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Week 4 (Department of Environment)

Unit : Aduan
Date : 6/8/2017 10/8/2017
Officers :
Kamarudin bin Abdul Rahman
Maznuri bin Maslah
Anuar Redzuan bin Zainal Abidin
Muhamad Zulkifli bin Othman

On the second week at DOE, i was assigned at Aduan unit. I was first report for duty at head
of the unit Mr. Kamarudin bin Abdul Rahman. He explained details about the job scope as well as the
enforcement staff in the unit. I also was informed that Mr. Kamarudin is one of the few experts on
schedule waste in Malaysia. Aduan unit mainly focus on open burning, water, noise and smell

During my time at Aduan unit, i went out several times with Mr. Anuar and Mr. Zulkifli to
investigate location that have been reported for open burning in Saleng and Kempas. I was also being
taught on how to key-in report to Sistem Elektronik Kawalan Alam Sekitar (e-KAS) and navigating
coordinate by using Geospas application. I was briefly explained by Mr. Anuar on how to produce
complete report that later being sent to upper management.

As expert and tutor for oil spill handling in Malaysia, Mr. Kamarudin shared his experience and
knowledge on few occasions that he involved related to oil spillage that occured in Malaysia. He also
showed me the software that being used by DOE to predict how far and how fast the oil spillage will
spread across the sea.

At the end of the week, i was assigned by Mr. Anuar to complete a report regarding open burning
in Saleng and Kempas.