to open questions directed at real life situations relating

to the question asked. I started with open questions to try to get them to
Did you use a variety of question
realise the answer since they already know the answers, they just need
some nudging in the right direction to realise it.

When the open-ended questions failed I tried leading them closer to the
question by adding hints. It was only on the question regarding a SMART
goal that I used closed questions to better direct them towards the
answers required.

Mostly open questions since my aim was for them to discover the answer
and not me giving it to them.
What balances was there
between the various questions
Open at all times until it seemed like the class was struggling at which
point fall back onto closed question that required basically yes or no, to
Consider both why and when you
help get them back on track.
made use of the different
question types?
Distributing and Directing Questions

I spread them out using chance and the coloured pens or I targeted the
procrastinators or the distracted ones to bring them back to the
Did you recognise any pattern in
discussion. However, I did give the easier questions to the student
the distribution of your questions
amongst the students? Consider struggling the most just to keep him involved.
reasons for this pattern?

I used Engineering examples! Learning from my mistakes the previous

day so I considered what they had done in the workshop and what was
How have you directed questions
expected of them. Additionally, I also studied in the same place with a
to the group?
similar course so I could better direct questions for them.

I did always so the students had time to think before answering. Even
when I asked questions to the students I gave a few moments to think
Have you used wait time?
about their answers. You cant expect instant answers from open

I looked at the person I asked questions too but not directly in the eye
since because CJs is mostly made up of lot of different cultures and in
Did you make eye contact with
some eye contact is rude. Otherwise my gaze shifted around the
the group as you directed your

Reactions to Students Responses

I smiled and I think also threw in some gestures to bring emphasis to the
correct answer for the class.
How do you deal with correct
responses? Do you qualify any
praise given?
I didnt have any incorrect answers just some inaccurate ones that kind of
missed the point, just a little. There were stumbling and bit of groping
How do you deal with incorrect but with a little encouragement and a hint, they were fine.
responses? How do you deal
with students who stumble and
grope for an answer?

At times, I did take their answers and ask to build onto, I would add
another piece of detail to help them make the next step. Otherwise when
What use do you make of the
they got half the answer I would probe by throwing hints or asking for a
students responses to develop
bit more information.
the teaching point? Have you
redirected any questions in order
to add to an initial response?

Absolutely not. It was a Vetis course for a certificate, which means theres
a vetis evaluator and my Mentor teacher is the type who would have
Are you the only evaluator of the
gone over their bookwork to ensure everything was in order before
students answers?
submitting them to vetis.

Overall Comments

I took everything I did wrong in the micro lesson and switched it up. Instead rehearsing the
management side and drilling the planning into my head, I decided to rehearse the content and bring
it down to its simplest form and left the management side to my improvisation skills using
redirection and humour on top of my brimming confidence and outgoing personality to keep the
attention and maintain control. During the lesson, I wasnt anxious and I was able to keep control
with very little effort and most importantly I was able to convey the content better and I didnt create

I felt I had full control of the situation and I could easily change things if needed but I had also
remembered that at times they would be bits of laughs and the students would tune out for a bit for a
bit of fun or lightened the mood. This had happened when we were just observing and our mentor
teacher jumped on it since it just blew over and they would return to working after, so it was
challenging to know that it could very well happen and would either have to call it out or let it roll so
long as they returned to work which turned out to be a better option since it made the whole lesson a
little more fun and we had everyone engaging in discussion and giving answers.
Observation Sheet Management
(Please complete this form for both primary and secondary professional experiences and place in
your e portfolio)

Graduate Standards AITSL

Professional Practice:
1. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
2. Planning for Effective Management

My whole focus in my planning was the educational content and I put the
management element to the side since I was confident in my improv skills
Was your lesson plan effective
when it came to management and addressing questions even if I was
for managing the class?
panicked. However, I wasnt confident that I could convey the content in
a suitable manner if I did panic, so I brought the questions down to their
simplest form and planned to deliver the content structured towards
e.g. How did the students react
to your lesson overall and to your
planned activities?

Did anything unexpected

No management issues, no behaviour issues, nothing Which was

Did you provide a variety of

activities? Well no, it was the same activity from beginning to end.

Were you satisfied with your

timing, particularly for the end of
the lesson? Ended earlier than expected but the objectives had been met. So, I was

Did you feel you were able to

change things if needed? Yea I had the attention of every student so I do believe I could have
changed any situation if needed.

I studied at the school of my placement for 4-5 years, nothing had

changed in policy and in the school demographics. I already took
Were you aware of classroom
measures that accounted for the possible language barrier, although I
procedures and school
failed in the micro lesson I rectified that in my full lesson.
disciplinary policy? How much
did you know about your
Honestly with the students in the class, I had no idea the backgrounds
they came from because some could have been fleeing dictatorships,
warzones or in extreme cases even slavery. I understood that this could
be a possibility so I endeavoured to have a happy demeanour about
How did your mentor teacher
maintain a safe learning Our mentor teacher told us he favoured using the methods of proximity,
environment? eye contact and calling it to attention when something was happening
that shouldnt have been.

