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Week 6 (Department of Environment)

Unit : Punca Tetap (PT)

Date : 20/8/2017 24/8/2017
Officers :
Noor Mohd Emran bin Amir (Head of Unit)
Chong Cheay Yein @ Selena (Head of Operation JB Barat)
Siti Radheyah binti Md Shahrin (Head of Operation JB Timur)
Zalina binti Abdullah (Head of Operation JB Tengah)

On 20th August, i started my attachment at Punca Tetap (PT) unit by reporting for duty at
head of unit, Mr. Noor Mohd Emran bin Amir. He explained details about job scope at this unit and
shared his experience 20 years working in DOE. After that, i went to meet head of operation for Johor
Bahru Tengah and Johor Bahru Barat for briefing. Both of them later introduced me to all of their staff.
This unit mainly focus on law enforcement at factories or any premises with fix building. Theyll
observe effluent, smoke from stacks by using ECMS, and other few parameters.

During my attachment at PT, i had followed few officers investigated two premises. First
premise was Felda Global Bunker (FGB) in Tanjung Langsat. The investigation was held due to report
regarding foul smell from the effluent released by the premise. From the investigation, we found out
that the treatment plant was not properly maintained. Field citation was issued to the person in-charged
at the premise.

Second premise was a factory producing mosaic tiles. Based on eswis, we found out that the
factory keep 70 000 metric tonnes schedule waste at the factory which over the limit allowed by DOE.
However, few individual stopped us from entering the premise without valid reason. Police report has
been made and further investigation was done by head of operation, Pn Zalina binti Abdullah.

I was asked by Pn. Zalina to update list of factories that involve in Guided Self-Regulation
(GSR) implementation as well as designing brochure for GSR course which will be held in Forest City
on 25th and 26th September 2017.
Figure 3.x Palm oil tanks in the premise.

Figure 3.x Pipes for transporting palm oil from ships.

Figure 3.x DOE officers inspecting water treatment plant.

Figure 3.x Untreated effluent from the premise flow into surrounding drains.