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Memorization Speech Scoring Rubric

Far Below Below Satisfactory Proficient Advanced Score

Satisfactory Satisfactory
(0 9) (10-14) (15-19) (20-24) (25-30)
Speaker does Speaker makes Speaker makes Speaker Speakers use
not make eye minimal eye some eye routinely of eye contact
Eye Contact contact. contact contact. scans adds to the
audience. speechs
The entire The majority Much of the Speech is Speech is
speech is of the speech speech is delivered too delivered at
Volume delivered too is delivered delivered too quietly or an appropriate
quietly. too quietly. quietly. loudly at volume.
The speaker The speaker The speaker The speaker The speaker
mispronounces mispronounces mispronounces pronounces pronounces
Pronunciation the majority of many words. several words. most words all words
words. correctly. correctly.
The entire Most of the The speech Shows Shows great
speech is speech is shows enthusiasm enthusiasm
Tone monotone. monotone. moments of for speaking for speaking.
The entire Much of the The speech is Most of the The entire
speech is speech is delivered too speech is speech is
Rate delivered too delivered too quickly at delivered at delivered at
quickly or quickly or times, but an appropriate an appropriate
slowly. slowly. most of it has rate of speed; rate of speed.
an appropriate it may be too
rate of speed at quick or slow
other times. at times.
Speech is Speech is The speech is The speech is The speech is
partially partially mostly mostly fully
Memorized memorized memorized, memorized, memorized, memorized.
and needs pauses often to but speaker but speaker
prompting recall. might pause might pause
often. frequently to occasionally
recall or need to recall or
to be need to be
prompted. prompted.

Do not lose this packet! When you give your presentation, you will give me this rubric as well as the page containing the speech
you are presenting.