What strategies did your observe

your mentor teacher using to In the entire week only 1 issues required attention and he used proximity
maintain this? and spoke to the person using eye contact. He coupled this with a
friendly demeanour. If I hadnt observed the events leading up to that
moment I wouldnt have realised he was enforcing the rules so to speak.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude in the Classroom

How did you demonstrate to the I basically came in as my happy self, smiled and encouraged them. I
students that you valued them, didnt put them down and at times I had a laugh with them and that was
and enjoyed learning?
it. I moved around, I wasnt standing still and I felt genuinely
enthusiastic about the topic which I think passed onto the students.

e.g. Tone of voice, facial

expression, sense of humour,
introduction to students and

Which aspects of your teaching My confidence, clear speaking and encouragements. Basically, I walked
style do you feel helped you in there brimming with happiness and eager to engage in discussion.
maintain class attention?
That and using the pens to pick out who had to answer also added to it
since I involved them by having them pick the pens.

e.g. Variety of activities, class or

group discussion, pace of lesson,
interest at class level.
Did the students know what was Yes, even though I was just the prac teacher they still followed the rules
expected of them? that our mentor teacher laid down and because of that we never had any

Were you able to redirect A couple of times the students gave a silly answer that was genuinely
energies of attention seeking funny and got a good response from the class, I didnt reprimand on any
students? Did the students have of those occasions because they didnt cause harm, if anything it liven the
class up so I just laughed with them and repeated the question to
to do? someone else.

We finished the section quicker than anticipated but that was ok since
they had other bookwork they had to complete.
Dealing with Minor Misbehaviour

Yes, I could see everyone easily, I knew the 3 closest to me on the right
would be chatting amongst themselves because one of them needed extra
Were you aware of what was
help with written English and he tended ask his neighbours. The one
happening in all parts of the
classroom? Did you know what further up towards the back of the room was shy but he did the work and
each student was doing? as he didnt have his laptop out or headphones in his ears he was
saliently paying attention. The two at the back left would chime every
now and again with a joke or 2 and the shorter one would be pick up his
phone every now and again for which I assume was Clash of Clans like it
was the previous day. The ones on the front left were the quiet ones that
required a little extra encouragement to speak up but otherwise attentive

Did you take any action when you I did see one person using a laptop to look up the answers, I only walked
observed poor behaviour? Why? up and pushed the screen down and said, you already know the
Why not? answers, why use a computer in a playful manner and with a smile.
That was the only incident that I acted to.

I didnt reprimand for the silly answers, the odd joke or the occasional
pick up of the phone. I let these slide for 2 reasons, first being my mentor
teacher didnt pick them out for the occasional laugh and let them have a
bit of fun and he didnt nit-pick on every little occasion of them picking
up their phones. I was only there for a week, I didnt want to introduce a
new set of rules for a class that will not see me again after that week. The
second reason was, it was an occasional thing and they immediately
returned to being attentive and participating in the class. So, acting by
the schools adult ethos, there was reason to call them out on it.

Did you use non-verbal cues? There were no issues that required attention so there was really no need
e.g. Contact, pause, gesture, to use the nonverbal cues to reign in trouble students.
movement toward student/s

Overall Comments
The classroom environment was lively as we had everyone participating with no disruptive issues
aside from the little moments of laughter and distraction was expected which helped keep the lesson
fun and engaging for the students so no complaints. Everything was done early and to a satisfactory
level so I cant complain, I quite enjoyed giving this lesson since I was able to maintain complete

The only thing I would change if I could would be when I accidently stole my partners thunder. I
spoke when it was supposed to be her turn with the class which undermined her and took all the
attention she had. I wish I didnt do that.
Schools as text looking at the whole school

Describe the school in terms of its Extremely multicultural in terms of students due to the
demographics, appearance and Intensive English Centre bringing in the kids from
resources (be general here and do not overseas to learn the English language. Many of these
name the school). students then move into the schools year 11 and 12

The school is unique in terms of it doesnt have years 7-

10, it only has the 11s and 12s but has abundance of
certificate courses as well a very rewarding Adult ethos.
The adult ethos is pretty much makes it a lot like
University where teachers and students are on the same
level in terms of students calling teachers by first names.

What were the roles and responsibilities Providing a safe environment for the students
of the teaching staff you observed? Buying supplies for the building and construction
My Mentor Teacher. playground duty down at the gym, just making sure
no one smokes on school grounds.
Helping students with the software on the computers
that students use.
Arriving on time for said classes
While I didnt observe him doing this I do know he
also made sure the machinery and tools were safe
for the students to use.

What did you observe non-teaching I saw the staff that worked in student services helping students
staff doing to support teaching and with options, such as financial, medical and directing to more
learning in the school? relevant services the school offered.
The deputy responsible for our Professional placement liaison,
advising graduating year 12s on their future, their tisc
application and projected atar scores.

The school cafeteria workers providing a healthy meal at an

affordable price so students can easily afford.

You will have observed the diverse Our mentor teacher maintained a friendly and vibrant learning
nature of your classes. How was environment that allowed the students to have a bit of fun and
this diversity supported? laugh as well as a productive learning environment. He did this
by being in a happy mood, he would greet each student as
they arrived, joke around with the students while they were
working. Asked how they were doing, etc. He kept them
involved and engaged with the tasks but in a friendly manner.
Function of Schools

Did you observe the connection The building and construction group were building benches for
of your schools with the broader the community garden and we got to observe them building
community? How did this them. Well the concrete stands, which included seeing the metal
happen? frame construction, the concrete mould, the pouring of the
concrete and the painting.

The art department had just had exhibition in Perth containing

the art from the students encompassing photography, visual art,
graphics and art (pictures and stuff). In the past they always had
an art auction at the end of the exhibition they held at the end of
the year which was open to the public.

What do you think the function of To me school is a place where teach the skills needed to survive
school is? in an academic world. A place where kids of the same age group
come together to learn academics and develop social skills they
will use in the later years of their lives.

During my high school years, I was what you would call a

Reflection think about your troublesome student. Not in the terms that I didnt do the work, it
experiences during the week and was more for the fact that I took pleasure in annoying the
describe how your previous teacher to excessive levels. Since I started on the road to
experiences have informed your becoming a teacher, I have slowly begun to realise the true
view of teachers and schools. menace I was to my teachers Not only do I respect my
Has anything changed? teachers for putting up with me, but also for continually putting in
the effort to help me succeed despite my actions.