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Standard Assessment

Please fill in your Membership Number, if known (please use a BLACK pen)

Applicants who have commenced Australian or New Zealand study are encouraged to complete a self assessment using our Accredited
Tertiary Course (ATC). Lists available on our website. Once a self assessment has been completed, if you still require a Standard Assessment
complete this form.

Please complete ALL the sections (1-9) below, and return your application with payment to Chartered Accountants Australia and New
Zealand (CA ANZ) (see page 5 for details). Please print in BLOCK LETTERS. Note: It is essential that you read the Explanatory Notes on
pages 67 prior to completing this form.

Section 1 Membership type

Chartered Accountant (CA) Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) Accounting Technician

Section 2 Personal details

Title Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other 

Given name/s (in full)  Family name

Preferred name  Date of birth DD / MM / YY

Section 3 Contact details

1. Residential contact details

Street address  Suburb/City

State Postcode  Country

Email (preferred) Email (alternative)

Phone (home) Phone (business) Mobile

2. Mailing contact details (if different to above)

Company name
(if applicable)

Position title

Street address  Suburb/City

State Postcode  Country

Standard Assessment 2

Section 4 Required competence areas

In order to satisfy our academic requirements applicants must complete study in specific competence areas.
The left hand column below lists the competence areas that CA ANZ may recognise. Please indicate in the blank columns details of the subject/s you have completed
that you consider should be assessed for recognition of the relevant competance area/s:

CA and ACA competence areas Equivalent subject/s completed

(Please include the subject name and paper code. Eg. For the Economics competence area
ECON100 Microeconomics and ECON200 Macroeconomics)

Accounting Systems & Processes

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Audit & Assurance

Business Law


Finance and Financial Management

Management Accounting

Quantitiative Methods


Information Technology


AT competence areas Equivalent subject/s completed

Accounting principles

Accounting practice

New Zealand Commercial law


Organisational management

Business communication

Information technology

Financial accounting

Management accounting


New Zealand Taxation

Business finance

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Standard Assessment 3

Section 5 Academic qualifications

Please list the details of your completed academic qualifications. Certified copies of your qualifications degree/diploma certificate(s) and transcript(s) must be attached.
(If additional space is required, please photocopy this page and attach to this application.)
Qualification 1:
Country where qualification
was awarded  State (if applicable)
Name of academic institution
(eg. university / college)

Name of degree/diploma
(eg. Bachelor of Commerce)

Date commenced // Date completed //

Qualification 2:
Country where qualification
was awarded  State (if applicable)
Name of academic institution
(eg. university / college)

Name of degree/diploma
(eg. Bachelor of Commerce)

Date commenced // Date completed //

Qualification 3:

Country where qualification

was awarded  State (if applicable)
Name of academic institution
(eg. university / college)

Name of degree/diploma
(eg. Bachelor of Commerce)

Date commenced // Date completed //

Section 6 Further study

Please indicate how you intend to address any knowledge gaps identified as part of this assessment by checking the appropriate box below.

Chartered Accountants Foundations (only available if you intend to become a CA)

Accredited study at a tertiary institution please specify preferred institution below (if known)

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Standard Assessment 4

Section 7 Declaration and privacy policy

Privacy Statement
IMPORTANT: Your consent to disclosure and service providers such as where we outsource functions and to other
third parties such as local and international professional bodies, ASIC and
By providing personal information to us in this form you consent to CA ANZ:
other regulators and government bodies. By completing this form, unless
(a) Disclosing to third parties your (current or former) status as a member or you opt-out, you consent to us also using and disclosing your information
candidate of CA ANZ; for promotional and marketing purposes. You can opt-out by contacting us
(b) Disclosing to regulators, law enforcement bodies, professional associations and at privacy@charteredaccountantsanz.com. We may also have collected
government or statutory bodies the details of any final adverse determinations information about you from a third party, for instance from other professional
(including sanctions) in relation to your professional and/or ethical conduct bodies with which we have reciprocal arrangements. Your information will
that are made by CA ANZs Professional Conduct bodies; and also be used and disclosed as set out in CA ANZss Privacy Policy, available at
www.charteredaccountantsanz.com/privacy. It is likely that your personal
(c) Collecting from third parties information relating to your membership of a trade information will be disclosed to overseas recipients (as provided in our Privacy
or professional association or union, your criminal record (if any), your health, Policy, including the location of those entities). The Privacy Policy sets out how
religious beliefs or affiliation, racial or ethnic origin and any other sensitive CA ANZ handles your personal information including how you can seek to
information to the extent that it is reasonably necessary for one or more of the access and correct your information or raise a privacy concern with us and how
functions or activities of CA ANZ. it will be dealt with as well as details about the disclosure of your information
We collect, use and disclose your personal information in connection with your to entities overseas.
application, the management and administration of members and/or programs, the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Formed in Australia.
provision of products and services and/or to communicate with you. Members are not liable for the debts and liabilities of Chartered Accountants
If you do not provide your personal information, we may be unable to process your Australia and New Zealand ABN 50 084 642 571
application. We may disclose your information to agents, contractors

