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Week 3 (Department of Environment)

Unit : Pendidikan & BT

Date : 1/8/2017 3/8/2017
Officers :
Khairul Aliza binti Alias
Janizan bin Abu Kassim
Mohd Hasri bin Paino

On 1st of August, i reported myself for duty at Department of Environment (DOE) Johor Bahru
under supervision of Pn. Kharul Aliza binti Alias. I was briefed regarding the rules and regulations that
must be met during my internship period. She also gave me a mini project entitled Kawalan Bunyi
Bising Dalam Rekabentuk Stesen Keretapi that must be completed before my intership period end.

During the first week, i was assigned to BT unit. BT stands for Buangan Terjadual or Schedule
Waste. This unit was led by Mr. Janizan bin Abu Kassim. He kindly explain to me regarding the job
scope of this unit as well as introducing me to other staff in the unit. My first assignment at this unit was
given by Mr. Mohd Hasri bin Paino. I was ordered to identify every schedule waste codes and category
of the waste. He also explained about E-Waste and showed the website (http://eswis.doe.gov.my) that
have been used by DOE officers to monitor factories in Johor that produce schedule wastes.

During my attachement at BT unit that week, i wasnt allowed to follow officers in-charged to
visit factories because they were investigating serious case that might involve lawsuit action. According
to Mr. Hasri, any officer involved in the investigation will be called as witness at court. I spent the rest
of the week to read books regarding Environmental Quality Act (EQA) 1974.