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BlueHive Strategic Environments Announces Acquisition of Award Winning

Marketing Agency

Shared vision, creative synergies, and significate resources will redefine what it means to be a
full-service creative agency in todays digital environment.

Worcester, MA, September 19, 2017 --(PR.com)-- BlueHive Strategic Environments, an industry leader
in trade show exhibits, events, and corporate interiors, announced today the acquisition of Paris
Marketing LLC, a digital marketing agency specializing in brand management for B2B organizations.
The combination of each organization's strengths and resources means they can now offer clients
innovations and solutions that are not available elsewhere in their respective markets. The acquisition
agreement was closed September 1, 2017.

For BlueHive President Paul Hanlon, embracing forward thinking is standard operating procedure when it
comes to growing his company. To illustrate this point, Hanlon, in response to the financial recession of
2009, acquired Continental Woodcraft, a high-end custom milling company. The ability to physically
build customized booths onsite and on demand allowed BlueHive to streamline their work process and
leverage an economy of scale that remains unmatched in its industry. Building on the success of this
model, in 2016, Hanlon brought in video and social media services to support its trade and exhibit clients.
Although no one knew it at the time, this decision would form the basis for the future acquisition of Paris
Marketing. In 2017, Paul Hanlon was formally recognized for these achievements and was awarded the
Worcester Business Journal's 2017 Business Leader: Innovator of the Year Award.

As Hanlon considered how to best support physical trade and exhibit clients in a digital environment,
he saw a trend wherein more clients were turning to BlueHive for services he considered outside the
realm of traditional event activities. The reasoning made sense; BlueHive intimately knew the client's
brand and its industry, and because trade shows make up a significant investment of a company's annual
marketing budget - there is no room for error. For clients working with outside creative agencies, there
was always an additional layer of communication and time needed for both parties to get in alignment. If
an agency could be brought in sooner, or be a more integral part of the pre- and post-exhibit process, then
customers would naturally enjoy a deeper, more seamless experience with the company's brand at every
touch point.

When our clients came looking for marketing services, we either had to turn them away or refer them to
other agencies, it wasn't our strong suit at the time. Now, clients from any industry can receive top-level
marketing and brand services in a more cohesive and, we believe, effective way. It's very exciting to be
able to offer consumers an alternative solution to a creative challenge that didn't exist before. - Paul

Once the decision was made, Hanlon started his search for a marketing agency that shared BlueHive's
ability to balance form and function from beginning to end. He soon landed on Paris Marketing, a
Worcester-based digital agency focused in professional service industries. The organizations began what
would become a yearlong strategic partnership before deciding to merge into one holistic company.

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Prior to launching Paris Marketing in 2012, Lisa Woodford was the Director of Marketing for a national
litigation firm and was at the peak of her career in the legal marketing industry. Building and managing
brands in highly-regulated and risk averse industries taught Lisa the value of developing variable
scenarios and outcomes to help her clients successfully navigate their complex marketing landscapes.
This experience also gave Lisa the resilience and agility to see opportunity, where many others saw

It was this well-balanced perspective that Lisa drew upon when two Achilles tendon injuries forced her to
consider a transition in her career. Rather than seeing her injury as a setback, she used it as creative
inspiration to name her endeavor Paris Marketing after the Trojan prince of the same name who fatally
wounded the Greek hero Achilles. Lisa believed there was something very honest about the idea that even
the strongest warrior could be overthrown by something as small as an arrow. She wove this theme into
the organizational culture, which ultimately led to the agency's Creative Brand Warrior philosophy. The
belief in creative accountability means that everyone at the agency is responsible for bringing good ideas
to the table, empowering them to become a champion for their clients.

Lisa attributed the agency's value-based approach to client service and high creative standards as a main
driver of the significant growth that enabled the agency to get on the radar of the larger BlueHive

As I see it, our companies each bring something different, but equally valuable to the table. Combining
our strengths and resources was a very natural way for us to continue to provide our clients with the
best-in-class services they have come to expect from each of us and to deliver those services in ways that
are deeper and more valuable at every touch point." - Lisa Woodford

Whatever the reason, both Paul Hanlon and Lisa Woodford quickly recognized that the vision, culture,
and values of their respective organizations were almost perfectly aligned. And what originally presented
itself as a serendipitous opportunity to collaborate, rapidly evolved into what BlueHive and its new
affiliates saw as another way to deliver an industry game changer.

About BlueHive
Formed in January 2005 as an exhibit and design firm focused on revamping and revitalizing the exhibit
world, BlueHive transitioned from merely creating static spaces to focusing on developing the complete
trade show environment. Today, it is a bold creative force that embraces and influences the entire brand
experience, dedicated to ensuring that its clients achieve the most from their programs and campaigns.
Headquartered in a 160,000+ sq. ft. facility in Worcester, MA, BlueHive also has satellite offices located
in Portsmouth, NH; Long Island, NY; Salt Lake City, UT; and Las Vegas, NV.


About Paris Marketing

Based in Worcester, MA, Paris Marketing, an affiliate of BlueHive, is home to a nimble tribe of Creative
Brand Warriors, who believe that marketing isn't accidental, but rather the result of intentional choices

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based on experience and insight. Paris uses a battle-tested approach to provide a complete range of
marketing services to clients across industries. Their digital marketing services include brand strategy,
website design, visual design, social media, video, media production, SEO, and PPC. Paris Marketing is
the recipient of the 2017 Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings Award for Best Website

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Contact Information:
Paris Marketing
Amadeus Finlay
508 254 7221
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