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Periodic Table, with the Outer Electron Configurations of Neutral

Is Atoms in Their Ground States
Li:, Be'
T h e notation used to descrilx the electronic configuratior~of atoms 8"' N' OX FY Nel0
;nrd ions is discussed in all textl,nokc uf introdoctory atomic physics.
The letters s, p , d, . . . signifj. flectrorrs having nrlrital angular
2y "' tnomentum 0, 1 , 2, . . . in units fi; the rruml,er to the left of the Zs22p 2 ~ ~ 25122~1
2 ~ ' 2~~211'
2sZ2pi 2*'2p0
~ ~~ >
~ letter
$i 2 dcwotrs the principal quantum nurnl~erof o n e c~rl)it, and the ~ 1 4 3 sit4 PI-S'~ cln7 A ~ ~ X
superscript to the right denotes the nrlrnher of electn)rrs in the r~rl)it.

3s 3s' 3s23p 3s23pZ3s23p:' 3s*3p4 3s13pi 3S23p6

K'Y cato sex ~i'z ~ 2 ' $ Co" Ni*" Cu'Y Zn:" Ga3' Ger' As33 Se71 Br3"r3@


4d 4d2 4d4 4d5 4d6 4d7 4dX 4dIU 4dn1' 4dlU

Ss 5s' ssz 5sZ 58 5s 5s 5~ 5s - 5s 5sZ 5s25p 5S'5p2 5s25p75s25p' 5Y'5p5 5s25p6

CeSX prSY Nd6O Pm61 SmlZ EUI? Gd61 Tb6i DYC6 HOIl 6168 Tm69 YblD LUIl
6d 4f2 4f3 4f4 4f5 4f6 4f' 4f 4fX 4f1 4fl3 4fI2 4f13 4f14 4f14
7s 7S2 7s2 5d 5d 5d

\ 6 s X 6x2 6s' 6s' 6s' 6s2 63% 6sZ 6sZ 6y2 Cs2 6s2 6s2 6s1
ThW Pa81 "82 NPII pU94 Am95 Cm96 Bk91 Cf98 E9.9 FmlOO MdlOl N08.2 Lr'Yi
- Sf2 sf" Sf"f6 sf' Sf'
6d2 6d 6d 6d
7sZ 7s2 7sZ 7s2 7s2 7sZ 7S1