I declare that the information I have given in this application is complete, correct and up-to-date.

Full name

Signature Date //

Section 8 Payment details

Assessment fees payable (Please select ONE only) Payable by:

The cost of this assessment is based on your academic qualifications. Failure to provide the Chartered Accountants Amex
required level of payment will delay the assessment process.
Amex Visa MasterCard Diners Club
If you only require confirmation that your overseas degree is acceptable eg. no assessment of
individual subjects, no fee is required. Card number / / /
If you are applying for an AT or ACA assessment you do not incur a fee as you are charged a
Expiry date /
provisional member application fee.
I have commenced study of an Australian or/and New Zealand NZD$181.10 Cardholder
qualification, reside in New Zealand and require a formal (GST Inclusive) name
I have commenced study of an Australian or/and New Zealand AUD$150.00 Cardholder
qualification, reside in Australia or Overseas and require a signature
formal assessment
I hold an overseas academic qualification and reside in NZD$422.60
New Zealand (GST Inclusive)

I hold an Overseas academic qualification and reside in AUD$350.00

Australia or Overseas
I hold an overseas degree and seek confirmation that it is NIL
considered equivalent to an Australian or New Zealand
Bachelors degree.

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Standard Assessment 5

Section 9 Checklist

All applicants are required to:

Complete ALL relevant sections Certified copy of each academic transcript corresponding to
each degree
Certified copy of each degree certificate

Applicants who hold a qualification from a country other than Australia or
New Zealand
 Certified copies of translated academic documents if the original material is not Original Letter of Good Standing (dated within 3 months of this
in English (MANDATORY) application). This should confirm your date of admission to full
membership, whether you were admitted through a typical or
Any other information to assist in the evaluation of your overseas study
reciprocal pathway, that you have not been subject to any disciplinary
Certified copies of your official course syllabus material or handbook which is action (applicable if you are a member of an overseas body).
relevant to the year you completed the subject (MANDATORY)

Section 10 Submitting your application form


Please email your completed form to: If you have any questions you can contact the Service Centre at:
Email assessment@charteredaccountantsanz.com Email service@charteredaccountantsanz.com

OR Phone AUSTRALIA 1300 137 322

+61 2 9290 5660 (outside of Australia)
If you have a digital signature 8am-6pm (AEST) Monday Friday (excl. Public Holidays)
simply click the submit button NEW ZEALAND 0800 4 69422
+64 4 474 7840 (outside of New Zealand)
8am-6pm (NZ time) Monday Friday (excl. Public Holidays)
Website charteredaccountantsanz.com

