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Fall 2017

Prayer Requests Ministry Update

Pray for Paul as he

prepares to teach this
semester, in New York,
Uganda, and Hungary.

Pray for the incoming

WOLBI students around
the world, as they grow
in the Lord this year.

Pray for an effective

year of ministry as we
seek to pour into these
young peoples lives.

Pray for Paul as he

The 2017-2018 School Year has Begun!
continues his Ph.D.
studies with Baptist Word of Life Bible Institute is celebrating 47 years on its New York campus. This past
Bible Seminary. He is weekend 396 students flooded the NY campus with books, suitcases, and great expectations
hoping to complete his for the school year ahead. The annual Opening Weekend Conference was a great success.
dissertation this year. Wendell Calder, Founder of Local Church Evangelism, was our Opening Conference
speaker. He started our year off right, by inspiring our students to make the most of their
Pray for Paul to have time at the Bible Institute. It is so exciting to think of the ways God is going to use these
wisdom in leadership in young people for His glory. Already we can see great potential in this class, and we are
his new position as
Academic Dean. humbled to think that we have even a small part in their spiritual growth and future ministry.
What a joy it is to serve the Lord and these students this year!

Praises You may remember that Paul was recently promoted to Academic Dean of the WOL Global
Bible Institute. This means he is not only responsible for the adjunct faculty of our
A successful and safe
international teaching sites, but he will now also coordinate the entire academic program of
summer camping all ten teaching sites. These sites include New York, Florida, Owen Sound, Ontario,
season at Word of Sherbrooke, Quebec, South Korea, Hungary, Uganda, Recife, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and
Life. Many salvations Belem, Brazil, with more sites to come on board in the near future.
and commitments to
the Lord! Here are some fast facts about the Bible Institute campuses around the world.

Carolines continued There are 10 accredited WOLBI campuses worldwide.

growth and safety. WOLBI New York started the year with 396 students from 12 countries.
She is a joy! WOLBI Hungary started the year with 77 students from 14 countries.
WOLBI Uganda started the year with 26 students from 5 countries.
New relationships and
opportunities to serve WOLBI Ontario started the year with 19 students, all from Canada.
the Lord in our new WOLBI Quebec started the year with 15 students, all from Canada.
apartment. WOLBI Florida started the year with 125 students from several countries.
WOLBI South Korea started the year with 31 students from 6 countries.
Gods continuous WOLBI Brazils school year starts in February. They have three campuses.
blessing upon our lives
and ministry.
As Academic Dean and International Faculty Coordinator, some of Pauls responsibilities
Wonderful supporters
like you! include leading the faculty, curriculum, and library committees, teaching on New Yorks
campus, as well as the international teaching sites, vetting and recruiting new guest teachers
for WOLs various teaching sites, as well as evaluating and improving upon WOLs first
WordofLife.edu and second year academic programs.
Fall 2017

Jeju Fellowship
We recently had the opportunity to host the transfer students from WOL South Korea and WOL Uganda in our
apartment. WOL South Korea is located on the island of Jeju, and WOL Uganda is outside of Entebbe. Both schools
offer a first year program, so these are students who came to New York in order to complete their second year of Bible
Institute training. Last year Paul taught on both campuses. Jill and Caroline were able to accompany Paul on his trip to
Jeju, so it was great to be able to reconnect with these students, encourage them about the year ahead, and let them
know that we are available to them. Of course, they all loved hanging out
with Caroline. She was the main attraction!

Caroline is a happy, healthy 20 month old toddler. She is trying so hard to
talk. Unfortunately, her vocabulary cant keep up with her lips! So far she
can say chip, cracker, Momma (both Mom and Dad are momma), arf arf,
ball, water, more (relating to food usually), and some other words that only
Mommy knows how to translate. Some of her favorite activities include
trying on her shoes, climbing stairs, helping Mommy fold the laundry, and
watching the birds outside. Favorite foods include strawberries, crackers,
chicken, and pizza.

New Ministry Opportunity for Jill

It has been a difficult period of transition for Jill, but she is optimistic about the year ahead. She has been praying that
God would give her more opportunities to minister, and to build relationships. Just recently she was asked by our
church to help with the toddler program on Sunday nights. What an answer to prayer! She is excited to serve and
encourage these little ones in the Lord. She also looks forward to hosting guest lecturers and students in our home

Exciting Ministry Video

Check out https://youtu.be/6oBOkbGkQaE to view a new and exciting ministry promo from Harry Bollback, WOLs
Co-founder. Talk about inspiring!

Coming up!
Fall Semester: Teaching Bible Study Methods and 1 & 2 Thessalonians at WOLBI New York
September 30-October 7: Teaching the book of Hebrews at WOLBI Uganda
October 8-14: Teaching 1 Corinthians, and 1 & 2 Thessalonians at WOLBI Hungary
October 29: Preaching and ministry presentation at Ebenezer Bible Chapel in Elverson, PA
November 15-17: Attending The Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in Providence, RI

We would love the opportunity to share at your church too!

Please let us know if you would like to hear how God is using WOL Bible Institutes around the world!

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