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Standard Assessment 6

Explanatory Notes
To qualify for the Chartered Accountants Program, applicants must hold an Certification of documents
accredited Bachelor degree or Master degree from an Australian or NewZealand All documents submitted must be officially certified as true copies of the original
university OR hold qualifications that have been assessed by CA ANZ as document and must all accompany this form. Please do not have your tertiary
comparable to the educational level of an Australian or NewZealand Bachelor institution(s) send your documents directly to us unless otherwise specifically
degree. requested.
To qualify to become a provisional Accounting Technician through the academic The following persons/agents are acceptable authorities for certifying
pathway, applicants must have two years of equivalent full-time study at diploma documents:
level (level 6) or higher.
Chartered Accountant (ANZ) / Australian CPA
To assess the general standard of overseas tertiary qualifications, CA ANZ (must include membership number)
follows the guidelines of the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition
Australian or NewZealand embassy / consulate / high commission staff
(AEI-NOOSR), an Australian government body www.aei.gov.au
University official (must include university stamp in addition to signature)
When it has been established that your qualifications satisfy our minimum Notary public
requirements in terms of their educational level, individual subjects are
Solicitor, legal practitioner, Magistrate
examined to determine coverage of the required competence areas.
Justice of the peace
For ACA/ CA Commissioner for declarations / affidavits
These competence areas are: Commissioner of oaths
Accounting Systems & Processes Registered Migration Agent (must include MARA number)
Financial Accounting & Reporting Police Officer (in Australia only)
Audit & Assurance Pharmacist (in Australia only)
Business Law (Australian or New Zealand) Postal Manager (in Australia only).
Economics Please note: CA ANZ reserves the right to request original documentation,
Finance and Financial Management if required or deemed necessary.
Management Accounting
Peoples Republic of China: Chinese degree awards and academic transcripts
Quantitative Methods
must be verified through the Vocational Educational Training and Assessment
Taxation (Australian or New Zealand) Services (VETASSESS). The original VETASSESS verification report should be sent
Information Technology directly to CA ANZ to continue your assessment. For more information about the
Ethics Chinese verification, please visit www.qualverify.com

For AT
Translation of documents
These competence areas are:
Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English
Accounting Principles
translation completed by a certified translator. You must include a certified copy
Accounting Practice of the original language documents as well as an official translation with your
New Zealand Commercial Law application.
Applicants residing in Australia must enclose an English translation completed
Organisational Management by a translator who is accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for
Business Communication Translators & Interpreters (NAATI). Please refer to the Yellow Pages or NAATI
Information Technology website, www.naati.com.au for a list of available translators in your state
Intermediate level Financial Accounting territory.
Intermediate level Management Accounting Applicants residing in NewZealand may also use one of the translation services
Two intermediate level courses from: listed on the website of the NewZealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).
Auditing Applicants residing outside Australia or NewZealand must enclose an English
New Zealand Taxation translation completed by a translator who is certified by the appropriate
Business Finance authorities of your country of residence. The translation must include the full
name of the translator, his/her contact details, the name of the company/dept
One additional course to make up the two years of study. the translator works for (if applicable) and certification number (and/or stamp) of
Information on current processing times, the Chartered Accountants the translator (if available).
Program and membership is available on CA ANZs website at

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Standard Assessment 7


Applicants who have commenced Australian or New Zealand study and are
yet to be awarded a qualification. eg. Degree or Diploma and would like a
formal assessment.
Applicants who have completed a qualification outside of Australia or
New Zealand.
Applicants who wish to have their overseas degree confirmed prior to
applying for a full assessment.
Please note:
If you have completed an Australian or New Zealand qualification you can apply
for provisional membership. If you do not satisfy the requirements we will email
you advising of any additional study requirements. Please refer to our website for
information on how to apply for provisional membership.

Documentary requirements
Tertiary (university) qualifications

Academic award Degree/diploma certificate stating the title of the

award, name of the awarding institution, the year the
degree was conferred and the grade achieved.

Statement of Statement of academic record (transcript) showing all

academic record subjects studied and grades received. Result slips or
web results are not acceptable in lieu of the official
academic record. A legend explaining the grading
system must be included.
If the university has granted you exemptions/advanced
standing in any subjects, you will also need to enclose
the documents on which the exemptions were based
(eg. TAFE/Polytechnic diploma and academic record or
official result slips supporting cross-institutional study
at another university).

University/college handbook A handbook, course outlines or a certified copy of

or course outlines relevant sections of the handbook, which show details
(non-accredited and of the subject content (syllabus) of all completed units
overseas qualifications only) and, which correspond with your academic record. If
you provide a certified copy of the relevant sections of
the handbook, the name of the university/college and
the date of the handbook must appear on every page.
The course information must apply to the time you
completed your studies.
If this information is publicly available on the Internet,
you may print course outlines from the web. If the
years and subject names on your statement of
academic record do not correspond with those of
the handbook information, documentation from the
university must be supplied to state that
the handbook information applies to the
years in which you completed your study.